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Exit polls 2023: BJP gains in Rajasthan, Congress in Chhattisgarh, Telangana, tough contest in MP

As per exit polls, the BJP is set to defeat the Congress and return to power in Rajasthan, while the Congress might reclaim its power in Chhattisgarh.



The assembly elections for five states concluded today after Telangana voted to elect 119 members of the state legislative assembly. The result of the exit polls has been announced. The counting of the votes for all the five states namely Chhattisgarh, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Telangana and Rajasthan will take place on December 3. 

The exit polls predicted Congress win in Chhattisgarh. If the Congress reclaims its power in the state it will be a major boost to the party ahead of the 2024 Lok Sabha elections. Exit poll of ABP News- C Voter showed BJP with 36-48 seats, Congress with 41-53 seats. As per India Today- Axis My India, BJP gained 36-46 seats with Congress winning in 40-50 seats. Jan Ki Baat predicted 34-45 seats for BJP and 42-53 for Congress. News 24- Today’s Chanakya showed 33 seats for BJP and 57 seats for Congress. TV9 Bharatvarsh- Polstrat and Republic TV- Matrize showed 35-45 and 34-42 for BJP, while 40-50 and 44-52 for Congress respectively. The two-phase assembly election in the state took place on November 7 and November 17. To win the assembly election in the state, the political party must win 46 seats. 

In Rajasthan, the exit polls predicted that Ashok Gehlot might lose power as BJP is gaining majority seats in the state. Notably, a political party needs to win 100 seats in order to win the assembly election in the northern state. Dainik Bhaskar gave BJP 98-105 seats, Congress around 85-95 seats. Jan Ki Baat predicted 100-122 seats for BJP and 62-85 seats for Congress. India Today- Axis My India showed 80-100 seats for BJP and 86-106 for Congress. TV9 Bharatvarsh- Polstrat gave 100-110 seats for BJP and 90-100 seats for Congress. Times Now-ETG predicted 108-128 seats for BJP, while 56-72 for Congress. Rajasthan conducted a single-phase assembly election on November 25.

According to multiple exit polls, Madhya Pradesh might witness a tough fight between BJP and Congress. To win the assembly election in the state, a political party has to win 116 seats. Dainik Bhaskar predicted 95-115 seats for BJP and gave Congress 105-120 seats. Jan ki Baat predicted 100-123 seats for BJP and 102-125 seats for Congress. Republic TV- Matrize predicted 118-130 seats for BJP and 97-107 seats for Congress. TV9 Bharatvarsh- Polstrat showed 106-116 seats for BJP and 111-121 seats for the Congress. Madhya Pradesh assembly election was carried out on November 17. 

Congress might win in Telangana, where the assembly election was conducted today. As per India TV- CNX, BRS will claim 31-47 seats, 63-79 Congress, 2-4 BJP and 5-7 AIMIM. Jan ki Baat predicted 40-55 seats for BRS, 48-64 seats for Congress, 7-13 seats for BJP and AIMIM 4-7 seats. Republic TV- Matrize showed 46-56 seats for BRS, 58-68 seats for Congress, 4-9, 5-7 seats for BJP and AIMIN respectively. TV9 Bharatvarsh- Polstrat predicted 48-58 seats for BRS, 49-59 Congress, 5-10 BJP and 6-8 AIMIM. To win the Telangana assembly election, a political party has to win 60 seats in the state legislative assembly. 

In Mizoram, MNF and ZPM witnessed a tight battle in winning the assembly election with 21 seats. ABP News-C Voter predicted 15-21 seats for MNF, 12-18 seats for ZPM, 2-8 seats for Congress. India TV- CNX showed 14-18 seats for MNF, 12-16 seats for ZPM, 8-10 for Congress and 0-2 for BJP. Jan Ki Baat predicted 10-14 seats for MNF, 15-25 seats for ZPM, 5-9 seats for Congress and 0-2 for BJP. Republic TV- Matrize showed 17-22 seats for MNF, 7-12 seats for ZPM, 7-10 seats for Congress and 1-2 for BJP. Times Now-ETG predicted 14-18 seats for MNF, 10-14 seats for ZPM, 9-13 seats for Congress and 0-2 seats for BJP. Mizoram was the first state to go into assembly election on November 7.

In short, according to the exit polls, the BJP is set to defeat the Congress and return to power in Rajasthan, a state that has voted out the ruling party in elections for the last three decades. In BRS ruled Telangana, the Congress appears to be surging ahead as the exit polls indicate a clear lead over BRS.  As per exit polls, Congress might retain power in Chhattisgarh giving the party a major boost ahead of the 2024 Lok Sabha elections. In Madhya Pradesh, BJP Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan is looking for his fifth term with Congress giving a tough competition to the party. Meanwhile, the exit polls have shown no clear winner in the Mizoram Assembly election.

Latest Politics News

Congress slams Rajasthan BJP MLA for his derogatory remarks against Muslims

36 children and 4 begums are wrong.



Congress MLA Harimohan Sahrma on Wednesday slammed the BJP MLA Balmukundacharya for his derogatory remarks against Muslims saying, the ruling party’s intention is just to target the Muslim Community.

Earlier, the Rajasthan BJP MLA triggered a controversy after he targeted the Muslim community indirectly by saying, 36 children and 4 begums are wrong. According to him, the population control laws are the necessity of the hour.

