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Has BJP started a Taliban in Hinduism? Shashi Tharoor asks



Shashi Tharoor

With BJP going ballistic over Shashi Tharoor’s remark that it would turn India into a ‘Hindu Pakistan’ if it gets a majority in Lok Sabha in 2019 and BJP’s youth wing vandalizing his office, the Congress MP on Tuesday hit out at them saying ”have they started a Taliban in Hinduism”.

Speaking at an event in Thiruvananthapuram, Tharoor reportedly said: “They (BJYM) are asking me to go to Pakistan. Who has given them the right to decide that I am not a Hindu like them and I don’t have the right to stay in the country? Have they started a Taliban in Hinduism?”

Tharoor has alleged his constituency office in Kerala was vandalised on Monday by the BJP’s youth wing members. The Bharatiya Janata Yuva Morcha (BJYM) members poured black engine oil on the doors, walls, signs and gate, put up offensive banners, drove away those waiting outside his office with petitions and raised slogans, asking him to go to Pakistan. The leader also added that they threatened to kill him and shut down his office.

Five people were arrested in connection with the vandalism and later released on bail.

The Yuva Morcha’s district president JR Anuraj defended their action saying Tharoor’s remark was aimed at polarising the country. Tharoor, meanwhile, tweeted, “Our politics has descended to the depths. Vandalism in the name of the ruling party is inexcusable.”

While Congress’s national leadership has distanced itself from his ‘Hindu Pakistan’ statement, the party’s Kerala unit stood with him.

Tharoor also raised the issue during zero hour in the Lok Sabha when it convened for the monsoon session on Wednesday. He spoke of the attack on his constituency office and the growing incidents of intolerance and violence. He also mentioned the attack on Swami Agnivesh.

“Those who are carrying out mob lynching and mob killings are attacking the ground rules of our democracy. The ground rule of our democracy is that we can disagree with each other without harming or killing one another,” he said.

“I strongly urge the prime minister to break his silence on the behaviour of his partymen,” he said, adding that PM Modi should take action “against anti-national elements indulging in lynching and mob frenzy.”

He described attacks by “incendiary elements and their digital equivalents” meant to destroy the idea of India as a pluralistic and accepting democracy. “Their victims in recent months have included intellectuals, minorities, various citizens of the country. Yesterday even Swami Agnivesh was attacked.. these are people who have expressed dissent against rising tolerance against today’s India and they are being attacked physically,” he said.

“…ground rules of our democracy are being betrayed by those who have been elected by the people of India as the ruling party and they are betraying this basic ground rule. I want to say Mr Deputy Chairman, we cannot and should not stand by as communal violence, mob lynching and hooliganism replace rule of law and rights guaranteed by our constitution,” said Tharoor.

“I strongly urge the PM to break his silence on the behaviour of his party men and take action against these anti-national elements who seek to abridge the freedom of speech in our democracy. Thank you,” he concluded.

India News

SBI has given Rs 21,000 crore loan to Adani Group, nothing to worry about, says SBI Chairman

After the cancellation of the FPO by the Adani Group, the company’s shares recorded a decline on Thursday as well



SBI has given Rs 21,000 crore loan to Adani Group, nothing to worry about, says SBI Chairman

India’s largest government bank State Bank of India (SBI) has given a loan of Rs 21,000 crore ($ 2.6 billion) to Adani Group firms. This amount is half of what the State Bank of India is allowed to lend under the rules. This has been revealed in a report that came on Thursday.

It has been said in the report that the money given by SBI to Adani also includes $ 200 million from its foreign units. SBI Chairman Dinesh Kumar Khara said on Thursday that Adani group companies affected by the turmoil are servicing loans and he does not see any immediate challenge to what the bank has lent so far. Bloomberg has shared this information citing a source.

On Thursday, SBI shares were trading almost flat at Rs 527.75 on the BSE. After a report by US-based firm Hindenburg, there was a tremendous loss of market capitalization to Adani Group companies. According to a report, Adani Group companies lost $100 billion in market capitalization in a week after Hindenburg’s report. In this report of Hindenburg, questions were raised on the financial functioning of Adani Group companies.

After this report came out, there has been a huge fall in the shares of Adani Group. However, the Gautam Adani-led Adani Group called these allegations baseless and misleading. He claimed that in this report an attempt has been made to mislead the public. Adani Group had also talked about taking this matter to the court.

RBI seeks reports from Public Sector Banks on loan to Adani Group companies

On Thursday the Reserve Bank of India has sought information from all the public sector banks on how much loan they have given to Adani Group companies. News agency Reuters has given this information.

According to a Reuters report, the information sought by the RBI includes the list of properties of the Adani Group which have been considered as collateral for the loan. Apart from this, a list of indirect risks of banks in Adani Group has also been sought.

SBI Chairman Dinesh Kumar Khara told Reuters last week that there was nothing to worry about the risks with the Adani Group. He had said that Adani Group has not taken any funds from the bank in the recent past.

An organisation named Societe Generale said on Wednesday that Adani Group has only 0.6 percent exposure to the Indian banking sector.

