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Meghalaya news: CM failed commitment, tourism reopen; vaccinate upto 75 %, congress reorganise to comeback.

Sangma failed to give any commitment on suspension demand, tourism resume with vaccine doses, the state targeted to vaccinate upto 75 per cent by end of September, congress to reorganise for comeback in Assembly election in 2023



Conrad Sangma

Following the burning of effigies and massive protest in Mawlai area against the encounter of former HNLC leader Cheristerfield Thangkiew the protesters took to streets chanting slogans seeking justice for the leader. Chief Minister Conrad Sangma on Thursday failed to give any commitment on the growing demand for suspension of the two police officials involved in the encounter of the leader.  Acting on the query CM told that the purpose of setting up judicial inquiry was to find out the facts pertaining to the case and as the majority of the people have welcomed the government to move to institute a judicial inquiry over the incident it would be unfair for the inquiry commission for not giving fair chance. Sangma asserted that the action will be taken up only after the reports and proper investigation has been done on the entire case. Meanwhile, the protesters under the banner Ka Sur ki Nong Mawlai has decided to intensify its agitation to mount pressure on the state government to accept the demand.


The Chief Minister of Meghalaya Conrad Sangma after the cabinet meeting announced that the state will resume its tourism from 1 September with certain norms as decided by the government of the state. Sangma said that those with both vaccine doses can enter the state however the tourists with only one dose and not vaccinated can also visit by producing a negative report of RTPCR test within 72 hours prior to arrival at the entry point. Moreover, locals with fully or partially vaccinated can also visit the sites and those unvaccinated locals have to provide negative report before visiting the place. He further added that reopening varies from place to place depending on the local authorities own set of protocols.


The Health Department despite of the challenges and hesitancy of vaccine in the state has targeted to vaccinate at least 75 per cent of population by end of September. The Principle Secretary of Health Department Sampath Kumar while speaking to the media told that  50-60 percent should be achieve this month and 75 percent is expected to complete by the end of September. Kumar also mention that several awareness campaign are been done along with traditional institutions and managed to mobilise various groups and the efforts made by the state government regarding the vaccine hesitancy has brought a positive result and this was the reason they have cross 50 percent.

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The newly-appointed Meghalaya Pradesh Congress Committee Chief Vincent H. Pala on Thursday admitted that the state congress has to reorganise, discipline and strengthen itself and work together to stand any chance of making a comeback in the Assembly election in 2023. Pala told that the comeback is not sure but to work together and the present government may be weak but congress may be weaker until reorganise is done. The public knows the weakness of the present government and hence the congress has to give hope and inspire the youths he added.

2024 Lok Sabha Elections

PM Modi says Congress leaders consider themselves above Lord Ram

PM Modi slammed Congress during a rally in Chhattisgarh, ahead of the Lok Sabha elections 2024



Prime Minister Narendra Modi slammed the Congress party for declining to attend the pran pratishtha ritual at the Ayodhya Ram temple on January 22 this year.

The prime minister said Congress leaders consider themselves above Lord Ram and denied invitation for Pran Pratishtha at Ram Temple, while speaking at a rally in Janjgir-Champa, Chhattisgarh. The PM question the people present at the rally that is it not a disrespect of Mata Shabri? Congress leaders inclination toward appeasement politics runs in their family.

For political appeasement, they won’t think twice about stealing the rights of Adivasis, the poor, and Dalits. Poor, young, and women are BJP’s top priorities, Modi said.

PM Modi criticized the Congress again during the rally for claiming that the BJP would alter the constitution.

The leaders of Congress recite the same old phrases whenever an election is about to happen, the PM said. He also said they claim that if the BJP wins power, it will renounce the constitution and abolish reservations. For how long will you continue selling lies?” he asked.

The prime minister continued saying that nobody can change the Constitution, even if Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar were to come and insist on it, it wouldn’t happen.

Those in the Congress threaten to break Modi’s head. Nobody can harm Modi as long as the mothers and sisters of this county stands by him. These mothers and sisters are Raksha Kavach, Modi remarked.

