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Farm laws set to go but after 1 year of a nationwide protest, deaths of 700 farmers

The government held multiple rounds of talks with representatives of the protesting farmers and tried to underline the benefits that they offered to small famers, but the protesters remained adamant on seeking the repeal of all three laws.



Farmers protest

Mohammad Javed Rasheedi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday announced that his government will repeal the  three contentious farm laws.

Addressing the nation on the occasion of Guru Nanak Jayanti, PM Modi said that the laws will be repealed by the end of the month in the Winter Session of Parliament.

Requesting the protesting farmers to go back to their fields and homes, PM Modi said that though the laws were enacted for the benefit of farmers, the Government could not convince them about their benefits.

The Central government has taken the decision to repeal the three farm laws after the death of nearly 600 farmers who have lost their lives during the year-long protests across the nation. The farmers had staged protests on the borders of Delhi and had also taken out a march on Republic Day this year. A farmer lost his life during the procession with several versions doing the rounds on how the farmer lost his life.

The decision is also looking like the familiar masterstroke months before elections in Punjab, Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Goa and Mizoram where there is opposition to the farm laws. The politically important decision comes on the occasion of Gurpurab, the birth anniversary of Guru Nanak, is being celebrated across the country.

Partisan voices have often dubbed the protesting farmers as Khalistani, referring to separatist forces believed to be active in Punjab. As soon as PM Modi announced to repeal three farm laws, BKU leader Rakesh Tikait, who had emerged as the face of the demonstration, tweeted that the farmers would not withdraw their agitation immediately and would continue till the laws are repealed in the Parliament. Meanwhile, the Ugrahan faction welcomed the prime minister’s announcement to repeal the three contentious farm laws.

The government held multiple rounds of talks with representatives of the protesting farmers and tried to convince them telling the benefits that they offered to small famers under farm laws, but the protesters remained adamant on seeking the repeal of all three laws.

The farmers’ main apprehension was that the three farm laws will eventually abolish the Minimum Support Price (MSP) guaranteed by the Centre on select crops, leaving them at the mercy of big corporate houses.

Farmers from Punjab and Haryana and parts of Uttar Pradesh have been protesting for the last one year demanding to repeal three farm laws despite the Centre’s continued efforts to break the logjam.

In its continuing attempt to weaken the farmers’ protest, the government has deployed massive security at the borders of Delhi, banned Internet around Delhi, blocked highways with new concrete barricades, barbed wire and metal spikes on roads, arrested journalists and TwitterIndia joined in by banning handles critical of the government. In order to vacate the farmers site, the government had also stopped the essential supply of water and electricity at the protest sites.

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The protesters had organized a tractor parade in Delhi on the Republic Day as part of the protests, which led to violent events in the national capital and the Red Fort.

On October 3, four farmers were mowed down by an SUV in Lakhimpur Kheri, allegedly by Union MoS Ajay Mishra’s son Ashish Mishra. At least 8 people, including four farmers and a local journalist, died when a jeep ran over the peaceful farmers. The Minister has repeatedly said that his son is innocent and evidence is available to prove he was not involved in the violence.

The Union Minister’s son was arrested on October 9 and continues to remain in jail. Apart from him, the police have also arrested 12 others accused in the case.


In conversation with Chandra Pratap Singh, the activist who preserving Indian literature’s heritage for future generations



Chandra Pratap Singh - Pratap Raj at BLF

He is the founder and organizer of the Bundelkhand Literature Festival. Chandra Pratap Singh alias Pratap Raj is not a new name in Bundelkhand’s social circles. The researcher and activist is the face of the famous Bundelkhand Literature Festival, which has completed its second consecutive year. The festival is creating lots of buzz for strongly endorsing the importance of preserving Indian heritage and literature for future generations. We spoke to Chandra Pratap Singh aka Pratap Raj about various aspects of the festival and its rationality at present.

Q. Why did you feel the need to start something like the Bundelkhand Literature Festival?

Ans: Well, there are two very basic reasons behind coming up with the concept of this festival. First is my respect and love for the literary heritage we have. I have been doing research in this field for quite some time now. We have such a rich foundation of Indian literature. Our authors and poets have written exemplary content at a time when most civilizations were yet to find the real meaning of literature. Bundelkhand has given some of the timeless legends in the field of literature. I want that not only present but future generations should also get the chance to enhance their knowledge and wisdom with their work.

Q. How difficult was it to organize the festival for the first time? And how was the response?

Ans: I think if one wants to create a large impact the efforts have to match that level. But at the end of the day what matters is that the efforts are fruitful. I wanted that the future generation must know and admire our rich past. We are the link between the past and the future. We can be the source that preserved the valuable past for the future. We were able to garner lots of interest in the present generation. Literature lovers of all ages attended the festival.

