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Miss World 2021 temporarily postponed after contestants test positive for Covid 19

However, the finale, which was scheduled to take place on Thursday in Puerto Rico, will now be rescheduled within the next 90 days.



The finale of the Miss World 2021 beauty pageant has been temporarily postponed after numbers of contestants test positive for Covid 19, including Miss India World 2021 Manasa Varanasi, who is representing India in the Miss World 2021 in Puerto Rico on Thursday night.

As per the press release of Miss World 2021, the mega beauty competition has been postponed ‘temporarily’ due to the health and safety interests of all contestants, staff, crew and the general public. However, the finale, which was scheduled to take place on Thursday in Puerto Rico, will now be rescheduled within the next 90 days.

The Miss World 2021 beauty pageant was cancelled after having a meeting with health officials who were hired to oversee the mega event and discussing it with the Puerto Rican Health Department. As of now, every precautionary safety measure was taken and implemented in the best interests of the contestants, production team and public. After having a number of confirmed covid cases, the decision to postpone Miss World 2021 was made.

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This year Manasa Varanasi is representing India at the 70th Miss World pageant. Belonging from Telangana, Manasa was crowned Miss India 2020 and was also named Miss Ramp Walk.

Miss World 2021 contestants list

  1. Amela Agastra, 18, Albania
  2. Ruth Carlos, 24, Angola
  3. Amira Hidalgo, 23, Argentina
  4. Mirna Bzdigian, 19, Armenia
  5. Sienna Evans, 24, Bahamas
  6. Celine Van Ouytsel, 25, Belgium
  7. Markeisha Young, 21, Belize
  8. Alondra Mercado, 19, Bolivia
  9. Adna Biber, 19, Bosnia and Herzegovina
  10. Palesa Molefe, 22, Botswana
  11. Caroline Teixeira, 23, Brazil
  12. Eva Dobreva, 21, Bulgaria
  13. Phum Sophorn, 19, Cambodia
  14. Audrey Monkam, 24, Cameroon
  15. Svetlana Mamaeva, 21, Canada
  16. Rashana Hydes, 24, Cayman Islands
  17. Carol Drpic, 21, Chile
  18. Jiang Siqi, 21, China
  19. Andrea Aguilera Arroyave, 23, Colombia
  20. Tamara Dal Maso, 23, Costa Rica
  21. Olivia Yace, 23, Cote d’Ivoire
  22. Alvinette Soliana, 20, Curacao
  23. Karolina Kopincova, 22, Czech Republic
  24. Emmy Peña, 24, Dominican Republic
  25. Amar Pachero, 24, Ecuador
  26. Nicole Alvarez, 27, El Salvador
  27. Rehema Muthamia, 25, England
  28. Lucila Benita, 21, Equatorial Guinea
  29. Karolin Kippasto, 24, Estonia
  30. Emilia Lepomäki, 23, Finland
  31. April Benayoum, 22, France
  32. Monique Mawulawe Agbedekpui, 20, Ghana
  33. Janice Sampere, 23, Gibraltar
  34. Prescilla Larose, 22, Guadeloupe
  35. Nene Bah, 24, Guinea
  36. Itchacénia Da Costa, 21, Guinea-Bissau
  37. Erlande Berger, 24, Haiti
  38. Dayana Bordas, 24, Honduras
  39. Lili Totpeti, 20, Hungary
  40. Hugrun Birta Egilsdottir, 22, Iceland
  41. Manasa Varanasi, 24, India
  42. Carla Yules, 25, Indonesia
  43. Maria Frhad Salem, 20, Iraq
  44. Pamela Uba, 25, Ireland
  45. Claudia Motta, 21, Italy
  46. Khalia Hall, 25, Jamaica
  47. Tamaki Hoshi, 18, Japan
  48. Sharon Obara, 19, Kenya
  49. Emilie Boland, 25, Luxembourg
  50. Jiani Yuan, 28, Macau
  51. Nellie Anjaratiana, 24, Madagascar
  52. Lavanya Sivaji, 25, Malaysia
  53. Naomi Dingli, 26, Malta
  54. Angélique Sanson, 25, Mauritius
  55. Karolina Vidales Valdovinos, 24, Mexico
  56. Tatiana Ovcinicova, 23, Moldova
  57. Burte-Ujin Anu, 23, Mongolia
  58. Annerie Maré, 26, Namibia
  59. Namrata Shrestha, 24, Nepal
  60. Lizzy Dobbe, 21, Netherlands
  61. Sheynnis Palacios, 21, Nicaragua
  62. Oluchi Madubuike, 25, Nigeria
  63. Anna Leitch, 27, Northern Ireland
  64. Amine Storrød, 21, Norway
  65. Krysthelle Barretto, 25, Panama
  66. Bethania Borba, 20, Paraguay
  67. Paula Montes Pastor, 25, Peru
  68. Tracy Maureen Perez. 28, Philippines
  69. Karolina Bielawska, 21, Poland
  70. Lidy Andrade Alves, 25, Portugal
  71. Aryam Díaz Rosado, 23, Puerto Rico
  72. Naomie Nishimwe, 22, Rwanda
  73. Tyler Theophane, 23, Saint Lucia
  74. Claudia Todd, 25, Scotland
  75. Penda Sy, 24, Senegal
  76. Andrijana Savić, 21, Serbia
  77. Khai Ling Ho, 18, Singapore
  78. Lara Mateo, 24, Sint Maarten
  79. Leona Novoberdaliu, 25, Slovakia
  80. Maja Čolic, 21, Slovenia
  81. Khadija Omar, 20, Somalia
  82. Shudufhadzo Musida, 25, South Africa
  83. Tara Hong, 21, South Korea
  84. Ana Garcia, 23, Spain
  85. Sadé Greenwood, 18, Sri Lanka
  86. Gabriella Lomm Mann, 26, Sweden
  87. Juliana Rugumisa, 23, Tanzania
  88. Jeanine Brandt, 25, Trinidad and Tobago
  89. Amani Layouni, 22, Tunisia
  90. Dilara Korkmaz, 23, Turkey
  91. Elizabeth Bagaya, 26, Uganda
  92. Aleksandra Yaremchuk, 22, Ukraine
  93. Shree Saini, 25, United States
  94. Valentina Camejo, 23, Uruguay
  95. Alejandra Conde, 24, Venezuela
  96. Do Thi Ha, 20, Vietnam
  97. Olivia Harris, 18, Wales
  98. Manasa Varansi, India
  99. Shree Saini, America

