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Concept Architects designs one of the most luxurious and grand wedding events in Delhi




Concepts Architects & Interior Designers is one of the leading architects and interior designing firms, known for designing a few of the iconic modern infrastructural projects across the country. Be it residential, commercial, or infrastructural projects like bridges, the firm has been known to develop a few of outstanding designs that represent the brilliance of the team working under MD and chief architect Vikrant Bhute.

The firm had recently designed one of the most luxurious wedding venues for a leading business tycoon in the capital New Delhi. The client’s requirement was to develop an exclusive and super luxurious royal venue that would be memorable for everyone attending the wedding. So the team of Concept Architects, in association with Replica The Vision came up with a royal concept. The theme was based on the Royal weddings of Jaipur. The whole venue was developed like a Rajputana Palace with the traditional palace-like seating arrangement for more than 500 guests invited to the wedding. Every small detail was kept classy and traditional to give the feeling of an authentic royal wedding. The palace-like architecture to small artificial water bodies and lighting arrangements all gave the venue an out-and-out luxurious finesse.

The venue was designed by a team of 30 expert architects and interior designers from Replica The Vision and Concept Architects and developed by five contractors and 200 laborers in a record 40 days period. The complete structure was developed on-site itself. The magic of their brilliance an apparent in the mesmerizingly beautiful venue that reminds the old magic of the city of Jaipur. Two leading interior designers and Fine Art Directors Rupali Bandawane and Kanchan Bandwane from Replica The Vision, both having more than a decade of experience in the industry, have sophisticatedly designed the interiors of the venue. Both the designers are known for their exemplary brilliance in their domain and have done numerous notable interior projects across the country.

The wedding was attended by many renowned celebrities like actress Dia Mirza, Choreographer Shiamak Davar, and singer Arijit Singh, to name a few. Leading corporate bigwigs too graced the occasion. The guests and host were all in praise of the royal venue that became the witness of one of the most talked about weddings in the country.

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Webomindapps is Paving A Way for Small Business with Web Development Services

Websites are a company’s digital business cards. Web pages are usually the medium that generates the first perception of targeted buyers regardless of the company’s size. So, can a company afford to have a poor or sluggish website for its needs? No!




Website Development Company in Bangalore like Webomindapps magnifies your website and boosts the lead generation process tremendously. It also understands the vision of your small business. The cherry on the cake is that it is updated with the latest technology and ensures there is unlimited online engagement. This article explores how small businesses could benefit from Web Development Services.

Why should small businesses use Web Development Services?

  1. Understands the Website Development process: 

Making a website for a small business is a lengthy process with several stages. Some steps in website development include conceptual design, coding, generating user interfaces, content marketing, and so on. As a result, no business can create a website without first describing the brand and its requirements. 

Website service providers, like Webomindapps, are deeply involved in the project and have a large team of web designers, creatives, and content producers to divide the work for greater efficiency. Our main goal is to build your small business’s website with ease and innovation. Moreover, it does not just believe in building a website but also attracts leads and makes it user-friendly. 

  1. Believe the Experts

A company can recruit a dedicated IT team to work on website development. However, this team might not have any experience with website development. On the other hand, the separate website service providers team has decades of expertise in creating, constructing, and handling various websites.

The additional benefit of hiring Webomindapps – best web developer in Bangalore who has collaborated in business website development is that they can help you concentrate on your brand visions while exceeding your goals in terms of effectiveness and functionality.

  1. Current Technology

Are you familiar with Vue JS? What is the distinction between front-end and back-end technologies? Businesses that want to build a professional website frequently lack technical knowledge of the latest website tools and technologies. 

In contrast, the expert team of website service providers is equipped with all the necessary tools and methods to create a useful website. The front-end and back-end technology are thus chosen depending on the particular business requirements, paving the way for simple website management. 

Our developers are skilled at implementing web technologies such as Java language, PHP, NET, Browser, C#, HTML, and others. Not only that, but they keep an eye on emerging web development technologies to ensure that they develop the best websites for their clients.

  1. It saves both hours and financial resources

There is no such thing as a small or large business that does not strive to reduce its operational costs. While budgets and expenditures are at odds,  better client experience must never be put aside. 

This is critical for service industries such as retail, e-commerce, and others that only have a few seconds to draw in potential clients. The experts’ website design ensures that you do not have to go over budget while impeding the quality of the results.

Our goal is not just to build a website but to help you identify your image and build the demand for your products/services through a client and information approach. 

We recognize the value of possessing an interactive website in today’s digital era and ensure that all digital advertising aspects, such as SEO, Pay – per – click, digital marketing, and more, are incorporated to produce outstanding results.

