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Exit polls 2022: Yogi Adityanath wins back Uttar Pradesh, AAP wave washes into Punjab, Congress in Uttarakhand, BJP in Manipur and Congress ahead in tight Goa race



BJP wins Uttar Pradesh MLC Election 2022

The high hopes of the Samajwadi Party to unseat the Yogi Adityanath-led BJP government seems not to have translated into reality, if we go by exit polls on Monday that screamed that the BJP will return to power albeit with a lower tally than in 2017.

But a big disclaimer: This is what the exit polls say. For the real deal and who got it right and who read a wave in a ripple, we will have to wait a few more days for counting day Thursday, March 10.

The voteshare seems to be predicted to be firmly behind the BJP with a share as high as 45.4%. Some three exit polls have predicted an easy romp home for the BJP, giving it more than 250 seats. This is lower compared to the 312 seats it won in 2017.

The ETG Research Exit Polls 2022 had BJP winning between 230 and 245 seats, the SP getting 150-165, the BSP 5-10 seats and the Congress getting 2 to 6 seats.

The NewsX-Polstrat exit poll says the BJP will win a maximum 225 seats, enough to form a government of its own. The Samajwadi Party seems to be stuck below 160 and the BSP getting a better 14-24 seats.

The Congress is expected to win between 2 and 6 seats. The Republic- P-MARQ exit polls have put the BJP at 240 seats and the SP at 140.

Again, as TV pundits reiterated, it was the Ram factor which seems to have outweighed the anti-incumbency of the Yogi Adityanath government.

Apart from the BJP’s return in Uttar Pradesh, the Aam Aadmi Party is expected to sweep Punjab. Times Now-Veto exit poll says AAP will win 70 seats, Congress 22 seats, SAD+ 19, BJP+ will have 5 seats, and others will have 1 seat. The Axis My India prediction has AAP winning Punjab with 76-90 seats in Punjab. The state has 117 seats.

Others pegged AAP at 55 (India News-MRC) and between 59-67 (India TV-CVoter) and AAP at 54 seats (News 24-Today’s Chanakya). The ABP-Lokniti CSDS exit poll put AAP to get 36-46 seats. The last two projections point to a hung Assembly in Punjab.

In Goa, the Congress seems to be ahead though by a slim margin. Zee News poll said it expected the BJP to win 15 seats. And the Congress+ is likely to get more than 16 seats and others will get 7 seats. The numbers though close leave room for MLA-hopping if push comes to a shove.

In Manipur, the BJP is likely to get re-elected under N. Biren Singh with 33-37 seats.  The Congress may get 12-17 seats.

The Uttarakhand projections are mixed. With a few polls making it a clean BJP majority, some others credit a Congress return.

Again, these are exit poll projections. March 10 will show who is right and who is not!

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Odisha train collision: Yeswanthpur Duronto rams derailed Coromandel Express, 50 dead, 100s injured

Some local channels of Odisha have reported, over 70 dead and around 350 injured.



odisha coromandel express derail accident

On Friday evening, a tragic train accident took place in Odisha’s Balasore, when two Express trains collided that has already claimed the lives of over 50 people and more than hundreds of passengers are left inured, the rescue operations is underway.

Railway Spokesperson Amitabh Sharma said, at around 7 PM in the evening, about 10-12 coaches of the Shalimar-Chennai Coromandel Express derailed and fell on the opposite track, after a while, the Yeshwantpur-Howrah Express rammed into the derailed coaches of Coromandel express that resulted to the derailment of its own coaches.

The dreadful accident has taken place near the Bahanga railway station in Balasore district of Odisha, which is around 120 km from the state capital Bhubaneswar.

Reports said, a three-way accident took place and involves a good carriage train in the accident.

While no official confirmation has been received on the total death toll, reports claimed more than 50 people are already dead with the numbers substantially increasing and around 300 are injured.

Some local channels of Odisha have reported, over 70 dead and around 350 injured.

The Central and state government along with the railway department have mounted a huge rescue operation but is finding it extremely difficult to clear and rush the injured to the nearest medical facilities.

National and State Disaster Management teams along with fire fighting teams and other rescue operation teams are already in place carrying out the rescue operations.

At-least 50 ambulances and 15 fire operations team from the neighbouring districts were rushed to save the trapped passengers, said to be in hundreds in number.

