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PM Narendra Modi’s motorcade stops to let go ambulance first | WATCH



As Himachal Pradesh is all set to witness its assembly election on November 12, PM Narendra Modi on Wednesday visited the state to address a rally. While he was on his way to attend the event, PM’s convoy was stopped in the middle of the road in Kangra district’s Chambi village. However, there was no security breach, the official took the decision to hold the motorcade in order to let an ambulance go first.

The whole incident has been captured on the camera, which was later shared on the Internet. The clip showed that PM Modi who was seen sitting inside the vehicle was on his way to address two public events ahead of Himachal Pradesh’s first phase of polling. Amid this, PM Modi’s security personnel witnessed an ambulance, which was about to cross the road, the official then ordered the convoy to wait for a while until the ambulance crosses the road first.

Take a look at the viral video where PM’s convey stopped in Himachal Pradesh

In the viral footage, PM Modi’s SUV’s can be seen resting in the middle of the junction as an ambulance speeds through. After the ambulance left, a cop indicates PM Modi’s convoy to move ahead. The PM was also seen waving his hand to the public, who were gathered there to greet him.

This is not the first time PM’s convoy has been stopped. Earlier, a similar incident has been reported from Gujarat where PM’s motorcade was stopped to let an ambulance pass first.

Meanwhile, talking about his event in Kangra today which has the largest seats in the state, PM said he said the state needs a strong and stable government that can modify the future of people there.

In his Sujanpur rally, PM slammed the congress for betraying the state when it was in power.

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Removing innerwear of minor girls forcefully is equivalent to rape, says Calcutta High Court

A single judge bench of Justice Ananya Bandopadhyay ruled this out while hearing a 2007 minor case.



Minor Rape

The Calcutta High Court on Tuesday held that forceful removal of the innerwear of minor girls is equivalent to rape.

A single judge bench of Justice Ananya Bandopadhyay ruled this out while hearing a 2007 minor case. Justice Bandhopadhyay held that removing the undergarment of the minor victim and forcing her to lie down on the ground cannot be for any other reason than to sexually ravish her.

She also observed that the minor child cannot be pampered or mollycoddled by asking to remove her pants and reclining her against her wish.

The High Court was hearing a case of Robi Roy who was accused of luring a minor girl to a secluded place with ice cream and asking her to remove her innerwear. When the minor victim refused, he forcefully removed her undergarment.

Roy was declared guilty by a lower court in West Dinajpur in 2008. Reports said the incident came to light after the minor victim started screaming when Roy forcefully removed her innerwear.

The nearby locals rushed to the spot following her scream and handed over the accused to the police.

Reports further said the lower court declared Roy guilty in November 2008 and slapped him with five and a half years of jail and also imposed a fine of Rs 3,000 for the crime.

Roy challenged the order of West Dinajpur and moved to the High Court and claimed that he was falsely implicated. The accused, in his petition, claimed that he had no bad intentions towards the victim and expressed his fatherly affection towards the girl.

Reports also said the medical tests conducted on the minor victim proved that no sexual assault was carried out on her. However, the Calcutta High Court on February 7 ruled out that the incident is similar to the rape of sexual offence under Section 375 of the Indian Penal Code.

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Gujarat High Court suspends life sentence of former BJP MP’s nephew Shiva Solanki in 2010 RTI Activist’s murder

On July 20, 2010, Amit Jethwa was shot dead outside the Gujarat High Court after he tried to reveal illegal mining activities that allegedly involved Dinu Solanki.



RTI Activist's murder

The Gujarat High Court on Monday suspended the life sentence of Pratapbhai alias Shiva Solanki, nephew of former BJP MP Dinu Solanki. He was convicted of murdering RTI activist Amit Jethwa outside the Gujarat High Court premises in 2010 in conspiracy with six others including Dinu.

The two-judge bench of Justices S H Vora and Mauna Bhatt released Solanki on bail with the conditions that he continues to stay in Gujarat while his appeal is being heard, surrender his passport, mark his monthly presence at the police station, and appear in court for the hearing.

As per the prima facie, the court stated in its judgement that Shiva Solanki’s conviction by the CBI court is erroneous because there is a violation of all principles settled by the Supreme Court with regard to the circumstantial evidence and requirement for conviction.

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In 2019, the CBI court in July 2019 sentenced seven people to life imprisonment and charged them under Sections 302 (murder), 201 (causing disappearance of evidence of offence) and 120B (criminal conspiracy to commit an offence) of the Indian Penal Code (IPC). The court also ordered them to pay a fine of Rs 15 lakh in a case of murder and criminal conspiracy.

On July 20, 2010, Amit Jethwa was shot dead outside the Gujarat High Court after he tried to reveal illegal mining activities that allegedly involved Dinu Solanki. The Criminal Investigation Department (CID) took over the investigation after an FIR was filed against two unidentified assailants and issued a chargesheet.

Seven defendants were found guilty and sentenced to life imprisonment on June 7, 2019, by a judge after the High Court handed over the investigation to the Central Bureau of Probe (CBI) the investigation in September 2012.

Indian origin man from Italy arrested for posing as vice-president of India

Video of elderly saree clad women diving into Tamil Nadu river leaves Twitter users amazed | Watch

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Rahul Gandhi questions PM Modi over Adani issue, asks about relationship between Adani and PM Modi

Rahul Gandhi questioned the number of times Adani and PM Modi travelled together to foreign countries. Gandhi also asked about the amount of funds Adani gave to BJP in the last 20 years.



Congress leader Rahul Gandhi on Tuesday hit out at Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his government in Parliament over the Adani issue. Gandhi in his attack questioned the relationship between the PM Modi and Gautam Adani and Adani’s rampant growth as a businessman in the country.

Rahul Gandhi on Tuesday, while speaking in the Lok Sabha proceedings said that people are inquisitive to know about the relationship shared between the business typhoon and the Prime Minister of India. Gandhi in his address also alleged that rules were neglected or altered in order to benefit Adani and his business.

The Wayanad MP also said that across the states be it Tamil Nadu, Kerala, to Himachal Pradesh, he has been hearing only Adani’s name throughout the country. Gandhi further said that someone asked him that despite entering whichever field, Adani’s business never fails.

Rahul Gandhi also questioned the number of times Adani and PM Modi travelled together to foreign countries. Gandhi also asked about the amount of funds Adani gave to BJP in the last 20 years.

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The former Congress chief also alleged that after BJP came into power, Adani was given six airports to Adani despite the business typhoon’s lack of experience in the aviation industry.
Gandhi alleged that all of the business was facilitated by PM Modi himself to Adani.

Aside from this, Congress leader in his speech also talked about the Agniveer scheme and said that the scheme was being forced on the Army and said that retired senior officers have said that the scheme was ideated by the RSS and Home Ministry and not from the Army.

Lok Sabha proceedings adjourned

The Lok Sabha proceedings were adjourned by the speaker after the Opposition’s uproar over BJP leader’s CP Joshi allegedly glorified the practice of sati during his speech. Joshi in his speech said that the Queen of Mewar, Padmavati, chose self immolation to protect her honour from Allaudin Khilji’s invasion.

After hearing BJP leader’s speech, the Opposition stirred up an uproar in the parliament and called Joshi’s remark to be glorifying the practice of Sati.

BJP regime akin to East-India company, bulldozing Jammu and Kashmir like Afghanistan: Mehbooba Mufti on anti-encroachment drive

Man lies in water-logged pothole on road in Varanasi, demands authorities to repair it | Watch

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