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Wayanad, Padinjarathara Police registered FIR against Thariyode Panchayat Secretary, Mrs. Lathika M.B and Kenza Chairman Shihab Sha for Forgery, Fraudulence, cheating and criminal conspiracy

Wayanad, Padinjarathara Police have registered FIR against Mrs. Lathika M.B, Secretary, Thariyodu Grama Panjayat and Shihab Sha, chairman Kenza on the complaint given by T. Rajan Nambiar an NRI businessman residing in UAE



Wayanad, Padinjarathara Police have registered FIR on the complaint given by T. Rajan Nambiar an NRI businessman residing in UAE. FIR is against Mrs. Lathika M.B, Secretary, Thariyodu Grama Panjayat and Shihab Sha, chairman Kenza Holdings for acquiring land unlawfully and forgery of signature in the construction of Kenza Wellness,Wayanad which has also caused serious violations. It is also observed by expert committee appointed by Wayanad District collector that Thariyode Panchayat Secretary has ISSUED LAND DEVELOPMENT PERMIT and BUILDING CONSTRUCTION / REGULARISATION PERMIT without taking appropriate document clearance from necessary statutory bodies which is mandatory in Wayanad.

T.Rajan Nambiar informed that he was contacted as part of a promotion for a villa and resort project in 2015 by Chairman of Kenza Holdings, Muhammed Shihab.E.S known as Shihab Sha Sha native of Thrissur District who is as well an NRI residing in Dubai. Kenza Holdings head office is mentioned in Dubai. The project investment was for a 60 villas resort with five-star amenities which was launched in 2015 at Dubai, Burj Al Arab in the name of ” Royal Meadows”, with a view to Banasura Dam in Wayanad district, Kerala state. Many invested internationally and nationally for this project, and Mr. Rajan as well invested in 2016. For the proposed villa only land was registered in the name of Mr. Rajan Nambiar promising to build a villa in it for which Mr. Rajan still continue paying land taxes. Months and years passed and no villa was given as promised by Muhammed Shihab. 

Mean time many launches were done every year in the name of the same project for its different phases during 2016, 2017 and 2018. In 2019 it was noticed another project was launched on the same premise as Kenza Wellness Center which was promoted and advertised to be a multi-speciality hospital and was promoted with a new investment scheme at the same vicinity of the promised villa project. Followed by the incident it was made evident that it was cheating and scam. Finally, Mr Rajan approach the court to claim the investment back for the villa. The Sultan Bathery Sub Court, Wayanad, comprehended Mr Rajan’s plea and granted attachment to the rest of the property owned by Mohammed Shihab in Wayanad. Through various enquiries it was confirmed that Kenza Wellness Multi-speciality hospital in Wayanad have serious violations. Experts committee was put for Investigation by Wayanad Disaster management as the complaints grew stronger on the violations of the construction and report was submitted to DDMA 0n 28 October 2021 by district town planner and executive engineer showing clear violations of the construction.

It was then notified to Mr. Rajan about a letter given by Thariyode Grama panchayat to disaster management about the violations of the building which includes Mr Rajan’s name as one of the parties along with Muhammed Shihab. As per the letter by Mrs. Lathika M.B, Secretary, Thariyodu Grama Panjayat, submitted to disaster management and district collector Wayanad the secretary clearly requests permission to regularize on the building violations which includes Mr Rajan’s name and survey number of his property for which he never submitted such an application in the first place. Rajan recalled that he was contacted over phone by Secretary, Thariyodu Grama Panjayat convincing him its for a personal villa building permit in the said vicinity a few months ago and Rajan cleared that his case is under progress and its now court matter and therefore do not issue any kind of building permit in his name. Later it was noticed that a building permit has been issued under a joined permit along with Muhammed Shihab and Mr. Rajan in the same survey number of Mr. Rajan’s property without Mr. Rajan’s consent or knowledge. The said vicinity where the building has been constructed falls under highly sensitive zone and constructions are restricted by Disaster management.

In further investigation it was clear that Mr. Rajan’s property had been acquired unlawfully and forged his signature for a construction that has violated the disaster management’s norms which is a grave offence. The violation of the building with reference to Kerala Panchayath building rule and Panchayath has issued several notices with respect to this at various period of times. But Rajan never received any notice from Thariyode Grama Panchayat. It is noticed that the application receiving at Panchayat was on 03/07/2019 and permit issuing on very next day 04/07/2019 without verifying the documents for such huge construction itself proves is a well planned and executed conspiracy. Under the grounds of the crime that had happened with the joined knowledge and planning of Mohammed Shihab and Thariyode Panchayat authorities, Rajan Nambiar approached the Indian Consulate of Dubai and Chief minister’s office and now an FIR has been registered against Mrs. Lathika M.B, Secretary, Thariyodu Grama Panjayat and Shihab Sha. 

