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IndiGo baggage handlers caught tossing boxes on camera, airline reacts | WATCH

A video is doing rounds on the social media platform, where one of the leading airlines IndiGo’s employees carelessly were seen throwing boxes into a parked trailer. The clip has sparked debate over digital platforms, criticizing the workers for treating what seems to be luggage in such a manner



IndiGo baggage handlers

A video is doing rounds on the social media platform, where one of the leading airlines IndiGo’s employees carelessly were seen throwing boxes into a parked trailer. The clip has sparked debate over digital platforms, criticizing the workers for treating what seems to be luggage in such a manner.

The clip has been shared by internet users on Twitter named triptoes. Along with the post, the users added a caption under which it wrote that @IndiGo6E is this how you handle all flight luggage every day or today was special?

Take a look at the viral video of Indigo airline workers throwing boxes

In the video, it can be seen that two baggage handlers were unloading two little brown boxes from an airliner. They were seen picking up the boxes and throwing them into a trailer that was already parked. As the video moves further, again, the workers were then seen carrying out the same procedure with larger white boxes.

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When the footage went viral on the internet, Indigo quickly jumped into the matter and replied to the post saying that the boxes in the video shared are not customers’ luggage but instead, these are fast-moving, lightweight containers carrying non-fragile cargo and packed by the shippers for us to endure fast maneuvers. To which users replied with a video where the employees literally were seen throwing customers’ luggage into the parked loading truck.

Ever since the footage was shared on Twitter, it has garnered thousands of views and likes in no time. Many internet users have also bombarded the comment section in order to share their views about the same. One of the users wrote This is the site every time I fly with an airline. No matter where and which airline…I try my level best to not fly with check-in luggage mostly, so last time they took away my hand baggage before boarding. above all, you can’t argue with them because they get offended and show attitude.

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Cricket news

ICC Womens’s U-19 World Cup: Women in Blue celebrate with Kala Chashma dance | WATCH



India registered a historic victory over England to lift the inaugural ICC Women’s U-19 T20 World Cup on Sunday. In a video which is going viral on social platforms, the Indian women’s team is seen celebrating their title by grooving to the hit dance number Kala Chashma.

The video posted by the International Cricket Council (ICC) on its official Instagram handle with a caption “Winning on the field and off it. India – ICC Women’s #U19T20WorldCup Champions”. “The new Kala Chashma champions,” is being widely viewed and shared over the internet.

The video shows the women’s champions dressed in Team India blue and the champion’s medals garlanded around their necks, dancing to the popular song with killer moves and grace.

India on Sunday, defeated England by seven wickets as the Shafali Verma-led side clinched the inaugural ICC U-19 Women’s T20.

Put into bat, the England women managed to put a paltry 68 runs on the board as the Indian bowlers ran roughshod over the Barmy Army. In reply, India lost Shafali and Shweta early in the chase, however, G Trisha and Soumya Tiwari dug in to guide the team home.

The victory is being celebrated across the nation as celebs and leaders lavished praise on the young team for the title win.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, in a tweet, congratulated the women’s team for the “special win” for playing excellent cricket. PM Modi said that their success will inspire several upcoming cricketers.

President Droupadi Murmu, in her congratulatory tweet, heaped praised upon the young team for putting up an outstanding performance. President Murmu said the champions an inspiration for the country’s youth, especially girls, adding that the historic win has made India proud.

The BCCI has announced a hefty cash reward of Rs 5 crore for the Champion side and its support staff.

BCCI general secretary Jay Shah congratulated the Shafali Verma-led saying that the Indian team showed tremendous skill and grit to overcome the challenges and blazed their way to glory. In another tweet, Shah announced the cash reward for the victorious side.

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Video of elderly man trying to feed monkey sitting atop roof goes viral, here’s how internet reacted | WATCH



Internet nowadays is filled with videos, some will make you upset and at the same, some will make will fill your heart with joy. In a such a video that is doing rounds on the social media platform for the past few days, where an elderly man who was trying to feed a monkey wins the hearts of users. However, it is not confirmed from where the clip has been generated, but it is going viral on all the social media platforms.

The footage has been shared by an Internet user named Shivam Bapat on Instagram. He also captioned the post where he wrote that kindness keeps the world afloat.

Take a look at the viral video of an elderly man feeding monkey

The heart-melting clip begins with a man standing in front of a building, under which a monkey also perched on its roof. In an effort to get the animal to eat, the man tries tossing food upward, thinking the animal might grab it. But he fails in his first attempt. Despite being failed, he again tries it, but this time the man took the help from someone else’s, asks him to through it at it so that the animal can catch it. This time, the efforts from duo worked.

Ever since the footage was shared on the internet, it has gained a lot of views, likes and share in n time. Many users also bombarded in the comment section to share their views about the same.

One of the users commented that the humanity is not dead yet, there are some people who are holding it tight. Another user wrote that the world need more people like him. While the third user requested everyone to be kind to animals.

This is not the first time such video grabbed eye balls on the internet. Earlier, a similar video hit the headlines, where a boy was seen feeding a injured stray dog by holding it in his arms.

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Korean blogger travels to India to enjoy ganne ka ras, video viral | WATCH



Korean blogger travels to India to enjoy Ganne Ka Ras, video viral | WATCH

People often travel to enjoy native delicacies but a Korean blogger travelled all the way across the globe to India only to get a taste of a fresh ganne ka ras (sugarcane juice).

The video of this Korean blogger is making rounds on the internet and has garnered over 1.1 million views and 130k likes.

Watch the viral video here:

Foodies from all over the world like Indian cuisine. Numerous Indian specialties are reaching a wider audience and finally receiving the praise and attention they deserve. India has a wide selection of drinks as well. There are numerous drinks to be found all around the nation, from frothy chaas to cool kokum sherbet. And now a Korean blogger has admitted how much he adores a particular desi drink. South Korean-born blogger Kim Jaehyeon recently travelled to India, where he landed and drank a traditional cool beverage. Who knows what that was? None other than “ganne ka ras,” or sugarcane juice.

The blogger captioned the video, “The first thing I did when I arrived in India.” Kim Jaehyeon could be seen in the video documenting his journey around the nation. After arriving in the nation, he travelled by bus and bike for a while before arriving in Maharashtra at a juice stand selling sugarcane. He received a full glass of the delicious beverage from the vendor, which he downed in one gulp. He also attempted to chew on a sugarcane stick in the traditional desi manner.

In response to the video showing the Korean blogger sipping sugarcane juice, hundreds of positive comments poured in. A user commented, “It is the best drink to try. Indians are flocking to Korea, while Koreans are moving to India. However, we are overjoyed to meet you!”

A few others advised the blogger to try some of the varied Indian dishes. “Try the golgappa, Jaehyeon. You’ll never forget that it’s the best and most well-known in Mumbai and other parts of India as well. Another user advised you to explore Northeast India. You’ll undoubtedly adore it!”

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