After the cancellation of the FPO by the Adani Group, the company’s shares recorded a decline on Thursday as well. After this, the market loss of this giant company has gone up to 100 billion dollars.

On Thursday, the stock of Adani Enterprises fell nearly 20 per cent, reaching its lowest level since March 2022. Other companies of this group were also seen under pressure. Adani Ports and Special Economic Zone were down 5 per cent each, while Adani Total Gas, Adani Green Energy and Adani Transmission were down 10 per cent each.

If we talk about Punjab National Bank, then the total exposure of this bank in Adani Group is Rs 7,000 crore.

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AAP used Delhi liquor scam money to fund Goa campaign: Enforcement Directorate

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal’s Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) allegedly used money generated from a purported liquor scam to fund its election campaign in Goa in 2022, the Enforcement Directorate (ED) alleged in a chargesheet filed in the case on Thursday.



Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal’s Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) allegedly used money generated from a purported liquor scam to fund its election campaign in Goa in 2022, the Enforcement Directorate (ED) alleged in a chargesheet filed in the case on Thursday.

In the chargesheet, the ED has claimed that investigation trail in the Delhi liquor scam case has revealed AAP used part of the funds generated in the scam for its poll campaign in Goa.

AAP managed to win two seats in the Goa Assembly elections.

The ED chargesheet claimed that Rs 70 lakh in cash payments were made to volunteers of AAP’s survey teams, adding that party’s communications chief Vijay Nair allegedly told “certain persons” who were involved in AAP’s campaign related work, to receive payments in cash.

The probe agency’s chargesheet has further alleged that, on AAP’s behalf, Nair received over Rs 100 crore in payments from a group comprising of YSRCP MP Magunta Sreenivasulu Reddy, his son Raghav Magunta, Aurobindo Pharma director P Sarath Chandra Reddy and Telangana CM KCR’s daughter Kavitha Kalvakuntla.

The ED further alleged that Abhishek Boinpally, a Hyderabad-based businessman, in conspiracy with Delhi Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia’s aide Dinesh Arora had facilitated the transfer of the kickback money.

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The central agency also filed a supplementary chargesheet in the case against AAP’s Vijay Nair, businessmen Sarath Reddy, Binoy Babu, Abhishek Boinpally and Amit Arora. The chargesheet, which was produced before Delhi’s Rouse Avenue Court today, did not include Manish Sisodia’s name.

Further investigation in the case is ongoing, the ED told the court.

In a statement, AAP chief Arvind Kejriwal said the allegations levelled by the ED as “completely fictional”.

The liquor scheme came to the fore after Delhi L-G Vinai Kumar Saxena alleged irregularities in the implementation of Delhi’s Excise Policy 2021-22 and recommended a CBI probe into the matter.

The alleged scam also came under the ED’s radar who are probing a money trail it generated.

In July 2022, AAP government junked the Delhi Excise Policy, which was implemented in November 2021.

Dalit man beaten by mob in Telangana, video goes viral | Watch

Ayodhya Ram Mandir: All you need to know about Shaligram stones sent from Nepal for idols’ construction

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Uttar Pradesh: Two Muslim children tied to tree, beaten up over allegations of molestation | Watch

The man can also be heard using Islamophobic slurs as he continuously beat up the children with kicks and punches.



A harrowing story has come to light from Uttar Pradesh’s Barabanki district where two Muslim children were tied to a tree and mercilessly beaten up by locals over allegations of molesting. According to reports, the man who accused the two children and assaulted them has been identified as Triloki.

It was reported that the two children had come to the area to pluck leaves from the trees to feed their goat, however, the local man after noticing the 2 children plucking trees suspecting them of molesting her daughter after which he accused them of molestation.

Tiloki tied the two minors to a tree and viciously assaulted the two children, as the video of the spine-chilling incident went viral.

In the video, two children can be seen getting tied to a tree as the two children can be seen brutally assaulted by a man. The man can be seen repeatedly beating up the two children while other locals continue to tie the children.

The man can also be heard using Islamophobic slurs as he continuously beat up the children with kicks and punches.

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Watch video here:

According to reports, after the father of the two children got to know what was happening to his children, he rushed to the place and rescued his children. The father rushed to the Barabanki police station and filed a complaint against Triloki and others who were assaulting his children.

Police action

After learning about the incident, the police registered an FIR and arrested Triloki in the matter whereas 2 others are still absconding, suggest reports.The police are further investigating the case.

Twitter reactions

After the video of the incident went viral, many users came forward to add their take on the incident as one user wrote that the country is turning into a horror story and further wrote that now they don’t feel like living in this country anymore owing to the communal atmosphere.

One user also wrote and said that the actions by the man were sadistic and grievous, however, the user further added that it is not a surprise although as the news is coming from Uttar Pradesh.

One user also wrote that this incident is terrible and further wrote that such incidents in India have brought shame to the country yet again.

Perfume bottle IED recovered, government school teacher with LeT links arrested for recent blasts in Jammu and Kashmir: J&K Police chief

Iran couple, who danced on Tehran’s streets, sentenced to prison | WATCH

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