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Irked ‘special invitee’ Mallikarjun Kharge won’t attend Modi’s Lokpal panel meet



Irked ‘special invitee’ Mallikarjun Kharge won’t attend Modi’s Lokpal panel meet

Mallikarjun Kharge’s decision to skip Lokpal Selection Committee meet comes at a time when the Supreme Court has asked Modi govt to expedite Lokpal appointment

While the Supreme Court has pulled up the BJP-led central government for delaying the process of selecting a Lokpal and asked for an affidavit on the efforts made by it towards appointing the ombudsman, the Congress has decided to boycott the meeting of the Lokpal Selection Committee.

Mallikarjun Kharge, leader of the Congress party in the Lok Sabha, has communicated to Prime Minister Narendra Modi through a letter that the Centre’s decision to invite him for the panel’s meeting scheduled on Thursday (March 1) as a special invitee was one that was to fulfil a “mere paper formality rather than seek any meaningful and constructive participation.” Kharge has informed the Prime Minister that he will not be attending the meeting as the “special invitee” status would not allow him to contribute to the discussion over the appointment of the anti-corruption watchdog.

In a letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Kharge has said that a special invitee invitation is a concerted effort to exclude the voice of the opposition in Lokpal selection.

As per the Lokpal and Lokayukta Act, 2013, only the leader of the opposition in Lok Sabha is a member of the Selection Committee and since Kharge does not have that status, he is not a part of the panel. Apart from the Prime Minister, Thursday’s high-powered meeting will be attended by Chief Justice of India Dipak Misra and Lok Sabha Speaker Sumitra Mahajan.

“A special invitee invitation is a concerted effort to exclude the independent voice of the opposition altogether from the selection process of the most important anti corruption watchdog,” Kharge said in his letter to the prime minister. He added that this negates the letter and spirit of the Lokpal and Lokayukta Act, 2013.

Kharge said that if the government is serious about the appointment of the anti-corruption watchdog, it must bring an ordinance in the shape of an amendment bill, which he also sent along with his letter. He alleged that while the Government has brought out amendments in other Acts to replace the Leader of Opposition to leader of single largest party in opposition, it has not done so in the Lokpal Act.

“My mere presence as special invitee without rights of participation, recording of my opinion and voting would be a mere eyewash, ostensibly aimed at showcasing the participation of the opposition in the selection process,” Kharge said in his letter.

The meeting of the Lokpal Selection Committee was convened after the February 23 order of the Supreme Court which had ticked off the centre for the delay in appointing the ombudsman. The Centre had then told the apex court that the selection panel will be meeting on March 1 following which the government’s department of personnel and training was directed by the Supreme Court to file an affidavit by March 6 detailing the steps taken to ensure the appointment of the ombudsman.

Kharge has alleged that the conduct of the Modi government only seeks to diminish the spirit and objective of appointment of Lokpal. “May I say that such myopic actions belie the spirit of nation building, more so while constituting an institution like the Lokpal. A more apt and statesman like conduct is expected from the prime minister of the country,” he said in his letter.

“Let me also remind you (PM) that on December 18, 2014, a bill to amend the lokpal act, 2013 on similar lines was brought for substituting ‘leader of opposition’ with the ‘leader of the single largest party’. I understand that even the select committee of Parliament had put its seal of approval on the amending bill, yet the government has failed to introduce and pass it,” he said.

The Congress has alleged that the lokpal bill continues to “languish in the cold storage for want of appropriate intent, commitment and objectivity” on the part of the government.

The UPA government passed the lokpal act in 2013 and brought it into force on January 16, 2014 but the BJP government had chosen to not appoint a lokpal for nearly four years, he said.

“To anyone familiar with the BJP government’s record in not establishing and preserving the office of the lokayukta in Gujarat, this would not come as a surprise,” Kharge said.

He was referring to the long tussle that the state government, then led by Modi, had with the governor over the appointment of anti-corruption watchdog.

“In these circumstances, I must respectfully decline the invite as special invitee to uphold the inviolability of The Lokpal Act, 2013, as the current proceedings have reduced a sacred procedure to a political pretence,” he said.

After a delay of almost 50 years, Parliament in 2013 – during the tenure of the Dr Manmohan Singh-led UPA government – approved a law to create the watchdog to look into charges of corruption against senior public functionaries. However, after the Congress was reduced to just 44 seats in the Lok Sabha and failed to get one of its MPs nominated as the Leader of the Opposition as its strength did not constitute 10 per cent of the Lok Sabha’s total strength – the basic requirement for nominating a leader of opposition. In the absence of a Leader of Opposition, the Modi government did not constitute a Lokpal Selection Committee as the Lokpal Act requires the presence of LoP, Lok Sabha in the selection panel.

—With Agency inputs, India Legal Bureau

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PM Modi says hat-trick victories guarantee 2024 hat-trick

Narendra Modi claimed that dissatisfaction among youth over paper leak and recruitment scam led to ouster the governments of Chhattisgarh, Rajasthan.



After the BJP’s sweeping victories in the assembly elections of Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan and Chhattisgarh, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said the victory is of a self-reliant India, honest, transparency and good governance. Hailing that this hat-trick of victories has given guarantee for a 2024 hat-trick, he said that voters do not believe talk in thin air, false promises and rather support a concrete roadmap for development and good governance.

