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Tejaswin Shankar says Neeraj Chopra maybe an Olympic champion but I still dread sharing room with him

Before Chopra, India had come close to winning a track and field medal twice: once in the 1960 Rome Olympics when the recently-deceased Milkha Singh came fourth in the 400 metres race and, the second time, when Kerala sprinter P.T. Usha came fourth in the 400m hurdles at the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics.



Tejaswin Shankar

The national record holder in the men’s high jump and golden boy Neeraj Chopra’s good friend Tejaswin Shankar has recalled celebrating the latter’s triumph after he struck gold in the Men’s Javelin throw final to win Independent India’s first ever medal in athletics in Tokyo Olympics on Saturday. Neeraj took the gold with a best attempt of 87.58m.

On Saturday, August 7, 2021, history was rewritten by Neeraj Chopra  by breaking India’s over 100 year’s jinx of an elusive Olympic gold medal in atheletics. Before Chopra, India had come close to winning a track and field medal twice: once in the 1960 Rome Olympics when the recently-deceased Milkha Singh came fourth in the 400 metres race and, the second time, when Kerala sprinter P.T. Usha came fourth in the 400m hurdles at the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics.   

However, the last time India had won an Olympic gold was in 2008 when shooter Abhinav Bindra won the tournament’s prestigious prize in the 10-meter air rifle event in Beijing.

Tejaswin Shankar on Neerja Chopra’s Olympic win

”After Neeraj Chopra won the gold, I wanted to speak to him. I asked Wayne Lombard, the fitness coach who has worked with both Neeraj and me, to patch my call through today because I knew his phone won’t be working. Wayne told me that Neeraj had only got to bed at three in the morning but that he’d eventually connect the two of us,” Shankar wrote in a column for Indian Express newspaper.

This morning when I was asleep, I got a video call from Wayne Lombard, a dear friend and scientific advisor of the Indian women’s hockey team. I picked up Wayne Bhai’s call and saw a smiling Neeraj with a medal around his neck. I was still half-asleep and for a moment thought it was a dream. I quickly went to the bathroom and washed my face and applied some talcum powder. “Bhai tu soh raha tha na?” (You were sleeping?), Neeraj asked me. “Of course, you’ll find most people asleep at six in the morning,” I replied.

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We even shared a room for 15 days in Bangalore. Honestly, he may be an Olympic champion now but I still dread sharing a room with him. He’s a bit disorganised. If you enter his room, you’ll find his clothes drying on the bed or his socks in the middle of the room. I didn’t say anything to him because sharing a room with Neeraj was a huge thing for me.

“We bonded over fried rice and matka kulfi for the next fortnight. The only boys’ talk we had was about video games. He was crazy about Mini Militia then and now he’s into PubG. I’ll ask him if has a girlfriend when I meet him next time,” Shankar wrote.

In other India news, veteran actor Anupam Shyam died on Monday following multiple organ failure.

India News

Fali S Nariman tribute: Senior Advocate Pradeep Rai says jurist’s death has left irreplaceable void for legal fraternity

Despite enjoying a good lifestyle, Fali S Nariman ensured his actions aligned with legal principles.



Senior Advocate Pradeep Rai mourned the passing of constitutional jurist Fali S Nariman as an immense loss to the legal fraternity.

Reacting to the death of the veteran jurist on Wednesday, Rai said it has left an irreplaceable void. Fali S Nariman’s profound influence on future generations and the legal field is unmistakable.

The Senior Advocate recounted his interactions with the jurist. “Each interaction with him provided invaluable learning experiences, marked by his humility,” he said.

Reflecting on instances like the Office of Profit matter involving Rajya Sabha MP Jaya Bachchan, Nariman, despite representing her, prioritized legal integrity and the responsibility as an officer of the court over personal affiliations.

Engaging him as counsel for Jaya Bachchan, the Supreme Court was almost convinced that she did not fall within the ambit of office of profit. However, Justice YK Sabharwal requested Nariman’s opinion, and he asserted that the court was incorrect in not considering the benefits attached to the office of Uttar Pradesh Film Development Corporation. “This illustrates the responsibility of a senior lawyer when providing opinions to the court,” he reminisced.

In another case concerning Ruby Hospital in Kolkata, Nariman’s dedication to his client wavered when appointed as the adjudicator by the court, as he opined against his client in alignment with the duties of an officer of the court, Rai said.