In the name of real estate tourism and medical tourism Shihab Sha Chairman of Kenza Holdings has lured investors with fraudulent schemes and the investors have moved legally and have acquired attachment through court of law. But Shihab Sha continue his advertisements and raising funds through trapping more victims aiming for more than 400 CR. Kenza Wellness Wayanad and Munnar projects have been widely marketed through social media platforms and shares been sold when the hospital itself doesn’t have approval. Government representatives, Celebrities and politicians have been invited for events to do branding and to help maintain the credibility of the project and use social media as an advertising medium. 

Shihab has been previously as well registered for similar crime at the Pavaratty Police Station, Thrissur. And been bailed out from high court of Kerala.

Vigilance and anticorruption enquiry on all the concerned departments against the support given for this illegal construction and non-existing project are as well under progress.


Supreme Court AOR firm Vedic Legal settles the debate: Can ancestral property be sold without the consent of successors?



Supreme Court

New Delhi (India), June 24: Ancestral property is a valuable asset that is passed
down from one generation to another. It is a symbol of family heritage and pride
that holds significant sentimental value for many families. However, the question
that has been long debated is whether ancestral property can be sold without the
consent of all successors.
According to Indian law, ancestral property is considered to be the collective
property of all successors of the original owner. As a result, the sale of ancestral
property without the consent of all successors is generally not allowed. The
reasoning behind this is that ancestral property is seen as a collective asset, and
all successors have an equal right to it.
However, in certain cases, the sale of ancestral property without the consent of all
successors may be allowed by law. For instance, in cases where the owner of the
property has died intestate and there is no will or agreement in place, legal heirs
may be able to sell off the ancestral property without seeking consent from all
other successors.
It is important to note that the rules regarding the sale of ancestral property
without consent may vary from state to state. Therefore, it is essential to consult a
lawyer before making any decision regarding the sale of ancestral property.
Supreme Court Advocate on record firm with Vedic Legal, a renowned law firm
specializing in property and succession law, recently settled a landmark case in
the Supreme Court. The case involved the sale of ancestral property without the
consent of all successors, and Supreme Court AOR firm Vedic Legal argued that
such a sale was not permissible under Indian law.
The verdict of the Supreme Court, based on Supreme Court AOR firm Vedic Legal
arguments, confirmed that ancestral property could not be sold without the
consent of all successors. This ruling has set a precedent for future cases and has
provided clarity on a contentious issue that has long been debated.
The complexity of the issue of selling ancestral property without the consent of
successors is not lost on legal experts. It is crucial to consider the legal and
ethical implications of such a sale, as it can have significant consequences for all
parties involved.

In some cases, however, selling the ancestral property without the consent of all
successors may be the best option. For example, in cases where there are
disputes between heirs or when some heirs are not reachable, selling ancestral
property without the consent of all successors may be allowed by law.
Additionally, in certain circumstances, selling the ancestral property without
consent may be the only way to resolve financial difficulties faced by the owners of
the property. This may include situations where the owners require funds for
medical treatment or other urgent needs.
However, any decision to sell the ancestral property without the consent of all
successors should be made after careful consideration and consultation with legal
experts. It is essential to ensure that all legal requirements are met and that the
rights of all parties involved are protected.
The sale of ancestral property without consent is a complex issue that requires
careful consideration and legal guidance. While it may be possible in some cases,
it is generally accepted that ancestral property is a collective asset that cannot be
sold without the consent of all successors.
The recent landmark case settled by Supreme Court AOR firm Vedic Legal in the
Supreme Court has provided clarity on the legal aspect of selling ancestral
property without the consent of successors. It has set a precedent for future cases
and has highlighted the importance of seeking legal guidance before making any
decision regarding the sale of ancestral property.

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Who are top 5 most influential astrologers in India?

Various astrologers in India have brought major reforms that have shaped the astrology community progressively and found a path which brings significance.



A huge percentage of our population believes and likes to take decision-based on astrological predictions. They often search for the Best Astrologer in India. This article will help you to choose the same.

Vedic astrology is becoming more and more popular in India since it is thought to be very precise and accurate. Various astrologers in India have brought major reforms that have shaped the astrology community progressively and found a path which brings significance. Its spiritual underpinnings also ensure that it is less about fortune-telling and more about the evolution of the human soul as it strives to unite with the Divine.

Let us take a look at the top 5 most influential astrologers in India. 

K. N. Rao

Shri K. N. RAO is an Indian Vedic astrologer. He was an English language lecturer. At the mere age of 12, he was introduced to the world of Vedic Astrology by his mother and can be considered the best Vedic astrologer in the world by his peers and clients. His astrological lectures on Vedic astrology in many countries influenced people to connect with him and Vedic astrology. He was the chief guest at the second conference of the American Council of Vedic Astrology. His book, “Yogis, Destiny and the Wheel of Time” can be referred to as one of the main tools in the world of astrology. His insightful guidance about life has helped people find the path to success.


