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India reports 14 fresh cases of new coronavirus strain, UK flight ban extended till January 7

The Union Health Ministry on Wednesday said 14 fresh cases of new coronavirus mutant strain have been registered in the country, taking the total number of cases to 20.




The Union Health Ministry on Wednesday said 14 fresh cases of new coronavirus mutant strain have been registered in the country, taking the total number of cases to 20. The government has extended the suspension of flights to and from the UK till January 7 over the highly contagious coronavirus strain.

The aviation minister Hardeep Singh Puri tweeted that decision has been taken to extend the suspension of flights to the UK till January 7,2021. thereafter strictly regulated resumption will take place for which details would be announced soon.

The new UK variant genome of Sars-Co-V-2 has reached 20 based on the results of genome sequencing of positive samples released by the Indian Sars-CoV-2 Genomics Consortium labs. Of the total cases, seven cases have been recorded by Bengaluru lab, nine registered by Delhi labs, two in a Hyderabad lab, one in Pune lab and one in Kolkata lab.

The government has become alert as the new Covid-19 strain numbers are likely to surge. In wake of the new strain, all the flights to the UK have been earlier banned till December 31 and all the returnees arrived before the ban were being actively tested. However, the doctors have said that it is not confirmed whether the new mutant virus is more lethal or will be controlled by a vaccine.

On Tuesday, the government said six UK returnees were tested positive for the mutant virus. The health ministry had released a statement, saying that all the infected people have been isolated and kept at designated health care facilities by respective state governments.Their fellow travellers and close contacts have been also traced and quarantined, said the Union ministry adding that the genome sequencing on the other samples were currently carried out.

Last week, about 33,000 passengers were disembarked at various Indian airports from November 25 to midnight December 23. Each of them were being tracked and subjected by states to RT-PCR tests. The authorities have designated 10 Insacog labs namely CCS Pune, CCMB Hyderabad, CDFD Hyderabad, NIMHANS Bengaluru, IGI Delhi, NIBMG Kolkata,  NCDC Delhi, ILS Bhubaneshwar, NIV Pune and InSTEM Bengaluru. 

The health ministry earlier said that the situation was under careful watch and regular advice was being provided to the states authority for enhanced testing, surveillance, containment, and dispatch of samples to Insacog labs.

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First detected in London in September, the UK authorities identified it as a matter of concern on December 14. The new strain is believed to be more infectious and transmissible and has been spreading fast across the world. So far, the presence of the new UK variant has already been reported by France, Netherlands, Australia, Denmark, Italy, Sweden, Spain, Switzerland, Germany, Canada, Lebanon, Japan and Singapore among others.

2024 Lok Sabha Elections

MK Stalin says if Prime Minister Narendra Modi comes to power again, the country would go back by 200 years

MK Stalin said if PM Modi comes to power again, the country will be pushed back by 200 years and history will be rewritten.



Tamil Nadu CM and DMK leader MK Stalin said on Tuesday that if Prime Minister Narendra Modi comes to power again, India would be pushed back by 200 years.  Stalin was addressing a rally in Sriperumbudur in the state in support of DMK candidate TR Baalu, he said, if PM Modi comes to power again, the country will be pushed back by 200 years and history will be rewritten.  He asserted that science will be pushed back, and superstitious stories will be given prominence. He added that Dr BR Ambedkar’s constitution will be replaced by the rules of the RSS.

The Tamil Nadu chief minister said a vote for the BJP is a vote for the enemy of state, a vote for the AIADMK is a vote for the betrayers of the state. Stalin hit out at the AIADMK and said that voting for the AIADMK was equivalent to voting for the BJP.

He added the AIADMK and the BJP were called natural allies, but they are now acting as if they are separated. The Tamil Nadu CM pointed out that when he was asked if the AIADMK would support the BJP in case they need majority, Edappadi K Palaniswami did not say that the AIADMK would not support the BJP. Stain said everybody is waiting to see AIADMK’s answer.

