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Bihar: Villagers build makeshift boat to carry patient to hospital in flood-hit Bhagalpur

The patient, identified as Gangamandal, was severely ill.



makeshift boat in Bihar

Bihar is dealing with the fury of the floods as a result of recent severe rainfall and flooding in numerous South Bihar districts. Amid such a situation, a video of people carrying the patient in a makeshift boat is going viral on social media. The incident is reported from Bihar’s Bhagalpur district.

The patient, identified as Gangamandal, was severely ill. Coming to the rescue, people in a flood-affected village in Bhagalpur made a makeshift boat using tin boxes and waded through knee-deep water to take him to the hospital.

According to the village head, Gangamandal was initially rushed to a camp and was given primary treatment, and was later taken to the hospital. He further said that the villagers built the boat in the absence of any other facility. The village head also said they don’t have a proper boat and often face difficulties in getting rations.

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In a similar incident, a video of a husband taking his pregnant wife to the hospital on a push-cart due to the non-availability of the ambulance in Madhya Pradesh is also doing rounds on the internet.

This is not the first time people made a makeshift boat to carry a person to the hospital in Bihar. Earlier in 2020, the people of Darbhanga built a makeshift boat with wooden planks and rubber tyres to carry an eight-month-old pregnant woman to the hospital

Meanwhile, the India Meteorological Department issued a yellow alert over the state for the next three days to urge locals to be updated about the inclement weather.

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Bihar news

Bhojpuri folk singer Nisha Upadhyay shot while celebratory firing in Bihar’s Chhapra

According to reports, the incident happened during Yagnopavit, a rite where the Brahmans wear the sacred thread.



Nisha Upadhyay

Popular Bhojpuri folk singer Nisha Upadhyay has been brought to Max Hospital in Patna after being shot during a celebratory gunfire, according to the report.  The incident happened at Bihar’s Chapra where Nisha was performing a live performance at a cultural event. Reportedly, the singer’s left thigh has been injured.

According to reports, the incident happened during Yagnopavit, a rite where the Brahmans wear the sacred thread. There is a video online showing Nisha playing the drums minutes before the firing started at the occasion. She appears to be in good health.

The local police officer said, they had received the information about the incident but there were no written complaints filed about it. The police officer added, they have started the investigation and are looking into the matter that who was engaged in the shooting and how the rounds were fired.

Celebratory gunfire is incorrect, and everyone should be aware of that, said Art and Culture Minister Jitendra Kumar Rai. He also added, people need to know that celebratory gunfire, even with legal firearms, at public events, houses of worship, weddings, or other celebrations is illegal.

However, the Lok Sabha has approved the Arms (Amendment) Bill, 2019, which was led by the home minister Amit Shah. As per the bill, it guarantees that individuals who use firearms carelessly or hastily, including in celebratory shooting, would be penalised with up to two years in prison, a fine up to ₹1 lakh, or both.

As per the latest information, Nisha’s health is stable. The singer is a resident of Gaur Basant village in Saran, Bihar, and she frequently performs at different cultural events in the city. Le Le Aaaye Coca Cola, Navkar Mantra, Dholida Dhol Re Vagad, and Hasi Hasi Jaan Marela are a few of her best-known songs.

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Bihar news

Bihar Man pulls off stunt on top of auto-rickshaw; video viral

A video is now viral on the internet, where a man can be seen taking up a stunt that has shocked the internet.



Auto man patna

Auto rides, also known as tuk-tuks or three-wheelers, are a popular mode of transportation in India. These compact, motorized vehicles offer a fun and unique way to explore cities and towns while experiencing the local culture, but can you ever Imagine yourself lying on the roof of the auto-rickshaw and enjoying its ride?

A video is now viral on the internet, where a man can be seen taking up a stunt that has shocked the internet.

In the viral video, a man from Chikohra, Patna can be seen, in an attempt to make his auto ride more thrilling and interesting, laid on the rooftop of a auto-rickshaw.

This shocking video has been a talking point on the internet. Unfortunately, this is not the first time that we are witnessing such incident, a few months back, on the festival of Holi, a video from Lucknow was spread across the internet, where a drunk man was seen dancing on the rooftop of a auto-rickshaw. 

At the current time, when cases of road accidents leading to death in India recorded very high, most of us forget to care about the rules and regulations that we must follow when we are on the roads. The prime example of the same is that most of the riders/drivers don’t care to wear helmets or use seat belts while driving.  While, many break the rules having any fear of getting caught or punished.

According to the report by the National Crime Bureau ( NCRB ), India witnessed around 1.5 lakh road fatalities in 2018 alone which increased to 4,37,396 in 2019, a surge of around 3 lakh deaths due to accidents in a year. However the number decreased substantially in pandemic hit 2020.

The viral video is one such example and many such incidents occurred in the past are the examples of the ignorance and negligence of people towards road safety and their self safety.

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Bihar news

Bihar man beaten to death in Kerala over theft suspicion, 9 held

A 36-year-old Bihar native was allegedly beaten to death by locals in Kerala’s Malappuram after being suspected of theft, official said on Monday.



Bihar Man Beaten to death in kerala

A 36-year-old Bihar native was allegedly beaten to death by locals in Kerala’s Malappuram after being suspected of theft, official said on Monday.

According to the police, the deceased victim, identified as 36-year-old Rajesh Manchi, a resident of Bihar, was viciously thrashed and tortured for over two hours by locals who accused him of theft after he fell from a house in Kizhissery area of Malappuram.

Giving details, a senior official said that on the night of May 12, some locals in Kizhissery found Manchi unconscious under suspicious circumstances.

Suspecting that the Bihar native had fallen from a house while attempting to rob the place, the locals allegedly tied him up and interrogated him by viciously beating him with wooden sticks and steel pipes for over two hours.

The victim sustained critical injuries in the chest, ribs and hips due to the malicious beatdown and ultimately passed out and succumbed.

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The official said that when Manchi became unconscious due to the beating, one of the accused informed the local public servant, who then informed the police about the incident, following which the cops arrived at the scene and rushed the victim to a nearby hospital where doctors declared him dead on arrival.

Superintendent of Police (SP) Malappuram, Sujith Das said that Rajesh Manchi was viciously beaten to death by nine people who tied his hands behind his back, adding that all the accused have been arrested, adding that the accused had tried to destroy evidence by attempting to erase security camera visuals from nearby CCTV cameras.

The senior officer said the arrested accused claimed that the deceased victim had come to rob the place when he fell while trying to climb the house he was allegedly trying to burglarise.

However, the police have found no such evidence regarding the allegations levelled against the victim, he said, adding that the death is being treated as a case of lynching.

Further investigation is underway, the officer added.

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