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Five rules to be successful with happy life

In our day-to-day life, we tend to read lots of motivational quotes or get to hear lots of inspirational speeches from spiritual leaders, that with a positive mind you can bring about far-reaching changes in your life.



The secret of success lies in putting your heart, mind and soul into even the smallest of the act’
– Swami Vivekananda.

In our day-to-day life, we tend to read lots of motivational quotes or get to hear lots of inspirational speeches from spiritual leaders, that with a positive mind you can bring about far-reaching changes in your life.

Unequivocally that sounds damn easy. Doesn’t it? Yet many of us read it and forget or lack the accurate methodology to apply this in our lives.

The first thought that comes in our mind is that we cannot do it, it is impossible, or we would not be able to do and lot more negative connotations that become our fixed thoughts and acts as a mental blockage.

Do you even know what incredible role your thoughts play in your life?

Yes, you heard that right; our thoughts work just like a magnet, which attracts positive and negative aura in our lives.

It happens that most of the time we think about what if I cannot do it, or what if I fail, that becomes a chain of negative thoughts, which gets imbibed in our thought process.

Your thoughts are the one which makes you an impeccable being of a kind which depends upon how you allow manifesting them.

Here are the secrets which I would like to share: everything starts with BELIEVING, so start believing from now!

Happy life

From my own life experience, I have figured out FIVE hacks which ensures that I am on the right track.


It all starts with a flexible mindset and doing things one at a time, you don’t have to be a multi-tasker.

It is a powerful strategy to make it a habit of slowing down and stop rushing, which not only makes you more productive but also increases your concentration level.

Staying focused on one thing at a time puts less pressure on your mind, makes you feel less burden and aids in the accomplishment of the task with a much peaceful mind.


This kind of skill practice will increase self-awareness and empowerment. Train your mind to modify these instinctual negative thoughts into a positive outlook that will be more innovative and helpful in attaining life goals.

Every day before going to bed write down at least five things you are grateful for, which would foster personal well-being and flow of happiness.

My outlook for life transformed, after going through the book The Power by Rhonda Byrne that we can bring change in our thoughts by just practising gratitude. It relies on the simple rule that if you feel gratitude for little things, then you would receive it as well.

To overcome the feeling of fear, failure or lifting your mood if you feel low, or lonely can be done by practising this philosophy.

Not only this but having the feeling of gratitude also improve your vision of self-worth and helps in building a strong relationship with others.

Above all, if you train your mind to transform your negative thoughts, and behaviour to have an optimistic perception, then it would also enhance one’s mental well-being.


Encourage others if you want to succeed in your life. To have an abundance mindset is to wish success and progress not only for yourself but for others as well.

If you can develop that kind of mentality, by uplifting others gives you the feeling of oneness, which is far greater than material accomplishments.

Recognising collective success, rather than self-success frees your mind from such limitations of competitiveness, jealousy and grudges, rather it promotes the feeling of shared happiness.


It is a belief that you get known by the company you keep. Yes, that’s true. Your circle or company reflects who you are.

If you place yourself with people who are having an indifferent attitude, or who ridicule your efforts or fail to acknowledge or motivate you, then it will drag you down.

Your mind attracts the energies that you have. I agree that you cannot entirely get rid of such people or situations, but you can alter your reaction to those circumstances.

Just remember that every situation doesn’t deserve a reaction, learn from it and move on, the things which aren’t in your control, it is better to let them go. Our surroundings are a dominant factor in our thought process, observe your environment well, even at the workplace or at home.


Be a realistic person! I know that may sound a bit clichéd.

But that’s the truth, here I don’t necessarily mean spending judiciously on material luxuries.

As we know modern life is fast-paced, all have become so money-minded that we often correlate happiness with material benefits.

‘Luxuries are not our path to happiness’. It may be satisfactory for a while, but that fades away with time.

Try to spend money on social interactions, like going out on a brunch or dine out with family and friends; which may not sound too fancy, but these are the priceless expenditures, which money definitely can’t buy.