Referring to the Congress demand for a caste census, PM Modi said that some people tried to divide the country on caste lines during the elections. He added that for him there are only four castes namely women, youth, farmers and poor whose empowerment can strengthen the country. He stated that the people from all castes, regions, communities voted for the party and that every poor person feels that he has won.

ELECTION 2023 COVERAGE: Madhya Pradesh | Rajasthan | Chhattisgarh | Telangana

Addressing party workers at the BJP headquarters, the Prime Minister expressed gratitude to the women, mentioning that women believe only BJP can provide guarantee for their security, safety and dignity. He remarked that women empowerment is an important pillar of BJP’s model of development. He also assured the women that all the promises will be fulfilled. 

Referring to Congress’s defeat, Narendra Modi claimed that dissatisfaction among youth over paper leak and recruitment scam led to the ouster of the governments of Chhattisgarh and Rajasthan. He mentioned that be it in Rajasthan, Chhattisgarh or Telangana, the incumbent party was thrown out of power because it was against the youth and had scams in its tenure. Especially thanking the people of Telangana, he said that the BJP will leave no stone unturned in working for them.

Modi underlined that the BJP government not only makes policies but also ensures that they reach the rightful beneficiaries. He further stated that these victories are a clear warning to those who are not ashamed to stand with the corrupt and try to cover up their deeds.

Slamming the opposition alliance INDIA, the Prime Minister asserted that coming together can yield good photo opportunities and media headlines but cannot win people’s trust. He also requested Congress and its allies to not indulge in politics that empower the anti-national forces.

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Welfarism beats the Congress in Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh and Rajasthan

Shivraj Singh Chouhan launched several schemes for women including cash incentives and even delivered two tranches of Rs 3000 each on Rakhi and Karwa Chauth to married women. 



By Neeraj Mishra

In one giant swoop, the BJP has cornered entire Western and Central India with its latest victories in Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh and Rajasthan. The party now controls the entire cow belt giving it the right platform for 2024.

While Rajasthan was iffy for the Congress, it was overconfident in Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh, where a combination of weak and divided local leadership and women voters eventually brought it down. It has lost Madhya Pradesh 65-164 and Chhattisgarh 34-56.

ELECTION 2023 COVERAGE: Madhya Pradesh | Rajasthan | Chhattisgarh | Telangana

In many ways, these were elections driven by labarthis (beneficiaries) and the BJP proved itself with better planning, strategy and implementation. In Madhya Pradesh, Shivraj Singh Chouhan launched several schemes for women including cash incentives and even delivered two tranches of Rs 3000 each on Rakhi and Karwa Chauth to married women. 

In Chhattisgarh, where the BJP was in the opposition, it adopted a better strategy by promising Rs 12,000 per annum to married women and later getting them to sign some forms which made the signatories believe they would receive the promised benefit later. BJP workers got more than 30 lakh forms signed and in a state with more women voters than men, it surely means something.

In MP, an overconfident Congress made a mess of ticket distribution. Digvijaya Singh grabbed the largest share and brought in all his 90s cabinet. Eventually, they all lost. It is perhaps time to get rid of Digvijaya and Kamal Nath altogether just like Uma Bharti was ex-communicated from the state by the BJP in 2007 after Shivraj became CM. It paved way for the new. 

The loss in both states will hurt the party not only in the three states but its ramifications will be felt at national level with INDIA and other alliances. 

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Rajasthan election result: Despite his confidence, Ashok Gehlot fails to break anti-incumbency jinx

Former Chief Minister Vasundhara Raje said the people of the state have rejected the Congress misgovernance  and accepted the BJP’s suraaj.



The victory of the BJP in Rajasthan underlines the fickleness of the voter despite being a recipient of several welfare schemes introduced during Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot’s tenure. The BJP is set to win 115 seats compared to the Congress’ 69 ending Gehlot’s efforts to overturn the state’s 30-year record of not re-electing the incumbent government.

Former Chief Minister Vasundhara Raje said the people of the state have rejected the Congress misgovernance  and accepted the BJP’s suraaj. She said that the people will also vote for Prime Minister Narendra Modi to serve them in 2024. She said the party’s victory in Rajasthan was also because of the leadership given by BJP president JP Nadda and party workers.

ELECTION 2023 COVERAGE: Madhya Pradesh | Chhattisgarh | Telangana

Raje prayed in the temples of the state ahead of the results. The BJP has not named a CM candidate during the campaign. Now, the party has to decide who will be the chief minister. Raje, who won from the Jhalrapatan seat, is a frontrunner but given the cold vibes between her and PM Modi and Home Minister Amit Shah, speculation has been rampant pitching other names including Law Minister Arjun Ram Meghwal.

The election, however, was won by PM Modi’s intense campaigning in the state despite its history of anti-incumbency. The key topics that won the voters over include the law and order situation in the state. These include crimes against women and the murder of an Udaipur tailor over the much-flayed comments against Prophet Muhammad.

Exit polls were split over the results in the state. Some gave the Congress an edge however slight, while others gave it to the BJP.

Within the Congress, Gehlot had overcome the internal challenge posed by former Deputy CM Sachin Pilot and unveiled welfare schemes for many sections of voters, including a significant health plan. Despite all his efforts, Gehlot had to eat humble pie after persistent claims that his party would return to power and break the jinx, which stuck to being a jinx.

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