  1. Faster Load Time

A quicker site load speed is critical for a positive user experience and to increase your bottom line. An experienced web design firm can establish a fast-loading website for you using the appropriate plugins and tools. 

Search engines also rank such websites higher. With Webomindapps, you can be confident that your website will get all of the great features you want while also getting a good engagement rate and improved loading times. 

  1. A mobile-friendly website

Lacking a smartphone design for your webpage can exclude the vast majority of prospective consumers who use mobile/tablet devices to browse the web. We will use the latest technology to design your website suitable for all devices and screen resolutions.

  1. Improves Search Engine Visibility

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is among the most crucial considerations when developing a website. Only when the website appears among the search rankings on search engines can it be considered an efficient sales and advertising tool for your company. Without SEO, a website’s visibility will be incredibly low because it will not have seemed on Google’s first page. We build and maintain the website in accordance with SEO best practices. Consequently, the webpage will score better for relevant keywords, receive more traffic, and convert at a higher rate. 


Website development network operators are the digital world’s harbinger of the digital media world. The numerous benefits of professional guidance, cost reductions, best tools, and proper management are just a few of the major reasons businesses are shifting to web development firms.

With Webomindapps, build your business/ brand from scratch and leave the rest to us. We can make your vision a top priority and for it to succeed.

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Western Casino Games Are More Popular Than Indian Games



Mobile Games

Traditional Indian table games remain at the forefront of specific player volumes, rankings, online visibility, and revenues based on filtering and selection. This is true primarily for mobile applications and multiple tech-enabled physical gaming meetings, like among friends or family, and with or without money through peer gaming platforms or a chat or video function. Indian games, such as teen Patti and Andar bahar, are popular. But western games such as roulette still attract more players online and in land-based casinos in India.

Roulette is already quite popular

Roulette, a classic game of chance, began as a traditional casino game. However, it has successfully transitioned into the digital marketplace. Most leading platforms offer online roulette, with live video streaming and advancing graphics helping restore the real casino experience. While roulette is a recreational activity, real money online roulette can help gamers win some bucks while enjoying the game.

According to a survey, roulette titles, including single games and separate or group categories, topped the chat during the survey period. Among the 30 top games by turnover, roulette games generated 70%, a staggering amount for casinos targeting the Indian market.

Slots are gaining popularity

The same survey indicates that out of the around twenty-eight thousand gamers selecting the top 30 popular games, the slot players’ share increases to 29%, which is higher when looking at the top 100 games by gamer count (above 35.7%). While the roulette players’ share is still the biggest in the top-tier 30 games by player volume (44.2%), the number drops close to the same range of slot players in the top 100 (35.8%).

The supply of quality products in the slot niche can overthrow other Asian and Western games, attracting more fans among those looking for more energetic gameplay and new content.

While the Indian market is barely influenced by free spins, bonuses, and other in-game incentives or sign-ups, the craze is undeniable, with over 2300 slot titles out of 2640 total games on offer played during the year.

Other classic casino games in the Indian market

Traditional casino products like card and table games have joined the Indian and Western formal customs and gambling practices. Most resemble the simple Indian classic card games, even with slightly varying rules. The Indian versions often deliver more dynamic and simpler gameplay.

Traditional Indian games are still a gateway product

Past studies have thoroughly reviewed the role of Indian traditions and culture in real money gaming. Today, they impact search volumes even as other endorsed gaming products’ online visibility has increased over time. While most of these games are steady in their shares, some have shrunk over the years, although inconsiderably. However, Rummy and, lately, Teen Patti have expanded their markets mainly because of mobile apps.

Andar Bahar, Teen Patti, and other Indian classics

In India’s long gambling history, players have been mostly devoted to games, such as Matka initially, then Teen Patti, Andar Bahar, and Rummy, and eventually poker and roulette, which has instinctively advanced into an online demand for these same games and the longing to access them digitally. While Andar bahar firmly sits in the fourth position among the Desi table games and overall ranking by player volume, offshore operators may be persuaded to consider it a niche product.

Sic Bo, dragon tiger, and fan-tan are Asian games that can be played in a virtual setup or with a live dealer. While these games first gained popularity in some Asian casinos, their macro-region stable demand has made them join popular Indian culture.

Google search volumes validate the trend

As per AppBrain, rankings lead the chart. The leading three applications (and four out of five) are teen Patti titles. However, one integrates Rummy and poker. Four of the top 10 apps are slot apps, with over half of the leading 20 apps in the same category. Roulette and poker appear solidly behind in the Casino application rankings. Trends.Google.com and Mangools.com SEO tools’ data confirms these trends.