By doing this, you feel less anxious, less depressed or isolated. Spend on happiness that lasts longer, rather on material things which come with an expiry date.

Instead of spending your money on branded clothes, Calvin Klein perfumes or Gucci bags, you only decide rationally like becoming a member of a health club, spa or yoga; which would help you to attain peace and wellness in your life.


In reality, we cannot affirm every situation with positivity but believing in the philosophy of abundance and attraction, works with the theory that you get what you ask for.

Insecurities are a component of our lives, but never let it overpower us. If our mind is a magnet, then our thoughts are the signals.

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Accepting your negative thoughts and then transforming them by spiritual ways of meditation or yoga is the key. You cannot escape or ignore its existence.

As you are the architect of your life, never underestimate the power of your mind. A happy and healthy mind crafts a successful life, and to equate success with happiness starts spending on experiences.

By Jyotsna Dey


Mousse Day 2022: 7 lip-smacking mousse recipes

We have collated a few lip-smacking mousse recipes that are quick and easy to prepare at home.



National Mousse Day 2022

A soft yet airy texture is enough to describe the most decadent dessert which is mousse. This fluffy delight has its own day to celebrate. In the United States, November 30 is celebrated as National Mousse Day.

Mousse is a simple divinity in its own right but when paired with chocolate, cherry, blueberry, raspberry, pumpkin, and other flavours it is downright decadent.

This creamy dessert has brought delicious mousse recipes to play around with in the kitchen on its special day. We have collated a few lip-smacking mousse recipes that are quick and easy to prepare at home.

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Peanut Butter Mousse

A very quick and delicious dessert to make is this peanut butter mousse. The richness of peanut butter, cream cheese, powdered sugar, and heavy cream makes it a perfect holiday dessert.

Cherry Mousse

This velvety mousse with bursting cherries is another splendid fruity dessert that is a perfect mid-day treat. The simple and easy recipe always turns out a red cup of delight which is definitely fabulous.

Blueberry Mousse

A blueberry mousse on a richer side requires heavy cream. This blueberry crush is the best party dessert with the key ingredient, maple syrup instead of sugar.

Raspberry Mousse

Raspberry mousse makes the best pair with red velvet cake and it stands to be a sinfully irresistible dessert. The layer of fresh raspberries turns the mousse to burst with fresh raspberry flavour. The red version of the mousse recipe will not allow you to put your spoon down.

Pumpkin Mousse

An elegant end to a hearty winter meal is the pumpkin mousse. This pumpkin treat is absolutely easy to make and holds a wonderful creamy taste. This no-baked soft dessert is fluffy and airy with added flavours.

Chocolate mousse

Chocoholics’ new solution for their routine addiction is here. The intense chocolatey flavour is pushed by the dark chocolate that makes this chocolate mousse more classic. This creamy, chocolate-rich mousse is a perfect dinner table recipe.

Avocado mousse

A cup of goodness to begin by scooping out is the avocado mousse. This smooth and consistent mousse is fully filled with the rich avocado flavour. This silky smooth dessert is popular on the health food scene that is at the same time delicious.

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5 healthy soups to get you through this winter

They will help with digestion, keep you full, and encourage weight loss.



Healthy soups

Soups aren’t just nourishing and warming they also offer a number of positive health effects. Adding soup to the daily diet is a terrific method to improve your general health. They will help with digestion, keep you full, and encourage weight loss.

What else? Additionally, they are quick and simple to prepare. To improve your health, try these five nutritious soups.

Tangy tomato soup

One of the all-time favourites among soup enthusiasts is tomato soup. This creamy, tangy soup that includes a home-style recipe is not only delicious but also very nutritious.


Take a pan and add one tablespoon of butter to get ready. Onions, ginger, and garlic paste, as well as tomato puree, should then be added. Set the pan’s fame to low. Stir for a while until the boil is seen. Serve the tangy delight heated with bread croutons and coriander leaves as garnish.

