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Man flies cycle after turning it into aeroplane, stunt impresses internet users | WATCH

In one such video that is doing rounds on the social media platform, where a man completely transformed his bicycle and turned it into an aeroplane.



homemade Aeroplane

As technology improves by passing each day, many people try to make or experiment with something each day that stands out. In one such video that is doing rounds on the social media platform, where a man completely transformed his bicycle and turned it into an aeroplane. If you are thinking he stopped there, then hold your horses, his bicycle cum aeroplane even flew in the air too.

It is not confirmed yet where the video has been generated, but clearly, the clip amazed thousands of internet users in no time. An internet user named Mohamed Jamshed shared the viral clip on Twitter. He also captioned his post where he wrote that this guy just tried to fly a plane while riding a bicycle! Talk about multi-tasking, the user added.

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Take a look at the viral video where a man turned his bicycle into an aeroplane


In the video, it can be seen that the man used a square box. He put himself inside that box along with his bicycle. The rider inside was supported by big fans and the same as aeroplane wings. His fellow mates then started moving the box after. As soon as he give some peddles to his bicycle, it started flying and covered some distance as well.

Meanwhile, ever since the video was shared on the internet, it has received thousands of views, likes, and reshares in no time. Many internet users also commented on the post, appreciating his smartness.

One of the users wrote that It would have been better to use an electric motor instead of cycling. Another user commented that the idea is good but it needs more power as it is not possible with only human feet. Some changes need to be done and the innovation might become amazing.

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Cricket news

Rohit Sharma criticises impact player rule, BCCI reacts



India captian and Mumbai Indians star cricketer Rohit sharma criticised the impact player rule and sad that he is not a big fan of it. Now, BCCI has responded to Sharma’s comment and said that they will reevaluate the rule.

Indian Premier League (IPL) chairman Arun Dhumal also acknowledged this and said  that every decision has advantages and disadvantages, he also mentioned  BCCI is prepared to review the regulation when the current IPL season concludes.

Ahead to being established in the IPL, the impact player rule was initially put into effect in the Syed Mushtaq Ali T20 tournament in 2022–2023. There have been many expert comments regarding the rule that has been in place for almost two editions of the prestigious T20 tournament, with the many of players being against it.

Since this remark has been made, they will certainly analyze it and talk to everyone concerned and then the board will take calls, Dhumal said.

Every rule that is in place has a number of advantages and disadvantages. Nothing about its execution is set in stone, so after the season ends, they are open to any discussion, he continued.

Earlier, Rohit Sharma also discussed how the impact player rule is reducing the role of all-rounders in the sport.

Sharma said, he is not a big fan of Impact sub rule. All rounders will eventually be held back because cricket is ultimately played by 11 players, not 12. To make the game exciting for everyone around you, you are taking a great deal from it. During an interew the hitman said, if the audience look just at the cricketing side of things, he feels guys like Shivam Dube and Washington Sundar aren’t getting to bowl, which is not a good thing for them as a team.

He continued saying that there are 12 players, it’s interesting, and after the team or the captain sees how the game and the pitch are playing, they might turn on the impact player. You can add another bowler, giving you a total of six or seven bowlers, if the team bats effectively and don’t lose wickets. Many teams are hitting well up front, and he hardly ever sees a No 7 or No 8 coming to bat, so the team doesn’t need that additional batter, Rohit Sharma said.

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Cricket news

Rinku Singh breaks Virat Kohli’s gifted bat, asks for another one ahead of KKR vs RCB

Rinku Singh asked Virat Kohli for another bat after breaking the one he received after the last KKR vs RCB match



Kolkata Knight Riders batter Rinku Singh had a hilarious yet strange conversation with Virat Kohli ahead of the KKR vs RCB match at Eden Gardens. The clash, which is scheduled for Sunday, April 21, in Kolkata, is the rivalry’s inverse.

KKR destroyed RCB at their home ground, the M Chinnaswamy Stadium, in the first leg of the match. The players on both teams’ mutual admiration for one another was one of the rivalry’s highlights.

In that particular game, Virat Kohli had gifted one of his bats to Rinku Singh. Rinku, however, broke the bat when playing a spinner in the Indian Premier League, and he then wisely asked Kohli for a replacement bat before the KKR vs. RCB match.

KKR cameramen captured the event, whether it was scripted or not, as Rinku was seen telling Kohli that he had already broken his bat. A little angry Kohli asked for specifics of the whereabouts and questioned if Rinku was asking for a second bat as Rinku was examining two of his other bats. Before Rinku could respond, Kohli warned the KKR batsman that he would run into problems later in the tournament if he gave Rinku 2 bats in two matches.

In the video, Rinku was seen talking to Kohli, and was heard saying in Hindi that Bhaiya apki bat toot gayi, aapki kasam, dobara nahi todunga bat, to which Kohli replied 2 match mein tujhe 2 bat dun?

Meanwhile, the bat served as a token of appreciation for Rinku’s contributions to KKR and the Indian squad, as well as his rise to the position of finisher. In addition, the video showed the players from RCB and KKR conversing with one another following the game, demonstrating excellent sportsmanship and respect.

RCB has come to Kolkata in an attempt to restart their campaign. The team needs to win its final five games to have any chance of making it through the tournament.

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Super 30 founder Anand Kumar has heartwarming encounter with ex-student in USA, post goes viral

Anand Kumar shared a picture with Sandeep Chaudhary in a heartfelt post and wrote that many such incidents have happened in his life that seem like something from a film.



Anand Kumar, mathematician and founder of Super 30 had an unexpected meeting with one of his ex-students while shopping in a mall in New Jersey, USA. Kumar took to X and posted that his heartwarming encounter with Sandeep Chaudhary and said his meeting was nothing short of a filmy scene.

Anand Kumar shared a picture with Sandeep Chaudhary in a heartfelt post and wrote that many such incidents have happened in his life that seem like something from a film. He said he had come to buy some stuff for his children in a mall in New Jersey, USA. He was pleasantly surprised when he was called from behind. Anand Sir, you are here in America? The man introduced himself as Sandeep Chaudhary, his ex-student. Chaudhary came forward and touched Anand’s feet. Chaudhary also insisted on letting him pay for the stuff  Anand had bought at the mall.

Sandeep Chaudhary thanked Anand Kumar for his blessings and said Today, it is because of Anand’s blessings that he had reached here. Chaudhary also dropped him off in his car at the place where Anand had been staying. Anand Kumar wrote in his post that there cannot be a more proud moment for a teacher like him than this.

The post has gone viral on social media with 256400 views till now which are only increasing. Large number of social media users, Anand Kumar fans and students commented on the social media post. One X user Pradeep Rawat said Anand Kumar has done the work of a true teacher.

One X user Aish Agarwal said the contribution made by Anand Kumar in the field of education has made Agarwal a fan of his.

One X user Kajal Singh recounted her own experience that her father was also a teacher and students used to regularly come to her house to give their respect to their teacher.

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