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PM Modi joins 8 MPs for surprise lunch in Parliament Canteen, video goes viral

PM Modi told them he wants to take them out for a punishment.



Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday joined eight MPs for a surprise lunch in Parliament Canteen. The video has gone viral on the social media platforms.

Taking MPs for a surprise lunch, PM Modi told them he wants to take them out for a punishment. Eight MPs cutting across party lines were told that PM Modi wants to meet them in the Parliament.

Union Minister L Murugan, senior Lok Sabha MP NK Prema Chandran, BJD Rajya Sabha MP Sasmit Batra, TDP MP Ram Mohan Naidu, BSP MP Ritesh Pandey, BJP’s Ladakh MP Jamyang Tsering Namgyal and BJP’s Nagaland S Phangnon Konyak were amongst the MPs.

After having lunch with PM Modi, Murugan said that it was a very special day for all the eight MPs as they had an opportunity to have lunch with PM Modi in the Parliament canteen. Further sharing his experience, he said not just BJP, there were MPs from other parties as well.

PM Modi spoke about his daily routine, he added. The MPs learned from the Prime minister and got inspired, Murugan said. He also said that PM Modi shared his daily routine saying he only sleeps for 3 and half hours and after 6 pm, he doesn’t have any meals.

During a series of serious questions, an MP asked about the Prime Minister’s unannounced visit to Nawaz Sharif’s daughter’s wedding in Pakistan in 2015.

The Prime Minister recalled the events leading up to his surprise visit. He informed that he was in Parliament until 2 PM on that day, after which he left for a scheduled visit to Afghanistan. While returning from Afghanistan, he decided to stop over in Pakistan, but the SPG declined the idea. However, he still called up Sharif and asked if the Pakistan premier was ready to receive him.  Once the security arrangements were cleared on both sides, the PM landed in Pakistan.

According to reports, some Members of Parliament (MPs) were curious about Prime Minister Modi’s perspective on the Covid-19 crisis management. During the meeting, PM Modi reportedly shared his experience of handling the situation after the devastating earthquake in Bhuj, Gujarat in 2001. He also mentioned that he was able to utilise that experience to provide assistance to the Nepal government after the April 2015 earthquake that struck the Himalayan nation.

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Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman travels by Mumbai local, takes selfies with commuters

Finance Minister Sitharaman took a ride in a local from Ghatkopar to Kalyan.



Union Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman on Saturday travelled in a Mumbai local train and interacted with commuters while travelling from Ghatkopar to Kalyan. She also took pictures with them.

Sitharaman left commuters by surprise when she made her way inside their coaches. This morning, the commuters had an unusual co-passenger travelling with them. It was a once-in-a-lifetime experience for the passengers.

Taking to X, Sitharaman’s office informed that the Finance Minister took a ride in a local from Ghatkopar to Kalyan. The office also shared pictures of Sitharaman taking selfies with the youngsters and office-goers.

Later in the day, Sitharaman also attended the inauguration ceremony of the BITS Pilani news campus in Kalyan, Maharashtra. Addressing the ceremony, she said that a growing India draws from its skilled youths who contributed to the nation’s development.

She further said that the impact of a well-rounded education is such that different services and different domains benefit from their presence, adding that, she said that most often the government is lectured by the Western top leader that India should have a culture of charity, to which she thoroughly disagreed with them by giving them the example of institution like BITS, which promotes good education, funds needy students and sets a good example of various other charitable work they have done, Sitharaman added.

Furthermore, Sitharaman said that the innovation from India to innovate for India was the principle with which her government has worked, so innovation gets all the support.

Speaking about the recent budget, She said that, the vote on the account budget, she had announced that there would be a corpus of Rs 1 lakh crore given for the corpus for a special purpose vehicle which will be created by the government, which will be funding innovations and research and development activities, she asserted.

