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Uttar Pradesh: Woman cuts husband’s body into 5 pieces with axe, throws parts in canal

UP woman cuts husband’s body into 5 pieces with axe.




A shocking case has been reported from Uttar Pradesh where a woman killed her husband by tying him to a cot and chopped-up his body into five pieces. This incident took place in Uttar Pradesh’s Pilibhit. Later, she was arrested by the police after she confessed to killing her husband with an axe.

The deceased was identified as 55-year-old Ram Pal, a resident of Shivnagar in the Gajraula area.

According to reports, Son Pal, Ram Pal’s son, who lived in handy with his wife and children, first reported the missing case of his father.

Ram Pal’s wife, Dularo Devi, had been staying with her husband’s friend for a few days and upon returning to the village a month ago, she informed her son about her husband’s disappearance.

The police took Dularo Devi into custody based on suspicions and questioned her about her husband’s whereabouts.

The report suggests the deceased’s wife confessed to committing the crime and told the police she had killed Ram Pal on Sunday night while he was sleeping.

Dularo Devi also confessed to police that she had disposed of her husband’s body part in a nearby canal.

Police said they were seeking the help of divers to recover Ram Pal’s body parts. Meanwhile, the blood-stained clothes of the deceased and a mattress were found in the canal. Police added they were further investigating the reason for the crime.

A similar horrific case took place in Delhi where chopped-up body parts of a woman were recovered near a flyover in Delhi’s Geeta Colony. Police reached the spot and efforts were on to identify the woman. Later, in an investigation, police found two black polythene bags.

One polythene contains the head of the body and the other polythene contains other parts of the body. On the basis of long hair, police assumed that it was the body of a woman. Such cases have shocked the nation. Society has been witnessing several cases of women or men being chopped-up and thrown into the forest.

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UP Assembly passes bill on lifts, escalators, registration must before installation

The Bill further directed that the approval must be renewed every five years and also have to be tested every year. A fee of Rs 1,500 needs to be deposited for the same.



The Uttar Pradesh Assembly on Saturday passed the Lift and Escalator Bill, 2024 and Uttar Pradesh Lokayukta and Up-Lokayukta (Amendment) Bill, 2024.

According to Bill, registration will be mandatory for the installation of lifts and escalators in the state.

In the Lokayukta and Up-Lokayukta Bill, a provision has been made to reduce the tenure of the anti-corruption ombudsman from eight years to five years.

Speaking on the Lift and Escalator Bill, Energy Minister Arvind Kumar Sharma cited an incident that took place in Noida, in which MLAs Dhirendra Singh and Pankaj Singh had demanded a law for lifts and escalators.

Sharma further informed that apart from a mandatory registration for installing lifts and escalators in public, the concerned person has to inform the authority immediately in case of an accident. A provision has also been made for insurance and compensation.

The Bill, which will be an Act now, seeks to get approval from the Energy Department for the installation of lifts and escalators. The Bill makes it mandatory for the agencies, that manufacture, install lifts and escalators, and maintain them, to register with the Director of Electrical Safety.

The Bill further directed that the approval must be renewed every five years and also have to be tested every year. A fee of Rs 1,500 needs to be deposited for the same.

A fine will be imposed on the concerned person If they disobey the orders and ignore to do so.

Maharashtra, Gujarat, West Bengal and Haryana already have laws for installing lifts but there was no such law for it in UP, said Sharma while describing the Bill as the need of the hour.

The implementation of the Bill will not only curb the accident but also strengthen the system.

While speaking on the Bill, the BJP member Dhirender Singh thanked Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath and the Energy Minister Sharma for making it possible. He said the Bill will prove to be a milestone.

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Uttar Pradesh CM Yogi Adityanath launches Hot Cooked Meal scheme for kids aged 3 to 6 years

Yogi Adityanath further highlighted that the initiative to provide hot meals with diverse menus on different days will progress with the mutual coordination of various departments.



Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Aditynath on Friday launched the Hot Cooked Meal scheme in an event at Ayodhya. Under the aegis of this Hot Cooked Meal scheme, children between 3 to 6 years of age will be provided hot and nutritious food at Anganwadi centres across the state.

Inaugurating the scheme at the Composite School in Ayodhya, Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath said that well-nourished and healthy children will become the basis of a strong India. He added that Ram Lalla is going to be installed in his own temple on January 22 after 500 years. He mentioned that prior to this historic occasion, the work of providing nutritious meals, on the lines of mid-day meals, to children aged three to six years in the state started from Ayodhya, signifying an auspicious beginning.

The chief minister also laid the foundation stone of 3,401 Anganwadi centres in 35 districts at a cost of Rs 403 crore and inaugurated a transit hostel for police personnel in Ayodhya Reserve Police Lines. Yogi Adityanath further highlighted that the initiative to provide hot meals with diverse menus on different days will progress with the mutual coordination of various departments.

CM Yogi Adityanath also drew attention to the successful eradication of encephalitis in eastern Uttar Pradesh emphasizing that with inter-departmental coordination, the disease which claimed the lives of 50,000 children in 40 years, was controlled within four years.

He stated that there are 1.90 lakh Anganwadi centres operating in the state, with over two crore registered beneficiaries. He mentioned that these centres provide six types of services. However, for the first time in the state, the auspicious work of providing hot cooked meals to 80 lakh children aged three to six years is being started.  

Addressing the gathering of Anganwadi workers and helpers at the event, the chief minister said that children are a form of God and they are fortunate because, like Yashoda Maa in the Dwapara yuga, who nurtured Krishna in his childhood, you are serving and taking health and nourishment responsibility of hundreds of Kanhas, contributing to the basis of a strong India. He hailed that it is their fortune that they have got this opportunity. 

CM Yogi Adityanath noted there were many questions about the nutrition schemes in the past but significant improvements have been made in the last seven years. Nonetheless, he said that there is still room for further improvement, and continuous efforts are required. He added that healthy children are not only the responsibility of the Women and Child Development Department, but the Panchayati Raj and Urban Development Departments should also be involved in it.

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Uttar Pradesh: 17-year-old boy murdered by teacher’s boyfriend, 3 arrested

The police have arrested Prabhat, 21-year-old Rachita, and their friend Aryan in the case.



Kanpur teen murder

In a shocking incident, a 17-year-old boy was murdered in Kanpur by his teacher’s boyfriend who then also gave the boy’s family a ransom note to make it look like a kidnapping, according to the police. The officials asserted that the boy, a class 10 student, was brought to a store room by Prabhat Shukla, who is the lover of the boy’s tuition teacher Rachita.

After probing into the CCTV footage, the police officials said that the boy willingly followed Prabhat from his home to the store room. Reports stated that Prabhat told the boy that his teacher, Rachita, is calling him, which is why he follows him.

Police further added that the boy and Prabhat can be seen entering the room together. After 20 minutes, Prabhat comes out of the room, but the boy does not. On the grounds of preliminary investigation, cops said that no one else seems to have entered the room after that. Later, the accused then changed his clothes and was seen going away on the boy’s scooter.

As per reports, the police have arrested Prabhat, 21-year-old Rachita, and their friend Aryan in the case. The police officials asserted that the family had also received a letter demanding ransom. However, preliminary investigation has revealed that the boy had been murdered before the letter was delivered. The police added that the threat letter was a tactic to divert attention. Nonetheless, the motive of the murder is not ascertained yet.

Earlier, reacting to a social media post, the Police Commisionerate Kanpur Nagar said that the police took immediate action in the case and detained three people on the basis of CCTV and obtained important information during interrogation. They added that the police team is promptly and seriously verifying the information received. They further mentioned that the incident will be unveiled soon.

The social media post stated that a 16-year-old boy, a son of a prominent businessman in the city , was kidnapped for ransom and killed. The post added that last night, a suspect had delivered a ransom letter at the victim’s residence.

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