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Kidnapped Indian-origin family of 4, including 8-month-old, found dead in California

The bodies of the deceased were discovered by a farm worker in a remote orchard in Merced County.



Kidnapped Indian-origin family of 4, including 8-month-old, found dead in California

In a chilling incident, four members of the Indian-origin Sikh family, including an eight-month-old baby girl, were found dead in California, United States in an orchard on Wednesday after they were kidnapped earlier this week. The reports state that the family was abducted at gunpoint on Monday.

The bodies of the deceased were discovered by a farm worker in a remote orchard in Merced County. The victims were identified as baby Aroohi Dheri, Jasleen Kaur, 27, her father, Jasdeep Singh, 36, and the baby’s uncle, Amandeep Singh, 39. According to the officials, the family of four was kidnapped from the family’s trucking company in Merced.

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At a press conference, Sheriff Vern Warnke said tonight our worse fears have been confirmed and called it a horrible senseless act. He further said that the family (of the victim) has been notified. We have made arrangements through other contacts to try and get them, he added. Warnke further said that the police are investigating the matter to find the motivation of the killer.

According to the officials, the convicted robber tried to take his own life after the killings. The police nabbed the 48-year-old Jesus Salgado after they caught him using their ATM card in Atwater in Merced County. The police couldn’t interrogate the accused as he is currently under medical supervision.

The surveillance footage which was released on Wednesday showed that the family was pushed inside a truck by an armed guy. Amandeep and Jasdeep were seen leaving the company with their hands bound. A few seconds later, the mother of the infant and the kidnapper followed them to a truck.