Dr Sohini Sastri

The most accomplished Astrologer, Philanthropist and Life Coach, renowned for her expertise in Vedic Astrology, Gemology, Palmistry, Numerology, Vastu Shastra, and Colour Therapy is none other than Dr Sohini Sastri. Over the last few decades, Dr Sastri, one of the Best Astrologers in India, has helped thousands of her followers with astrological predictions and cosmic energy. She is famous for her accurate prediction and effective remedy selection. She is also felicitated by the 2 consecutive Presidents of India. She has been felicitated by several universities and honoured with degrees like a doctorate & D.Litt as well by National American University, USA for her exceptional journey and contribution to society. She is a KP Astrologer with 15+ years of experience. Dr Sastri is popular as the first choice of Bollywood celebrities. She has achieved a great height of astrology and was awarded various honours like ‘Champion of Change 2018, 2019, 2021’, ‘Pride of Nation 2019, 2022’, ‘Indian Achievers Award 2020, 2023’, ‘Femina Brand Award 2021’ and many more. She is a regular columnist for many popular magazines and a renowned writer of 3 popular books on Astrology. She is also a very popular face in different TV Shows. Her contribution as a social reformer and activist also is very much significant. 

Pandit Ajai Bhambi

Internationally renowned astrologer and Vastu Shastra specialist Pandit Ajai Bhambi is a well-known figure in the astrology community who is well-known for his in-depth knowledge and accurate forecasts. He applies his astrological expertise to assist people in identifying and achieving their life goals.  He has authored a number of books and has contributed to several regional, national, and international newspapers and periodicals. He anticipates challenges in people’s lives and exhorts them to look for chances and learn how to handle them. Also, he has made appearances on a number of national as well as international TV programmes.

Anupam V Kapil

India’s most diversely qualified celebrity astro-numerologist and body language expert Anupam V Kapil is also an author, columnist and TOI daily forecast writer. He is the only phonetic numerologist in India and a well-known face on Indian Television channels, where he has shared his piece of mind with the world on Astrology. He is the esteemed author of the bestselling book “Numerology Made Easy”. He is well versed with the ancient temples of south India and Naadi remedial measures.


Dr Prem Kumar Sharma

At the age of 35, Dr Prem Kumar Sharma decided to pursue astrology as a full-time profession in 1993. Since then, he has made several accurate predictions and carved out a name for himself in the area. Due to his scientific background, he spent his early years researching and studying astronomy, astrology, numerology, gemology, and Tantras in great depth. Astro-consulting to help individuals with their issues has been his only goal in life after receiving a PhD for his studies on Astrological positions and their effect on marriages. He has also made an enormous amount of TV appearances. He has written many books and contributed to several regional, international, and national publications and journals.


Every person has good and bad times in their lives that bring them joy and sorrow and to overcome the bad situation we take refuge in these great sages

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Sqing Solutions offers path-breaking technology

In today’s fast-paced business environment, technology is no longer an option but a necessity for businesses to thrive and stay competitive.



Sqing Solutions

Within a year of its launch, Sqing Solutions has made a mark in its industry. It is a dynamic and innovative company based in Kerala, that specializes in providing SaaS and technology-driven solutions to businesses. The company’s main focus is on helping businesses succeed by leveraging cutting-edge technologies to streamline their operations, improve efficiency, and increase profitability. In today’s fast-paced business environment, technology is no longer an option but a necessity for businesses to thrive and stay competitive.

With the ever-evolving digital landscape, companies need to adopt and leverage various technological solutions to stay ahead of the curve. Innovative SaaS and technology services play a crucial role in this regard.

At Sqing Solutions, the team comprises highly skilled professionals who have a deep understanding of the latest technologies and trends. Talking about his brand, the founder of Sqing Solutions, stated, “Our company approach is built on solid client relationships, which enables us to provide the greatest service at the most competitive prices. We believe that working closely with customers will provide them with the ability to grow their businesses sustainably, both now and in the future.” The company functions on an evaluation based on criteria such as innovation, quality of management, global competitiveness, talent management, and quality of services. Its core philosophy is centered around customer-centricity, and the team is committed to providing personalized and customized solutions that meet the unique needs of each client.

The company’s expertise lies in managing mobile applications for diverse vernacular languages in India. They also provide extensive support to multiple communities across different regions of India, including sales, customer support, moderation, and re-seller programs, which facilitate business expansion throughout the country. These services are tailored to meet the specific requirements of businesses in various industries. Furthermore, they help them create a strong online presence, attract and retain customers, and provide a positive user experience.

Sqing Solutions is known for its commitment to quality and excellence in all its endeavors. The team follows a rigorous quality assurance process that ensures that all solutions are thoroughly tested and meet the highest standards of quality. By providing a comprehensive range of solutions that help smoothen the functioning, increase productivity, and drive growth, Sqing enables businesses to stay ahead of the curve and achieve their goals.

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