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Dominos pays Rs 3 lakh compensation after woman’s job interview, here’s why

During a conversation with another Domino’s employee, Walsh learned that younger workers between the ages of 18 and 30 were typically more suited for the nature of the work.




A woman from Northern Ireland was awarded Rs 3,78,112 (£4,000) after she sued a Dominos outlet for asking her age at a Domino’s Pizza delivery driver job interview.

The woman, Janice Walsh, said that the interviewer at the Domino’s Pizza franchise in Strabane, County Tyrone, questioned her about her age at the outset of the conversation. She thought she was passed over for the position because of her age and sex, the BBC reported.

Walsh was applied for the position of a delivery driver at a Domino’s outlet in Strabane, County Tyron. She faced discrimination on the basis of her age and gender during interview but the courageous woman did not let it go, instead, she fought against the company and even won the case.

She accused the Strabane franchise and its previous owner, Justin Quirk, who later offered her £4,250 in compensation for discriminating on the basis of gender and age. The owner also apologized for the incident.

The woman claimed that after asking the question, the interviewer noted down her age and circled it saying, You don’t look it. When she learned about her rejection, she was sure that she was turned down due to her age and sex.

She immediately thought back to the interview and the question about her age. She believed that his age was an issue and it had affected the decision made by the interview panel.

To confirm her doubts, Walsh contacted the branch via Facebook and told them her concerns. Later, Walsh heard from another employee at the outlet that the job she applied for was suited for people between 18 and 30.

Soon after, she was approached by a member of the interview panel. They stated that they did not know it was inappropriate to ask a person’s age.

She has only ever seen men working as drivers and he thought she was overlooked for a driver position because he has a woman. Domino’s continued to advertise for drivers after the interviews had taken place, said Walsh.

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Cyclist dies after BMW hits him in Delhi’s Mahipalpur area



A shocking incident has been reported from Delhi’s Mahipalpur area on Sunday, where a 50-year-old person riding a bicycle, was scummed to injuries after getting hit by a speedy BMW. The report says that the accident took place on the Delhi-Gurugram expressway.

Police revealed that the person who lost his life in the horrific accident was identified as Suvendu Chatterjee, a resident of Gurugram. Amid this, the police have not shared any details about the BMW driver as of now. Even the number plate was removed after the accident.

However, a sticker has been found on a luxury car that shows the owner belongs to the Chairman of the Finance Committee of Delhi Cantonment Board under the Ministry of Defence.

The police revealed that the BMW vehicle, which had a VIP licence plate, struck the cyclist in the morning after losing his balance over the steering wheel. Deputy Commissioner of Police (Southwest) Manoj C said that the vehicle’s driver got panic after his four-wheeler’s tyre got burst due to which the vehicle got uncontrolled and hit the cyclist.

Ever since the incident came into the limelight, it has created a heated debate overall social media platforms. While some internet users demanded strict action against the car rich car owner and some put the blame on the cyclist.

One of the Twitter users commented about what was a cyclist doing on the highway. Why always blame 4-wheelers? Another user wrote why the police removed the number plate? As responsible citizen we should know the number of vehicles, the user added. While another user informed me that the deceased who was killed in this senseless accident was a member of our cycling club. In spite of all precautions taken by cyclists, the roads are totally unsafe, user added.

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Fire breaks out in Bengaluru-Howrah Duronto Express in Andhra Pradesh’s Chittoor district, rescue underway

The incident took place when the train was approaching Kuppam Station in the Chittoor district at around 12:50 pm.



Fire breaks out in Bengaluru-Howrah Duronto Express in Andhra Pradesh's Chittoor district, rescue underway

A fire broke out in a bogie of the Bengaluru-Howrah Express train in Andhra Pradesh on Sunday. The incident took place when the train was approaching Kuppam Station in the Chittoor district at around 12:50 pm. The train was on its way to Kolkata from Bengaluru.

People immediately informed the police after they saw smoke emitting from the bogie. Local police, along with the firefighters, hurriedly reached the spot to extinguish the fire. The passengers were stuck inside the train. The police carried out the evacuation process. The rescue operation is underway.

The visuals of the incident show smoke billowing from a Duronto Express coach and passengers were seen rushing out of it. Authorities from the railway were seen analyzing the issue. The railways clarified later that it was not a case of fire but just smoke in the brakes.

According to the reports, the train had departed from Sir M Visvesvaraya Terminal in Bengaluru when one of the bogies of the Duronto Express train suffered brake binding and released smoke as a result of friction on the brake block.

Southern Western Railways issued a statement that reads, On train no 12246, Sir M Visvesvaraya Terminal – Howrah Duronto Express while approaching Kuppam Station, Chittoor Dist (Bengaluru Division/SWR) the Train Manager (Guard) noticed smoke coming in from one of the coaches at about 12.50 hrs. This is not a fire accident, but a case of brake binding. The on board staff attended it immediately, and the train started at 13.36 hrs, read a clarification by the railways.

No casualties have been reported.

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NZ vs IND ODI: Rain plays the biggest spoilsport for India, Hamilton match abandoned

In the first ODI against New Zealand, Team India looked driven and inspired as the Shikhar Dhawan-led Indian cricket team put up a throbbing target of 306 with the help of skipper Shikhar Dhawan and Shubham Gill’s stellar performance.



The Indian Cricket team who were set to play their second ODI against New Zealand at the Hamilton Stadium in New Zealand were discouraged by the rain yet again as the second match of the ODI was abandoned due to rain. Indian cricket team, who were in hopes to make a comeback into the series after their first ODI loss despite performing well, had gotten the chance to redeem themselves.

Owing to the weather conditions, the match officials decided to reduce the overs to 29-over-per-side and India had gotten the chance to set the tone and bat first, however, the match only could see 12.5 overs of the 29 where Shubham Gill and Suryakumar Yadav were looking high as the duo together were able to stir up a partnership. Shubham Gill was able to bat for 42 runs off of 45 balls whereas Suryakumar Yadav was slowly catching on as he had scored 34 off of 25 balls.

Despite the encouraging spell by the Indian cricket team, Rain played the biggest spoilsport as the match was abandoned due to rain.

The rain not only became spoiled the match for the fans but also washed away the ambitions of young players who had planned to earn their seats in the senior team after the recent T20 World Cup loss against England. The Indian selection committee was recently sacked by BCCI after the questions raised by the type of players Team India selected for the T20 World Cup campaign.

First ODI Match

In the first ODI against New Zealand, Team India looked driven and inspired as the Shikhar Dhawan-led Indian cricket team put up a throbbing target of 306 with the help of skipper Shikhar Dhawan and Shubham Gill’s stellar performance. However, Tom Latham’s stellar performance complimented with Skipper Kane Williamson helped New Zealand chase the big number put on the score board.

New Zealand was able to win the match by scoring 309 runs as Tom Latham and Kane Williamson continued their partnership till victory.

Third ODI Match

India will now face New Zealand in Christchurch for the third match in the bilateral series on November 30. Shikhar Dhawan and Company will be aiming to secure a win against New Zealand in order to draw the series and not loss the series. The match will only be streamed live Amazon Prime Videos.

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