Q. Tell us more about the Bundelkhand Literature Festival?

Ans: It’s a three-day event that not only throws light on the work of many renowned authors and poets but also provides a common platform where established and budding litterateurs can collectively discuss social, fundamental, and research-specific subjects. Its first edition was organized in the year 2021 and soon we are going to have the second edition. The second edition of BLF , which was to be organized in 2021, could not be conducted due to the safety protocols from covid threat, so the committee is trying to organize its second edition possibly in 2022. Talking about the working modus of Bundelkhand Literature Festival, there is unity in diversity under one roof. Where not only Bundelkhand but the writers and art lovers of all India are welcomed with an open heart and discussions are held on the original and research perspectives of the entire nation such as literature world, art world, cinema from the grassroots civilizations from anywhere. are not untouched.It also hosts a farmers’-meet to focus on different agricultural issues that are faced by the farmers of this area and introduce them to new advancements in the agro-industry, technology and policies. This is an attempt to solve the modern agricultural problems faced by the farmers. The way literature, culture and art-lovers have preserved this valuable heritage by doing extensive research. Similarly, Bundelkhand Literature Festival has been formed to preserve and broaden the invaluable literature of Bundelkhand province and its wonderful arts and culture.

BLF founder-director Chandra Pratap Singh and eminent Hindi writer Maitreyi Pushpa
BLF founder-director Chandra Pratap Singh and eminent Hindi writer Maitreyi Pushpa

Q. Do you think such a concept would be a success with the modern tech-savvy generation who is hardly interested in literature?

Ans: This is a misconception that this generation would not like our rich heritage. We shouldn’t jump to the conclusions. I have seen a very young crowd who have attended and enjoyed the festival. Many renowned personalities also attended the festivals. The name that lighten up the festival with their presence include Metraiyee Pushpa, Padmashree Kailash Madbaiya, Richa Aniruddh, Anikta Jain, Naveen Chaudhary, Akbar & Aazam Quadri, Prahlad Agrawal, Indrajeet Singh, Indiara Dangi, Geet Chaturvedi, Vivek Mishra, Raja Mahendra Bhishma, Sushmita Mukherjee, Dr, Sharad Singh, Naveen kumar, and Deepak Dua.

Q. What are your expectations with this year’s edition?

Ans: I am looking forward to see some of visionary literature work with more young authors and poets. We are expecting the scale would be larger than the previous one.

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Learn screenwriting at Unlu




What is Screen Writing?

Writing anything, whether it’s a poem, document, a novel or an article, is an art. It not only requires a lot of effort and thinking, but a lot of creativity as well. Imagine what if this creativity is to be applied in a way wherein one has to not only write a script per se, but also has to creatively write about the movements, expressions, dialogues and many other minute details. This is the art of ‘Screenwriting’. 

Screen Writing essentially refers to the art of writing such detailed scripts for various mass media platforms such as television, a show, or a film. This also brings in the fact that such an art would require a lot of skill building to excel at it. Knowing this, we at Unlu, have built a platform to help everyone who is passionate about this form of art to excel in it and convert it into a profession.

How does Unlu teach Screen Writing?

‘Screen Writing’ is definitely one of the finest forms of art, and we at Unlu, completely understand this. An art like that of Screenwriting not only requires talent but also requires a lot of connection building and peer learning. Unlu’s screenwriting fellowship programme targets all of them at one place.

One can’t deny the fact that one grasps the best while learning with peers. Thus, Unlu ensures that one learns the art of screenwriting amongst people with similar interests. The programme ensures to provide everyone with a community of writers, producers and directors so as to share knowledge and learn better. This also helps them to build deep relationships with people who have similar likings.

Why choose Unlu’s Screen Writing fellowship programme?

There exist a zillion websites which provide with such fellowships. This might make you ponder over the question of ‘Why only Unlu’? Well, we have jotted down a few points which will quickly help you understand as to how Unlu aims to teach the art of screenwriting and what is the USP of Unlu’s fellowship programme.

  • Small batches: The batch size is confined to 50 people. This ensures the presence of sufficient peers as well as allows proper attention to all the budding artists.
  • A well-structured plan: The programme is designed in a really well-planned manner with 50 hours of training. This extensive training helps one gain a lot of insights into the practical world of screenwriting.
  • Guidance from experts and celebrity instructors : Nobody can deny the fact that one learns the best from the insights given by the experts of the field. Unlu brings on such experts at its platform to help you get that expert guidance as well. Apart from that, the fellowship also includes mentorship sessions from various celebrity instructors as well.
  • Collaborations: Unlu also brings in various collaboration projects with creators so as to provide hands on experience to its learners.
  • Free Community Access: A year of free community access to connect with people of similar interest allows them in networking and thus, helps in growing their passion to a large extent.
  • Additional services: It is not just the online classes, but a lot of other things, such as interactive assignments, workbooks and other community activities that keep one hooked to the screen.
  • Not time bound: We at Unlu completely understand that everybody learns at his own pace, thus these courses don’t come with a deadline. One can cover them at his own pace.