Salgado had previously been found guilty in Merced County of attempted false imprisonment, first-degree robbery with the use of a firearm, and an attempt to deter or persuade a victim or witness. The California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation reports that he received an 11-year state prison sentence in that case. He was released from prison in 2015 and discharged from parole three years later.

Uttar Pradesh: 19-year-old girl strangled to death after being raped in Mainpuri

West Bengal: 8 people died by drowning in Mal river during visarjan | Watch

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Nobel Prize 2022: The winners in Medicine, Physics and Chemistry

The Co-founders of the fact-checking news portal AltNews, Mohammed Zubair and Pratik Sinha, are among the contenders to win the 2022 Nobel Peace Prize.



Nobel Prize 2022

Everyone wants to become famous in the world for their extraordinary work. The Nobel Prize provides opportunities for the same. It is awarded in six categories-medicine, physics, chemistry, economics, literature and peace work.

The Nobel Prize 2022 is going to get more media coverage because two Indians are on the top list of the Nobel Peace Prize. According to TIME magazine, the Co-founders of the fact-checking news portal AltNews, Mohammed Zubair and Pratik Sinha, are among the favourites contenders to win the 2022 Peace Prize.

The Nobel Prize has been announced for the three categories-Medicine of physiology, Physics and Chemistry. A Swedish geneticist Svante Paobo won the Nobel Prize in medicine for his discoveries concerning the genomes of extinct hominins and human evolution. He has created a new field of ancient DNA studies and also identified populations at higher risk of disease. In 1999, he founded the Max Plank Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology in Leipzig, Germany where he is still active.

The Nobel committee announced Nobel Prize in Physics for three scientists-Alain Aspect, John F Clauser and Anton Zeilinger. They all worked in the field of quantum technology.

According to the Nobel committee, the 2022 Nobel Prize in Physics has been awarded for experiments with entangled photons, establishing the violation of Bell inequalities and pioneering quantum information science.

It said that the 2022 NobelPrize laureates in physics have conducted groundbreaking experiments using entangled quantum states, where two particles behave like a single unit even when they are separated. The results have cleared the way for new technology based upon quantum information.

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The Nobel Prize in Chemistry has been shared by Carolyn R Bertozzi, Morten Medal and K. Barry Sharpless for the development of click chemistry and bioorthogonal chemistry.

Barry Sharpless has just become the fifth individual to be awarded two Nobel Prizes. Earlier, he was awarded the chemistry prize in 2001. He follows in the footsteps of double Nobel Prize laureates John Bardeen, Marie Skłodowska Curie, Linus Pauling and Frederick Sanger.

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Have you seen a Chimpanzee paying for Pizza delivery?

The comments on the video were as epic as the Chimpanzee’s conviction.




A woman while delivering Pizza to a Circus in Russia met an unexpected customer. A Chimpanzee opens the door, hands over the cash to her and takes the pizza inside. Confused, the woman takes her delivery bag and rushes back.

Twitter broke after a video, that has grabbed all the eyeballs, of a chimpanzee taking the Pizza delivery and paying for the same went viral which led to social media reactions.

Watch the viral video here

The video that seems to be of a circus room, a woman reaches with her delivery bag to handover the pizza and knocks the door. To her surprise, a Chimp, smartly dressed up in a red sweatshirt, jeans and sneakers, comes out of the door.

The confused woman takes a step back but was reassured when the Chimpanzee hands her over the cash. Slowly, she hands him over the Pizza box and takes off in haste. Happy with his pizza, Chimp goes back inside, and the door closes behind him.

The comments on the video were as epic as the Chimpanzee’s conviction.

A Twitter user wittily asked, What’s more terrifying – the chimpanzee opening the door or eating Russian pizza?

Commenting sarcastically, another one said that Bobo had to move out the zoo and get a place in the city because of their Do Not Feed the Animals policy.

Giving a reference of the hit film Rise of Apes, a user commented. Reacting to the unusual scenario, the user wrote that ain’t nobody will believe the her till they see the video. That woman ran to go tell somebody immediately, he added.

The video shows an incident that was unhoped for, commenting on the unanticipated incident, another twitter user comments, that it would be considered as witchcraft at where he comes from.

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