The government has also issued dedicated helpline numbers for various affected regions.

Union Railway Minister Ashwini Vaishnaw informed about compensation to the victims. Rs 10 lakh is announced for the deceased family members, Rs 2 lakh for critically injured and Rs 50,000 for minor injured victims.

Odisha Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik rushed to the state control room to personally take stock of the situation and direct measures for the rescue and relief operations.

Patnaik informed he will fly to the spot in the first thing in morning.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi expressing his grief over the terrible accident expressed his thoughts with the bereaved families and prayed for the speedy recovery of the inured.

PM Modi assured all possible assistance to the affected.

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Mumbai man assaults girlfriend for refusing sex at Bandra bandstand, arrested

The accused Akash Mukherjee is a resident of Kalyan on the outskirts of Mumbai and the victim’s name is Lubna Javed Sukte, a resident of Bhiwandi.



Man assaults girlfriend for refusing sex gets arrested by cops in Mumbai

A 28-year-old man has been arrested for beating up his girlfriend and banging her head on a rock for refusing to get intimate with him at a public place in Bandra, Mumbai. Reports said the seriously-injured woman has been hospitalised and her condition is improving and the attacker has been charged by police for trying to kill her.

The accused, Akash Mukherjee, is a resident of Kalyan on the outskirts of Mumbai and the victim’s name is Lubna Javed Sukte, a resident of Bhiwandi. They are both aged 28 years and have been working in the same company and had been romantically linked for the last few years.

On Wednesday, they took a train from Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Terminus and visited the Gateway of India and Girgaon Chowpatty before heading to Bandra bandstand in the evening. They sat near the rocks by the sea. The police said it was Mukherjee’s birthday.

Sometime later, Mukherjee told his girlfriend that he had converted to Islam to marry her. He said he had a certificate saying this which he would show to her parents and get consent to marry her. Soon, he tried to get physical with her and the woman rejected his advances.

She started crying, when he tried to stop her by covering her mouth. During the altercation, she bit his left hand. She tried to scream, but he tried to choke her.

The woman’s refusal filled him with rage and he tried to attack her. He hit her head against the rock. He also tried to drown her in the drain. After this, she screamed for help.

On hearing the scream, people nearby called police who took the man into custody. They sent the woman to the hospital. Bandra Police are investigating the case after arresting Mukherjee.    

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War of words breaks out between BJP, Congress over Rahul Gandhi’s saying Muslim League is a secular party

Former Congress President and MP Mr. Rahul Gandhi got criticized by the BJP Leaders in India after his comment on the Muslim League is completely secular



Rahul Gandhi

Several BJP leaders were quick to pounce on Congress leader Rahul Gandhi’s comment at the National Press Club in Washington DC calling the Muslim League a secular party.

In his interaction in Washington DC, Rahul Gandhi said the Muslim League is a completely secular party and is in alliance with the Muslim League in Kerala as part of the United Democratic Front. Gandhi said there is nothing non-secular about the Muslim League and questioned the reporter’s knowledge about the Muslim League.

Senior BJP leaders said Rahul Gandhi is insulting India from foreign shores. Uttar Pradesh Deputy CM Keshav Prasad Maurya said Rahul Gandhi should apologise for his comments and should speak about it to the people in India once he is here.

Union Minister Prahlad Singh Patel said he does not take Rahul Gandhi seriously and blamed the comment on a Congress tendency. He said the comment was dangerous as such seeds of division can grow up to be challenges to the country.

Former Law Minister and BJP leader Kiren Rijiju criticised Rahul Gandhi’s statement on the Muslim League’s secular character. BJP IT Cell chief Amit Malviya criticized Rahul Gandhi on Twitter.

In response, Congress spokesperson Pawan Khera hit out at Malviya on Twitter and questioned the BJP IT Cell chief’s wisdom and awareness about the Muslim League. He schooled him about the difference between the Indian Union Muslim League in Kerala and the Muslim League of Muhammad Ali Jinnah.

During the Washington DC interaction, Rahul Gandhi held forth on various topics including the party’s chances in the 2024 Lok Sabha, the move for Opposition unity to take on the BJP and the perils of unemployment that has been encircling India. Gandhi said his party was holding regular dialogue with all Opposition parties, there is a lot of good work happening in that regard.

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