The prime minister further attacked the Congress after Viriato Fernandes, the party’s candidate for South Goa, asserted that Goa was forced to adopt the Indian Constitution.

Referring to his conversation with Congress leader Rahul Gandhi ahead of the 2019 Lok Sabha elections, Fernandes said he had told him, when Goa was liberated in the year 1961, the Indian Constitution was forced upon us.

The prime minister said, Congress candidate from Goa says Constitution was forced upon Goans; is this not an insult of Ambedkar and Constitution.

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2024 Lok Sabha Elections

Amit Shah says neither Congress nor Trinamool chief Mamata Banerjee can interfere with CAA

Amit Shah revealed the BJP’s target for West Bengal and said they have set a target of winning 35 Lok Sabha seats from West Bengal.



Union home minister Amit Shah on Tuesday said neither Congress nor Trinamool Congress chief Mamata Banerjee can interfere with the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA). He was speaking at the Karandighi rally in West Bengal where he also made the prediction as to how many seats BJP will win in the Lok Sabha elections in West Bengal.

The union home minister asked the masses to cut the money culture. Amit Shah revealed the BJP’s target for West Bengal and said they have set a target of winning 35 Lok Sabha seats from West Bengal. In 2019 Lok Sabha elections the BJP had won 18 out of 42 seats in West Bengal. He asked Mamata Banerjee, what problem will she have if the Buddhist and Hindu refugees from Bangladesh get citizenship in India?

Shah further added if the people of West Bengal want to stop infiltration in the state, then they will have to make Narendra Modi the Prime Minister of India again. He said if the people of West Bengal want to free Bengal of violence, stop infiltration in the state, give citizenship to refugees, to stop disrespecting mothers and sisters of the state as it happened in Sandeshkhali, then  only way is to make Narendra Modi the Prime Minister.

Amit Shah said that PM Modi had sent Rs 7 lakh crore to West Bengal but the TMC indulged in corruption. He said one can see the houses of Trinamool Congress leaders; 10 years ago they used to live in a hut, moved on cycle and now all of them have 4-storey houses and move around in big cars. He added this is the money of people of West Bengal.

The Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA), will make it easier for non-Muslim refugees from Afghanistan, Pakistan and Bangladesh to get Indian citizenship, was enacted in 2019. But the rules were notified in March this year by the Centre.

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2024 Lok Sabha Elections

Prime Minister Narendra Modi says listening to Hanuman Chalisa under Congress rule is a crime

PM Modi was addressing an election rally in Rajasthan’s Tonk-Sawai Madhopur, on a day as India celebrates Hanuman Jayanti.



Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday hit out at the Congress and said even listening to Hanuman Chalisa has become a crime under the party’s rule. The Prime Minister also said it was difficult to follow one’s faith under the party and accused it of hatching a deep conspiracy to snatch people’s wealth and distribute it among selected few people in the society. PM Modi was addressing an election rally in Rajasthan’s Tonk-Sawai Madhopur, on a day as India celebrates Hanuman Jayanti.

PM Modi said in a state like Rajasthan where people chant Ram-Ram, Congress banned Ram Navami. He reffered to the redistribution of wealth remarks he had made during a rally in Rajasthan’s Banswara on Sunday and said it has angered the Congress and INDI Alliance so much that they have started throwing abuses at Modi everywhere.

The Prime Minister said that Congress has written in their manifesto that they will survey the wealth. He said the Congress leadership had said in a speech that an X-ray of wealth will be done. He added when Modi exposed the secret then the hidden agenda came out and this has left the people trembling. PM Modi further added that the Congress party has played with the Constitution of the India.

He said when the Constitution was drafted, reservations based on religion were opposed, so that Scheduled Casts (SC), Scheduled Tribes (ST) and Other Backward Classes (OBC) could get protection. He said former Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh had said that Muslims have the first right to the country’s resources.  The prime minister further added Congress’s ideology has always been of appeasement and vote bank politics. He said stones would still be pelted in Jammu and Kashmir, and enemies would still be cutting off the heads of India’s soldiers had Congress been in power.

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