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Gujarat schoolkids refuse to eat food cooked by Dalit woman



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With India all set to celebrate its 75 years of freedom on August 15, there are parts of the country where narrowmindedness and bigotry flourish without stop. Here’s one case from Gujarat. An incident of caste discrimination has been reported from the state’s Morbi district where school kids have refused to eat their mid-meals because it was cooked by a Dalit woman.

A Times of India report said that since June 16, as many as 147 school kids from OBC communities are not sitting to eat food, which was being served to them under the state government’s mid-day meal programme at Shri Sokhda Primary School at Sokhda village in Morbi’s district.

The sudden change in the kids’ behaviour comes after their parents got to know that a Dalit woman had been entrusted the task of cooking mid-day meals at the school. They do not want their children to eat the food cooked by the woman who is lower than them in the caste order.

When the incident came to the limelight and questions were raised regarding the same, the school authority and district police reacted and revealed that mid-day meal maker Dhara Makwana has been awarded the contract to make the daily meals for the student, but when their parents got to know about her caste, they asked their children to not eat it.

Speaking to the media, Makwana’s husband said that when they witnessed that the student are not sitting for their food, he tried to know the reason by asking their parents. He was told by a few parents that they could not allow their children to eat food cooked by a Dalit woman.

Her husband also filed a complaint about the same in the local police station, which was transferred to the Deputy Superintendent of Police. The police told him that they can’t do anything about it because it was an issue related to school and district administration and they can’t interfere.

District primary education officer Bharat Virja said he was not familiar with the matter and he will look into it. With less than a fortnight left for August 15, it is indeed disheartening that caste still continues to stalk a vibrant India’s progress.

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Koffee With Karan S7: Karan Johar brings out the Punjabi actor from Sidharth Malhotra and Vicky Kaushal

Koffee With Karan Season 7 episode 7 which will release this Thursday, on August 18, 2022 on Disney+Hotstar.



Karan Johar has shared the latest trailer of Koffee With Karan season 7 episode 7. The new episode features two Punjabi Bollywood actors, recently wed Vicky Kaushal and Shershaah famed Sidharth Malhotra.

Karan Johar introduced both the actors as ‘men of the moment’ and the episode definitely looks fun and worth watching. The few seconds trailer shows Karan discussing Katrina Vicky’s marriage to Sidharth and Kiara Advani’s future wedding.

What also grabbed some eyeballs was Sidharth claiming to manifest his wedding with Kiara without taking her name. If the reader remembers correctly, you must have heard this word during Ranbir-Alia wedding, when headlines stated that the Raazi actor manifested her wedding with Ranbir Kapoor.

The latest Koffee With Karan Season 7 trailer also shows Vicky pretending to swoon on the couch and recreating the scene when he was last on the same couch and told that Katrina said she ‘might look good opposite Vicky Kaushal’, to which Sidharth Malhotra jokingly says, “Iska toh roka hua tha yahan pe.”

The episode will also bring out the Punjabiness from both the actors. Karan Johar has had a special Punjabi game between the two, where they’ll have to come up with English words but in Punjabi accent. And it seems like both, Vicky and Sidharth are nailing the contest.

During the rapid-fire round, Vicky Kaushal was asked what he misses about single life. To which the Masaan actor was quick to reply, “The ‘Miss’ is now Mrs.” Later the segment also shows Karan Johar reading out thirsty messages from fans and the reaction from Sidharth Malhotra and Vicky Kaushal are worth watching the Koffee With Karan Season 7 episode 7 which will release this Thursday, on August 18, 2022. The Latest season of KWK is exclusively available only on Disney+Hotstar.

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Video of pizza dough under mop goes viral, Domino’s face Twitterati ire | WATCH

Photos and videos of a Domino’s outlet in Bengaluru have gone viral where mop and toilet brush can be seen hanging above and almost touching pizza dough. Watch here.



After a Twitter user shared a picture purportedly showing a mop and a toilet brush hanging above the pizza dough almost touching it, the international pizza chain Domino’s continued to receive harsh criticism.

Sahil Karnany, a Twitter user who described himself as an IT graduate, posted the images and the video along with the caption, “This is how @dominos India serves us fresh Pizza! Very disgusted. Location  Bangalore. He stated that the Dominos store in question was located in the city on Hosa Road.

Here is a video which shows the Dominos pizza dough under the mop and the toilet brushes.

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Domino’s Pizza Dough Under Mop Photo

Domino’s Pizza Dough Under Mop Viral Video

In this video, it is clearly visible that the mops and the toilet brushes are hanging above the tray of Domino’s Pizza Dough. Check out the video below.

Domino’s Pizza Dough Under Mop Video

Domino’s Response After Viral Video

Domino’s, a multinational pizza restaurant, responded quickly after the viral video of mops being kept near pizza dough went viral and received a lot of social media attention. In response to criticism of the image posted by a techie in Bengaluru, the large fast food restaurant chain said, “We have zero tolerance for violations of these operating standards.”

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Happy Parsi New Year 2022: Navroz Mubarak wishes, quotes, messages to send to your loved ones

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Madhya Pradesh: Bhopal schools closed today due to incessant rainfall

According to reports, the Bhopal District Collector has ordered that all schools in the district will remain closed today, August 16, 2022, due to the incessant rainfall.



Heavy rainfall in Bhopal

With the weather change in Madhya Pradesh, as soon as the monsoon becomes active, the rain continues across the state, rivers and streams are flowing above the danger mark and the gates of the dams have also been opened. An orange alert has been issued for heavy rains in many districts across the state, meanwhile, Bhopal Collector has declared a holiday on 16th August in all the schools of the district due to heavy rains.

Bhopal Collector Avinash Lavania has declared a holiday on Tuesday, August 16 in all government and non-government schools in view of excessive rains. All government, non-government, Navodaya CBSE affiliated primary, secondary high schools, and higher secondary schools, are declared a holiday for the students today, August 16, 2022.

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The same Narmadapuram Collector has also declared a holiday in schools across the district today, August 16. Here, 11 sluice gates of dams, of Bhadbhada, and all 13 gates of Kaliasot were opened due to heavy rains. Water is also being released from Kolar.

Incessant rains have inundated low-lying settlements and waterlogged the roads. From June 1 till now, 75 per cent more water has fallen in the capital than normal. Normally, it should have rained 24 inches by now, but the water has fallen more than 20 inches.

Moreover, on August 15 and 16, extremely heavy rain was expected throughout Madhya Pradesh and West Madhya Pradesh, according to the weather forecasting bureau.

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Mukesh Ambani and family receive threat calls, Mumbai Police detains one

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