In a video message shared on a social media platform, the BJP leader could be heard saying there is a huge problem with the increasing population. There is a community which has ‘chhatis bacche and char begum’. There are countless cases where this is wrong. There should be an equal law for everyone; otherwise, how will the country move forward, said BJP MLA.

Asserting that he said there is nothing wrong with population laws. The way the population is increasing, there is a need for more food and housing. This is a hurdle in growth. If we want to become a prosperous and developed country, there should be a collective agreement on this, and population laws should be made which is beneficial for all, he added.

He said that a sister came to his office and said she was the third wife of her husband, and he was going to bring her fourth. He said he advised her that now there is a law against it and she should take the help of the police. The BJP MLA further said that it is not a matter of government or non-government benefits rather the point is that in the country, some families say ’hum do hamare do’, while some say if birth is happening, let it happen as it is God’s will. There is a need to look at this, he asserted.

Earlier on Sunday, Urban Development and Housing Minister Jhabar Singh Kharra said efforts were being made by the Central government to ensure that every household who have more than two or three children will not get the benefits of any government facilities.

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Maharashtra: 4 top leaders quit Ajit Pawar’s party after Lok Sabha election Drubbing, to join Sharad Pawar’s NCP

Ajit Gavahane, Yash Sane, a student leader, and two former corporators, Rahul Bhosale and Pankaj Bhalekar were the leaders who have parted ways from Ajit Pawar’s party.



In a major setback to Ajit Pawar-led Nationalist Congress Party, four top leaders have resigned from the party in Maharashtra’s Pimpri Chinchwad after a poor performance in the recent Lok Sabha election and are set to join the Sharad Pawar-led party.

President of the Pimpri-Chinchwad unit, Ajit Gavahane, Yash Sane, a student leader, and two former corporators, Rahul Bhosale and Pankaj Bhalekar were the leaders who have parted ways from Ajit Pawar’s party.

Speaking to media, Gavahane said that he resigned from the party on July 16 and today “we will have a meeting with all ex-corporators of another Vidhan Sabha constituency. We will accordingly decide our upcoming strategy. We are going to take blessings of Pawar Sahab (Sharad Pawar). We will make a decision together”, he added.

The decision of leaders from the Ajit fraction comes amid buzz that they might shift their allegiance to the Sharad Pawar party. Earlier, speaking to the media, Sharad Pawar said those who tried to weaken his party would not be taken in, but he would welcome leaders who would not hurt the reputation of the party.

He said that those who wanted to weaken the party would not be taken in. But those leaders who would help strengthen the organization and not hurt the image of the party would be taken in, he added.

The Pawar family split into two political parties after a rebellion by Ajit Pawar against his uncle and NCP founder, Sharad Pawar, in 2023. Sharad Pawar remained in the Opposition camp, while Ajit Pawar joined the Mahayuti government led by Chief Minister Eknath Shinde and was rewarded with the post of his deputy.

Ajit Pawar’s party contested the Lok Sabha elections as part of the BJP-led NDA but only managed to win one seat, Raigad, while his uncle’s party secured eight seats.


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India News

Assam CM Himanta Biswa Sarma says only 8 people applied for citizenship under CAA

Addressing a press conference at the Lok Sewa Bhawan in Guwahati, Sarma said that out of these applicants, only two have attended interviews with relevant authorities.



Assam Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma on Monday said that only eight people have applied for citizenship under the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) from the state so far.

Addressing a press conference at the Lok Sewa Bhawan in Guwahati, Sarma said that out of these applicants, only two have attended interviews with relevant authorities.

The Assam CM further said that the State conducted outreach programmes in the Barak valley and approached many Hindu Bengali families and asked them to apply for citizenship under CAA. However, they refused to do so saying that they would prefer fighting their cases at the Foreigners Tribunal (FT), Sarma added.

Foreign Tribunals (FT), quasi-judicial bodies exclusive to Assam, are authorised to decide the nationality issue of doubtful citizens, he asserted. Sarma also claimed that most of the Hindu-Bengali families, who were not included in the final draft of the National Register of Citizens (NRC), told him that they possessed the necessary documents to prove their Indian citizenship and preferred the FT route rather than applying for through the CAA.

When asked whether the Assam government is dropping cases in Foreigners Tribunals (FT) against Hindu-Bengalis, Sarma termed it misleading. He said the State cannot drop any case. The government is simply advising that before initiating a case, individuals should apply through the CAA portal. Even if a case is filed, there won’t be any outcome because these people are eligible for citizenship, Assam CM emphasised.

CM also assured that he is going to request the Advocate General to flag the issue of CAA so that FTs can give time to people whose cases are going on to apply for citizenship under the newly implemented law.

He added that the government cannot give a direction to the court to pause while deciding the citizenship cases. The FT judges themselves have to decide and they know the latest situation, Sarma said.

He also explained why there was a low number of applications in CAA, saying the Opposition myth that 15-20 lakh Bangladeshis will get citizenship in Assam has been busted completely.

The Chief Minister said that during the anti-CAA movement, five Assamese youths lost their lives. So they made the sacrifice to prevent only these eight people, he asked. This abysmally low number of eight applications, of which only two turned up for interview, is a bit surprising for us also, he said.

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