Nariman was a disciplined man who enjoyed a good lifestyle, but he ensured his actions aligned with legal principles. His demise leaves an irreplaceable void in our legal fraternity. He had a unique working style from a bygone era, relying on profound knowledge and research methods without the aid of computers.

Recalling his generosity, Rai said Nariman had the biggest chamber in the old block of the Supreme Court and when the bar required a room for medical facilities to be created for lawyers, Nariman was the first person who offered his chamber and gave it to the bar. Thereafter, he started sitting in Library Number Two and continued working from there only.

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Congress says I-T Department withdrew Rs 65 crore from its bank accounts, asks if BJP pays income tax

The I-T Department mandated banks to transfer over Rs 65 crores from INC, IYC, and NSUI accounts to the government.



The Congress party on Wednesday said that the Income Tax Department had withdrawn a sum of Rs 65 crore from its accounts in several banks undemocratically even when the case is sub judice and being heard by the Income Tax Appellate Tribunal (ITAT).

The Congress leader Ajay Maken slammed the Centre asking if the BJP also pays income tax. Maken further charged on BJP asking if is it common for national political parties to pay income tax, adding that he questioned why then is the Congress party facing an unprecedented demand of Rs210 crores.

Speaking to reporters, the Congress treasurer Maken said that the I-T Department had written to various banks to withdraw a sum of Rs 65 crore from different bank accounts of the Congress and Indian Youth Congress in view of the demand raised by the I-T authorities earlier, despite the appellate authorities hearing the case.

The Congress treasurer further said that even when the ITAT, which the Congress had moved against the I-Tax department’s claim of Rs 210 crore as recovery for discrepancies in previous tax returns has been stayed and a lien has been marked, the tax authorities have resorted to undemocratic action by taking out the amount from their accounts.

On Tuesday, the I-T Department mandated banks to transfer over Rs 65 crores from INC, IYC, and NSUI accounts to the government, which are Rs 5 crores from IYC and NSUI, and Rs 60.25 crores from INC, marking a concerning move by the BJP Government.

About today’s ITAT proceedings, Maken informed that Congress presented their case and the hearing will continue tomorrow. The funds in question were raised through grassroots efforts, including crowdfunding and membership drives by the IYC and NSUI, the Congress leader added.

Expressing their belief in the judiciary, the Congress also said that such a situation raises a crucial question about the state of democracy.

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Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal says Lord Krishna speaking through Chief Justice Chandrachud on Supreme Court’s Chandigarh elections verdict

There was so much sin that lord Krishna decided to interfere himself.



Delhi Chief Minister and AAP convenor Arvind Kejriwal on Wednesday lauded Chief Justice of India DY Chandrachud saying, Lord Krishna was speaking through CJI Chandrachud while announcing the verdict on Chandigarh mayoral elections.

Addressing the Delhi Assembly, Kejriwal hit out at the BJP and said the situation in the country is such that there is unrighteousness everywhere. Speaking on Manish Sisodia and Satyendra Jain, said those who built schools and hospitals for people are in jail today. Pointing out to the BJP, Kejriwal further said that even if people have been fed up with them, they are confident that they’ll win 370 seats.

He also questioned how BJP will win 370 seats, adding that, there must be something wrong, maybe EVM has been fixed or something else. There was so much sin that lord Krishna decided to interfere himself, he charged. It was no coincidence that cameras captured BJP’s sins in Chandigarh’s mayoral election and the way SC had given its verdict, it seems god was speaking through CJI Chandrachud.

He said that few people hesitate to cast their vote because they think there has been an issue with EVM but Kejriwal still appealed to them to cast their vote and leave the rest thing on god. Speaking on Anil Masih, who was involved in tempering voting paper in Chandigarh Mayoral polls, said he was just a pawn and he has been given punishment but his masters should be punished as well.

Hitting out at Centre, Kejriwal said that Adharma (unrighteousness) has been spread everywhere, and people have started thinking that truth and honesty have no place. Good people lost their faith due to the dominance of Adharma.

He further said that, in such circumstances, god established faith by taking out people from the obstacles. In this country, a similar situation has emerged as he said in Hindi, Charon Taraf Adharma Ka Bolbala Hai (everywhere there is a dominance of unrighteousness). People have begun thinking that there was no point in walking on the path of truth, those who were indulged in wrong acts and conspiring have been rising, the AAP convenor added.

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