The Tamil Nadu CM asserted that the AIADMK can never go against the BJP. He said a vote for the AIADMK is equivalent to a vote for the BJP. Stalin responded to former chief minister and AIADMK general secretary Palaniswami’s claim that he had got several awards from the centre and said that Palaniswami had got the awards for being the best of slaves. He said they are carefully implementing schemes for the development of Tamil Nadu and Palaniswami claims that he has got awards from the central government.

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PM Modi greets nation on Ram Navmi, says Ayodhya is in incomparable bliss

PM Modi also recalled the consecration ceremony of Ram Lalla at the Ram Temple in Ayodhya on January 22.



Prime Minister Narendra Modi greeted the country today on the occasion of Ram Navami. He said that Ayodhya is experiencing incomparable bliss as this is the first time the festival is being observed there following the consecration of the Ram temple.

He said in a series of posts on X that this is the result of the nation’s citizens’ years of hard labor and sacrifice.

Ram Navami celebrates the birth of Lord Ram, and a temple was just dedicated in Ayodhya at the place of his purported birth.

Together with a huge number of people, Prime Minister Modi expressed his gratitude and overwhelm at being present for the consecration ceremony in Ayodhya.

He claimed that the same energy still pulses through his memory of that particular moment.

Indians have a strong emotional attachment to Lord Ram. Ram Navami is also a moment to honour and remember the saints and devotees who gave their lives to build the Ayodhya temple, according to Prime Minister Modi.

Following the official opening of the Ram Mandir, Ayodhya has been decorated to greet worshipers on the first Ram Navami.

Vibrant lights have been used to brighten the entire temple complex. The Janmabhoomi Path has a crimson carpet spread on it to make it easier for devotees to walk about in the intense heat. For the comfort of devotees, carpets have also been installed inside the temple premises.

To shield devotees from the sun, a permanent canopy has been installed on the Janmabhoomi Path, while a temporary cover has also been installed on the Bhakti Path. In addition, the Ayodhya administration has installed assistance booths at 29 locations throughout the Mela region, extending from Tedhi Bazar to Naya Ghat.

Meanwhile, on Wednesday at 12:15 p.m., the eagerly awaited Surya Abhishek of Ram Lalla will take place. The celestial event will run for four minutes. The Sun’s rays will create a 75 mm tilak on Ram Lalla’s forehead during this time.

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Gujarat Jain couple donate Rs 200 crore wealth, renounce world

The Bhandari couple was accompanied by 35 individuals in February and led a 4 km procession during which they donated all their belongings, from mobile phones to air conditioners.



A Gujarat-based businessman and his wife have donated their lifetime earnings of Rs 200 crore and have taken the decision to renounce all materialistic desires to become Jain monks. In February this year, Bhavesh Bhandari and his wife donated all their wealth during a ceremony. The Bhandari family, which hails from Himmatnagar, has been in the construction business. The family decided to follow in the footsteps of their 16-year-old son and 19-year-old daughter, who adopted monkhood in 2022.

Bhavesh Bhandari, who belongs to a Jain family, had been a part of construction business in Ahmedabad and Sabarkantha and was accustomed to a life of luxury and prosperity from a young age. The Bhandari couple was accompanied by 35 individuals in February and led a 4 km procession during which they donated all their belongings, from mobile phones to air conditioners. A short video clip from the event shows the couple wearing regal attire on top of a chariot and making donations. Adorned in rich attire and jewellery, they stood atop a truck adorned to resemble a chariot, tossing garments and banknotes to the people standing below,

After the couple made their pledge on April 22 to adopt monkhood, the couple is going to break all familial relations and renounce any material possessions and desires. Afterwards, they will begin a barefoot journey across India and will sustain themselves solely on alms.

According to reports the couple will be allowed to own two white garments, an alms bowl, and a rajoharan, a white broom used by Jain monks to clear insects from an area before sitting — a symbol of the non-violent path which they follow. In a similar incident in January, the 8-year-old daughter of a Gujarati diamond merchant renounced material comforts and worldly desires to embrace monkhood. Devanshi Sanghv had participated in a grand procession with camels, elephants, horses and great fanfare before embracing a life of monkhood.

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