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Delhi woman kills husband with step-son, chops body into 10 pieces, puts them in fridge, arrested

The police reports say that the woman suspected her husband had illicit relations with many women.



Delhi woman kills husband with step-son, chops body into 10 pieces, puts them in fridge, arrested

The Delhi police have solved the mystery of murder in Trilokpuri, an incident similar to that of Shraddha murder case. The woman had murdered her husband along with her son. The duo chopped the body into 10 pieces, kept them in the fridge and then scattered the pieces in surrounding areas for several days.

Two CCTV footage came to the fore on Monday itself. In this, the son is seen carrying the pieces in the bag and the mother is also seen behind. The police have also released some photos, which are of the body parts of the deceased. Police have recovered 6 pieces including the head.

Delhi Police held a press conference on this matter on Monday afternoon. The police said that the name of the deceased is Anjan Das, he lived in Trilokpuri. The name of the woman accused of murder is Poonam, she is Anjan’s second wife. The son’s name is Deepak, who is Anjan’s step son. Mother and son have been arrested.

Regarding the gruesome murder of her husband, the wife has said that her husband had bad intentions towards her children, so she murdered him with her son. She adds that it was her son who killed the man and not her.

Several human organs being found in Ram Leela Ground and in a drain in Pandav Nagar, Delhi, in May earlier this year.

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Another spine-chlling incident, similar to that of Shraddha murder case, has come to the fore in Delhi. On the suspicion of infidelity, a woman murdered her husband while her step-son worked glove in hand in this gruesome killing.

Woman suspected husband’s illicit relations

The police reports say that the woman suspected that her husband had relations with many women. To murder him, the accused made to drink alcohol mixed with intoxicant pills. After this they cut the body into pieces with a knife and threw it at many places. Reports say that the accused Poonam had also been married more than once.

Arrested after six months

Human organs were found in the police investigation on May 30 last. In this case, the police had received some CCTV footage, on the basis of which both the accused were arrested after six months of investigation. Now the police will get DNA profiling done of Anjan Das.

Used to ogle daughter-in-law

According to information, Anjan Das was also accused of ogling on the wife of his step son Deepak. Deepak is actually the son of Kallu, Poonam’s first husband. Deepak was very angry with his stepfather Anjan Das for keeping a wrong eye on his wife.

Case similar to Shraddha murder

This case is similar to the Shraddha murder case in Chhatarpur area of ​​Delhi. Also, it is a mere coincidence that both the murders took place in the month of May. Aftab, who lives in a rented flat in Chhatarpur area, is accused of killing his live-in partner Shraddha Walkar and chopping her body into about 35 pieces. After this, keeping the pieces of the dead body in the fridge, he kept hiding them at night for months.

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Removing innerwear of minor girls forcefully is equivalent to rape, says Calcutta High Court

A single judge bench of Justice Ananya Bandopadhyay ruled this out while hearing a 2007 minor case.



Minor Rape

The Calcutta High Court on Tuesday held that forceful removal of the innerwear of minor girls is equivalent to rape.

A single judge bench of Justice Ananya Bandopadhyay ruled this out while hearing a 2007 minor case. Justice Bandhopadhyay held that removing the undergarment of the minor victim and forcing her to lie down on the ground cannot be for any other reason than to sexually ravish her.

She also observed that the minor child cannot be pampered or mollycoddled by asking to remove her pants and reclining her against her wish.

The High Court was hearing a case of Robi Roy who was accused of luring a minor girl to a secluded place with ice cream and asking her to remove her innerwear. When the minor victim refused, he forcefully removed her undergarment.

Roy was declared guilty by a lower court in West Dinajpur in 2008. Reports said the incident came to light after the minor victim started screaming when Roy forcefully removed her innerwear.

The nearby locals rushed to the spot following her scream and handed over the accused to the police.

Reports further said the lower court declared Roy guilty in November 2008 and slapped him with five and a half years of jail and also imposed a fine of Rs 3,000 for the crime.

Roy challenged the order of West Dinajpur and moved to the High Court and claimed that he was falsely implicated. The accused, in his petition, claimed that he had no bad intentions towards the victim and expressed his fatherly affection towards the girl.

Reports also said the medical tests conducted on the minor victim proved that no sexual assault was carried out on her. However, the Calcutta High Court on February 7 ruled out that the incident is similar to the rape of sexual offence under Section 375 of the Indian Penal Code.

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Two groups clash in Uttar Pradesh after argument, whips each other with belt, video viral | Watch

Minor children can also be seen caught up in the brawl between the two parties.



A video has come to light from Uttar Pradesh’s Aligarh where two groups clashed over a minor dispute, according to reports. The two groups were seen fighting each other in a busy street as both of them tried to gain on each other.

The incident is reported to be under the jurisdiction of Rorawar police station.

In the video, a commotion can be seen ensuing between two groups of people as both the parties use belts to whip each other. The traffic on the road can be seen ignoring passing by the fight between the two parties.

The video also shows one party chasing after another toward the end of the video as they scream and call out the people. Minor children can also be seen caught up in the brawl between the two parties.

Watch video here:

Another incident

Another incident also came to light from Uttar Pradesh’s Hapur where an elderly man was brutally beaten up by 4 car-borne men for crashing into their vehicle. The men can be seen brutally assaulting the elderly man irrespective of the elderly man’s age.

The video of the incident was recorded by the bystanders who were watching the harrowing incident unravel.

In the video, 4-5 men can be seen ganging up and fiercely beating up the elderly man after picking the man up from the ground following his crash. The men can be seen dragging the man toward the back of the car and beating him up.

The incident transpired on heavily thronged roads as cars and other vehicles can also be seen passing by the area where the elderly man was beaten up. The bystanders who made the video can also be heard in a state of shock to witness such a thing ensuing.

Watch video here:

After the video went viral, the police also took cognizance of the matter and registered a case in the matter in the Pilkhuwa police station. The police also informed that they are investigating the matter further, according to reports.

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38-year-old man dies in lockup in Jammu and Kashmir, family alleges police torture, 2 cops suspended

The deceased’s family has alleged that he was tortured in custody.



38-year-old man dies in lockup in Jammu and Kashmir, family alleges police torture, 2 cops suspended

Jammu and Kashmir Police on Tuesday suspended two cops after a 38-year-old man allegedly died under mysterious circumstances in a lockup in Kathua district. The deceased’s family has alleged that he was tortured in custody.

Kathua Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) Shivdeep Jamwal said that two cops have been suspended and the post in charge has been attached to police lines in this matter.

Reportedly, the deceased has been identified as Sonu Kumar, who was arrested by the Kathua police on Saturday after they recovered 7 grams of heroin from his possession in the Goond area of ​​Kathua. He was later sent to a police lockup at Nagari Post on Saturday.

The officials said Kumar, a street food vendor, died under mysterious circumstances in the lockup on Monday night. His body has been sent to the district’s government medical college (GMC) for postmortem.

Kumar’s nephew, Rahul, said the former was fit and fine when he met him on Sunday evening. He alleged that Kumar died due to torture in police custody. Kumar’s wife has demanded justice and punishment for those responsible for her husband’s death.

SSP said a magisterial probe has been ordered in this connection.

Sonu Kumar was the sole breadwinner in the family. He is survived by his wife and three children.

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