So, now you definitely know as to why you should go ahead with Unlu’s fellowship programme over other such programmers.

What more do we have for you?

Not just screenwriting, we at Unlu also realize and understand the importance of various other off stream talents and are of the firm believer of converting passion into profession. Thus, we aim to help every individual with various other hand picked fellowship programmes as well. From fellowships for youtubers and singers to voice acting and lyrics writing, Unlu’s platform has it all! All of these are curated by experts and with the same amount of zeal and enthusiasm and come at really affordable prices; thus, you shouldn’t even think twice before giving these fellowship programmes a try.

And, if you are the one who is interested in exploring all of these programmes, we have some good news for you. Unlu’s all access pass allows you to enjoy all the courses under one umbrella without making any holes in your pocket. This all-access pass is a yearly plan that allows you to learn through any device. So, what are you waiting for? Enroll in the fellowship programmes of Unlu and be a part of India’s fastest growing creators’ network, rest assured, we’ll not give you any chance of feeling disappointed at all.

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Michael James Bauer, an American Singer-Songwriter

Michael James Bauer (was born September 14, 1960) known professionally as Michael James Bauer Singer-Songwriter is a talented Singer-Songwriter. He was born in Chicago, Illinois. Michael James Bauer Singer-Songwriter is one of four children born to Herbert Bauer (1927) and Alice Bauer (1931); Michaels parents are both children of Immigrants from Germany.



Michael James Bauer

Michael James Bauer (was born September 14, 1960) known professionally as Michael James Bauer Singer-Songwriter is a talented Singer-Songwriter. He was born in Chicago, Illinois. Michael James Bauer Singer-Songwriter is one of four children born to Herbert Bauer (1927) and Alice Bauer (1931); Michaels parents are both children of Immigrants from Germany. Michael James Bauer started his musical career as a young boy, learning to play the drums in grade school. Michael James Bauer played the snare drum to “Little Drummer Boy” at the Christmas Midnight Mass both his 7th and 8th grades when he attended Saint Emily’s School in Mount Prospect Illinois.

He also played drums on “We May Never Pass This Way Again” (Seals and Croft) with the school music teacher at his classes’ Graduation event. At the age of 12 Michael James Bauer was recognized as the first “Carrier of the Year” for the Mount Prospect Herald newspaper. In High School Michael James Bauer Singer-Songwriter played at various school functions and began playing with other musicians in different High School Bands. After Graduating from Saint Viators High School in Arlington Heights, Illinois.

Michael James Bauer Singer-Songwriter studied Music Theory, Voice, and Piano in College. Michael James Bauer started playing out professionally in the early 1980’s in a variety of bands from, all Original, Wedding, Rockabilly, Top 40 and Country. Michael James Bauer Singer-Songwriter began to write his own music in his late teens. One of his early bands “Token” played may gigs in the metropolitan Chicago area and was an opener for several National acts. “Token” recorded a self-titled album Token in 1984. Michael James Bauer married his wife Karen in 1985. Michael James Bauer and his wife Karen moved to Mundelein, Illinois.

Mike and Karen have 4 children, Kristina, Lauren, Michelle, and Alex. At the time of this article Michael James Bauer has 8 soon to be 9 Grandchildren. While living in Mundelein Illinois Michael served as President of the Lock Lomond Property Owners Association for 2 years. Loch Lomond is a neighborhood of 600 homes and has a 75-acre lake with 2 beaches. Also, while living in Mundelein, Illinois. Michael James Bauer Coached Soccer for the local AYSO (American Youth Soccer Association) Michael James Bauer also Coached for the MSTA (Mundelein Soccer Travel Association) and was named the first Coach of the year for the MSTA. While living in Illinois Michael James Bauer worked as Body Shop Manager for Joe Mitchell Buick (1978-1981) Keystone Chevrolet (1981-1983) Fields Cadillac (1983-1985) Glenview Auto Body (1985-1997) and Arlington Auto Body (1997-2004). In 2004 Michael James Bauer moved to Naples, Florida to pursue his dream of owning his own business. In Naples Michael James Bauer opened a Collison Repair business named Pineridge Coach Works. The collision repair business is very successful.

Pineridge Coach Works has one of, it not, the best reputation for collision repair in Naples Florida. Some of Michael James Bauer’s professional business achievements are as follows. Past instructor for I-CAR (Inter-Industry Conference on Auto Collision Repair) I-CAR Certified Platinum Repair Technician. Past president of the N.A.P.L.E.S. Group (Naples Area Professional League of Executive Services) Michael James Bauer sold the business in 2021 and is now spending much of his time working on the craft of songwriting. Michael James Bauer Singer-Songwriter can be seen regularly playing various “Open Mic’s” in the Naples, Florida area. Michael routinely travels to Nashville and other destinations to attend songwriting seminars and events.

Michael James Bauer Singer-Songwriter is a member of NSAI the Nashville Songwriters Association International. And was recognized by NSAI as “One to Watch” in February of 2022.

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