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Gujarat MLA Jignesh Mevani arrested for sharing tweet

Gujarat MLA Jignesh Mevani has been arrested by Assam Police for sharing a tweet, which has now been removed. It is reported that he has been taken to Assam.



Jignesh Mevani detained following call for Ahmedabad bandh

Jignesh Mevani, who is MLA from Gujarat was arrested by Assam Police on Wednesday night over a tweet. It is reported that he was arrested based on a complaint by a BJP leader in Assam over now-removed tweets by Twitter on Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Nathuram Godse.

It is reported that he was arrested from a Circuit House in Palanpur around 11.30 pm and then was taken to Ahmedabad. On Thursday morning, he was taken to Assam.

Suresh Jat, who is Jignesh Mevani’s aide was quoted saying to news agency PTI that as per a document shared by the officials of the Assam police, an FIR has been lodged over a tweet by Gujarat MLA. However, the tweet was removed by Twitter. The tweet was about Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Nathuram Godse.

Later, Gujarat Congress president Jagdish Thakor and other Congress leaders rushed to Ahmedabad airport as they got to know about the arrest and shouted slogans against the ruling government.

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Jignesh Mevani is a Dalit leader and convenor of the political party Rashtriya Dalit Adhikar Manch. He was an independent MLA but he extended support to Congress last year. He is MLA from Gujarat’s Vadgam, a lawyer-activist and also a former journalist.

On his Twitter, it can be seen that the tweets that were posted by him on April 18 have been withheld due to a request by authorities.

Earlier, Jignesh Mevani along with his friend and Jawaharlal Nehru University’s former students’ union leader Kanhaiya Kumar, had a press conference with Congress leader Rahul Gandhi in September last year. At that time, Kumar joined Congress and Mevani extended his support to Rahul Gandhi till the end of his term as an independent MLA, after which he would join the Congress party.

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Meet Bobby, the 3rd standard Bihar boy who teaches up to class 10th

The 3rd standard kid, Bobby said that he goes to study from Khan sir. For the unversed, Khan Sir is a famous coaching teacher in Patna, who also gives classes on YouTube.



A eight year old Bihar boy named Bobby has been gaining a lot of attention on social media these days. The third standard boy was seen teaching up to class tenth during a Bihar private coaching.

The video was shared by a local journalist from Patna’s Masaudhi shows little Bobby teaching students up to class X. The boy is now famously called Chote Khan sir in Patna’s Masaudhi. The video shows the boy teaching in a higher grade, where a journalist can be seen talking to him and the boy speaks more than his age.

The third standard kid also fills in on the absence of his father, who usually teaches in the private coaching in Taregana, about 30 KM from Patna. Bobby teach children up to class 10th.

Watch the full video here:

The 3rd standard kid, Bobby even reveals that he goes to study from Khan sir. For the unversed, Khan Sir is a famous coaching teacher in Patna, who also gives classes on YouTube. He runs Khan GS Research Centers and is known for his unique teaching skills.

However, 8 months back an popular Patna’s Khan sir who is famous for his YouTube channel and giving lessons in a witty way was booked for inciting violence.

An FIR was filed against Khan sir, others for inciting violence during a protest in Patna. During that time, several protestors burned effigies and even burned trains in protest against the result of RRB-NTPC.

In an old video, Bobby was also captured by saying that being poor is not a crime but dying poorly is a crime. One should always strive to become a better version of themselves. The reporter later goes to other kids in the class and they say that Bobby sir teaches them.

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Viral: Ghaziabad’s Joy ride turns into a nightmare, expels its seats mid-ride, and injures a family | Watch

Another case of a similar nature transpired recently in Punjab’s Mohali where a 50-feet joyride swing fell down on camera in Punjab’s, Mohali on 5th September.



A family, who hoped on to a joyride to see enjoy their time at a fair in UP Ghaziabad’s Ramlila maidan experienced a nightmare-like situation after the ride broke and ended up expelling the seats of the ride as the ride rolled out of its place almost into the ticketing area.

The footage of the incident is horrifying to watch, as the video shows the joyride going in circles at a high speed, however, suddenly visuals change as the seat of the joyride expells during the high-speed rotation. According to reports, the incident didn’t do much harm but did leave a family of four injured.

Another case of a similar nature transpired recently in Punjab’s Mohali where a 50-feet joyride swing fell down on camera in Punjab’s, Mohali on 5th September. In the video, the joyride dramatically fell all the way down to the ground and It was reported that the ride had 50 people onboard.

In the video, the ride can be seen climbing up to the top most part and then suddenly taking a drop to the ground with many people on board the ride. The people who were present around the spot can be seen rushing away from the scene, whereas the people on board can be seen trying to recollect themselves from the fall.

According to reports, the injured include Children and adults, who were taken to a civil hospital nearby. The fair had a mass of footfall as it was a Sunday. The police also informed the media that the fair was initially scheduled to be held till September 4, however, the fair was extended by a week, till 11th September.

The DSP of the district told the media that an investigation is underway and if there were any discrepancies on the part of the organizers, strict actions will be taken against them. The eyewitnesses in and around the scene had remarked and disclosed that there was no medical aid in the area as well as no safety measures were taken. The eye witness further said that no big official had reached the spot after the event escalated.

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Viral: Another fighting video from Allen goes viral, tweeple say coaching institute hai ya secret fight club | Watch

In the viral video a student from Allen Coaching Classes can be seen charging towards another student until he’s stopped by others.



Another video from Kota’s Coaching institute has come to light after videos of students dancing had taken over the internet previously. In the new video, two students can be seen getting into a fight over an unknown reason.

The video begins with a boy standing close to another and speaking something in aggression. Later one of them steps back and could be seen using false language. And in no time he moves forward to charge at the another student.

Amid this several other Allen students move forward to stop the fight and keep them aside. All the students can be seen wearing the green Allen t-shirts and sitting inside a classroom. What has become even more unacceptable that every other day there is a video doing rounds on social media, where students can be seen fighting, dancing and doing everything else apart from studying in the Allen Coaching Classes.

Watch the video here:

Few days back another video had gone viral on social media, where two students could be seen getting into a fight as one student was seen pulling out a belt to whip the other student. The video also showed a connotation of one student standing up to his bully and holding his own by almost knocking him down.

The video had left the internet in scrambles as some asked what has been happening in that coaching institute whereas others were left satisfied after the bully got a taste of his own medicine. People who saw the video also commented that why does these things only happen in Allen coaching classes, and the user further asked if they haven’t seen such videos from other coaching institutes. Another user expressed satisfaction as they wrote that they are glad the bully got a payback.

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