BITS Pilani, an institution which started just from being a ‘Paathshala’, is now an institution where people now long to study, she added. There have been 7,400 CEOs from BITS Pilani, many in Fortune 500 companies, she further added. Over 3,300 academicians, including Vice-Chancellors, Directors, and Heads of Departments in prestigious universities globally, are from BITS Pilani, she said at the inauguration of BITS.

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PM Modi launches world’s largest grain storage scheme

Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched several agricultural projects in Delhi on Saturday.



Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday unveiled world’s largest grain storage scheme in the history of the cooperative sector for farmers. He said that a Rs 1.25 lakh crore investment will be made over the next five years to develop a 700 lakh tonne storage capacity. Thousands of godowns and warehouses will be built across the country as part of the plan.

PM Modi also inaugrated the 11 godowns that were established by the 11 primary agricultural credit societies (PACS) in the 11 states on Saturday.

Additionally, he laid the foundation stone for 500 more PACS to have godowns and other agricultural infrastructure built. Further, he launched a nationwide project for computerisation of 18,000 PACS.

During the launch, PM modi also addressed the country and the audience gathered there. He said, they have introduced the largest storage program in the world for our farmers today. Thousands more godowns and warehouses would be built nationwide as a result of this, he said.

The Prime Minister slammed previous governments for failing to build the nation’s storage infrastructure, which caused farmers to incur enormous losses.

In his speech, the PM also said, this issue never received the proper attention from previous governments. But this issue is being addressed now with PACS. In the next five years, 700 lakh tonnes of storage capacity will be built as part of the largest food grain storage initiative in the world. More than Rs 1.25 lakh crore will be spent on this project, PM Modi said.

Farmers would now be allowed to store their produce in godowns and warehouses, obtain institutional credit against it, and sell their goods at market rates that are profitable, according to the prime minister.

The PM called on cooperative organizations to work on lowering food imports, particularly those of fertiliser and edible oils and pulses. He recommended that cooperatives compile a list of goods that India imports and devise a plan to manufacture or produce them there.

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Priyanka Gandhi joins Rahul Gandhi on last leg of Bharat Jodo Nyay Yatra in Uttar Pradesh

Gandhi slammed BJP government and said Prime Minister Narendra Modi tells people that India belongs to everyone. He added 90% of the people don’t get any participation as a result there is a need for caste census. He said the BJP system works by diverting the people of India by talking about Bollywood and surgical strike.



Congress leader Rahul Gandhi and party general secretary Priyanka Gandhi on Saturday took out the final leg of Bharat Jodo Nyay Yatra In Uttar Pradesh’s Moradabad. Congress said Priyanka Gandhi Vadra  will accompany Rahul Gandhi as the yatra passes through Amroha, Sambhal, Bulandshahr, Aligarh, Hathras, Agra and will conclude at Fatehpur Sikri on Sunday.

Congress leaders Rahul Gandhi and Priyanka Gandhi were seen waving to people from an open jeep. People raised slogans such as Rahul Gandhi Zindabad, Priyanka Gandhi zindabad and Congress party zindabad as the Bharat Jodo Nyay Yatra passed through different areas of Moradabad. The padyatra started from Jama Masjid Chauraha in Moradabad to Sambhal Chauraha.

Gandhi slammed BJP government and said Prime Minister Narendra Modi tells people that India belongs to everyone. He added 90% of the people don’t get any participation as a result there is a need for caste census. He said the BJP system works by diverting the people of India by talking about Bollywood and surgical strike.

Gandhi said 50% people in the country are backward, 15% minorities, 15% Dalit and 8% Adivasi. He wanted to ask about the participation of 90% of India’s population. He said none of these people are represented in the media. He said the common man of India can be seen in the list of MGNREGA but not in the big companies, the high court and the media.

Gandhi said PM Modi says Hindostan sabka hai. He asked ye sabka kaise hai? If 90% are not getting any participation. Congress leader Priyanka Gandhi slammed the Uttar Pradesh government over paper leaks and said 28 lakh students wrote the exam for UP Police but the exam was leaked. She said the unemployment rates have increased after the formation of BJP government in Uttar Pradesh and at the Centre.

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