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Forex Trading Terminologies You Need To Know




Currency Pair

It refers to the quotation of a currency unit against another currency unit.

For instance, the euro and the US dollar together form the currency pair EUR/USD. The first currency (in our case, the euro) acts as the base currency while the second (the US dollar) acts as the quote currency.

Exchange Rate

This refers to the rate at which you trade a currency for another. The exchange rate indicates the amount of quote currency you require in order to purchase a unit of the base currency.

Example: EUR/USD = 1.3115. It implies that 1 euro (the base currency) is equal to 1.3115 US dollars (the quote currency).

The exchange rate could change within two days or a week, though. It could even stabilize for a while. However–when–is the question you may want to ask. 

The when becomes a question which no one is ever able to answer precisely. It relies on a number of social and economic factors, a majority of which you’d be able to watch closely as you begin to trade forex.

Why? Given the fact that currency rates may keep changing all the time, and you’d prefer to know when you should purchase a currency and sell another in order to make a profitable deal.


Typically, the lowest and smaller increment where a currency pair is priced is known as a pip. Pips can be used to calculate movement in a forex pair. Pips prices could change often or move because of a trade’s timing as well as the amount which is being traded. 


The price where the market maker/broker agrees to purchase a currency pair is called bid. The underlying currency pair’s value could affect the Bid price.


The price at which the market maker/broker agrees to sell the currency pair. It may even be on the basis of the underlying currency pair.


The difference between the Buy/Sell (Bid/Ask) prices as provided to traders on the trading platform. If a CFD provider promises lower spreads as compared to its competitors, it implies that traders will be able to make the most of a smaller difference between the Buy and Sell rate of the underlying FX trading pair. Spread may even be used to measure the liquidity of the market. 


Forex gets traded in lots. A standard lot consists of 100,000 units of the base currency, whereas a micro lot has 1,000 units.

For instance, in case you purchase a standard lot of EUR/USD at 1.3125, you purchase 100,000 Euros and you sell 131,250 US dollars. In the same way, as you sell a micro lot of EUR/USD at 1.3120, you sell 1,000 Euros to purchase 1,312. US dollars.


Strictly speaking, using leverage you borrow funds from a forex broker to be able to trade bigger lots:

Leverage relies on the broker as well as its flexibility. However, do bear in mind that leverage may vary as well: it could be 100:1, 200:1, or even 500:1. Also note that with leverage you’ll be able to purchase $1,000 to be able to trade $100,000 (1,000×100) or $200,000 (1,000×200), or $500,000 (1,000×500).

Now how does it work?

To begin with, it relies on the kind of account you open and what the leverage would be for it and what would you actually require. The mantra is to neither be too greedy nor too shy. Leverage could be helpful in boosting gains as well as losses with the same magnitude. 

Next, your broker would require an initial margin on your account, which is a minimum deposit.


Margin refers to the minimum amount of funds, indicated as a percentage, which you will require if you wish to open a position and keep your positions open.

If you choose to trade on a 1% margin to give you an example, for every USD 100 you trade, you would have to have a deposit of USD 1. Thus, to be able to purchase a standard lot (i.e. 100,000 of USD/CHF), you would be required to maintain only 1% of the traded amount in your account i.e. USD 1,000. You may be wondering how you would be able to purchase 100,000 USD/JPY with simply USD 1,000? Essentially, margin trading includes a loan from the forex broker to the trader.

If you process a forex transaction, you don’t really purchase all the currency and deposit it into your trading account. You essentially speculate on the exchange rate. In simple words, you just estimate the way your exchange rate may move and make a contract-based agreement with your broker that he may pay you or vice versa on the basis of the accuracy of your prediction. 

Long Position

To enter a long position, you purchase a base currency.

If we assume that you pick the EUR/USD pair. You anticipate that the EUR will strengthen in comparison to the USD and thus you purchase EUR and earn a profit from its rising value. 

Short Position

To enter a short position, you sell a base currency. When you select the EUR/USD pair again but are expecting the EUR to weaken in comparison to the USD, you may sell the EUR and earn a profit from its falling value. 

Bear Market 

It refers to a falling market where traders are anticipating the rates to fall, which hints that there is likely to be more short selling (or traders ‘going short’).

Bull Market 

A bull market shows that the market is appreciating as the traders are keen to boost their long trading activity called ‘going long’.


An individual or a firm which acts as an intermediary for traders and financial institutions to carry out transactions. Know more مجموعة ملتي بانك

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