Mix veg soup

An easy yet smart way to consume more vegetables is this mixed vegetable soup. You will get a lot of nourishment from this vibrant and healthy soup with heaps of vegetables.


Take a pan and add 1 tablespoon of butter to get ready. Including all the vegetables, bell pepper, and chopped onions and thoroughly saute. After that, add a half-cup of water and let the vegetables cook. For ten minutes, let it simmer. After seasoning with salt and pepper to taste, serve hot.

Pumpkin soup

A time-saving, classic pumpkin soup recipe is thick, creamy, and dreamy, with a fantastic savoury undertone and a sweet pumpkin flavour. This soup will solve all of your health issues.


Take a nonstick pan and heat it while adding butter and finely chopped onions. Pumpkin puree is then added and sauteed over a low flame. Place a lid on top and then add water, salt, and pepper. For ten minutes, let it simmer. the milk.

Green soup

The complex flavour of green soup comes from slowly cooked onions and lemon juice. The easiest way to get greens included is delicious with broccoli and bean soup.


This comforting, creamy soup will keep you full and healthy. Start with a non-stick pan to prepare. Add chopped onions next. After a few minutes of stirring, add the broccoli stalks. Add the beans and broccoli, and stir occasionally. Add milk and cornmeal. Stir continuously to achieve a creamy flavour. After seasoning with salt and pepper to taste, serve hot.

Mushroom soup

The one-pot recipe with the goodness of mushrooms has a delicious aroma, attractive colour, and excellent nutritional content. Mushroom soup offers wonderful nutritional qualities in addition to a delicious aroma and attractive colour.


Heat a pan and add butter to it to get ready. Onions should be added and sauteed over a low flame. Add some water and mushrooms after that. Allow it to steam for a while. Cook for a few minutes while gradually adding milk and cream. The yummy soup is ready to serve.

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Winter snack: From Buranshke ke pakode to Kand ka bhajia, quick pakodas recipes for chilly evenings

A spiced fritter called pakoda is produced using veggies, lentils, and other ingredients.



Winter Snacks

Winter is the right time to enjoy the weekend by gorging on some delicious goodies. One of the most traditional pairings for a lazy winter evening is pakodas and a warm cup of tea. A spiced fritter called pakoda is produced using veggies, lentils, and other ingredients.

Here are 4 unique delectable pakoda dishes from Kashmir to Gujarat so try something different and enjoy this winter.

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Uttarakhand: Buranshe ke pakode

This Uttrakhand’s famous Gudhal ke Pakode recipe involves rhododendron flowers. This species of flower is native to Uttarakhand, while a few can be found in Himachal Pradesh as well.

It is indeed odd to hear a pakoda made from flowers, the bright red flowers are not fried entirely the petal is only dipped in besan or gram flour. The deep-fried easy-to-make crispy pakodas are definitely delicious.

Manipur: Maroi nakuppi bora

The graceful herbs, Garlic chives the so-called Maori nakuppi is grown in large quantities in Northeast India.

These Manipuri Fritters are fried with the most common base used for pakodas which is gram flour. Maori nakuppi bora is just awesome to warm the wintertime chills.

Kashmir: Nadru Moinj

Nadru Moinj the so-called Kashmiri lotus stem fries is a unique pakoda from the alluring valley of Kashmir. Rice flour is used in nadru moinj and it tastes crispy when it is deeply fried.

This Kashmiri homemade delight is a fried snack made from lotus stem. The dip for frying can either be gram flour or rice flour. This is a highlighted snack enjoyed across South Asia.

Gujarat: Kand na Bhajia

Kand na Bhajia is a famous pakoda recipe from Gujarat. The purple yam pakoda is best known for its delicious taste and pretty unique colour.

These yummy and eye-catching fritters are easy to make. This traditional bhaji is crunchy and it is all time favourite snack of Gujaratis.

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