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5 Ways to Promote your YouTube channel on Instagram



Instagram saves minor's life by alerting Madhya Pradesh Police about suicide attempt

Since Instagram has been rapidly taking over the social media industry, it has become important to know how to promote effectively on this platform. Considering you have a  YouTube channel that’s in its initial stages,  Instagram is one of the best places to promote it and get it into the public eye. With more than a billion people using Instagram actively, the chances of you getting more exposure via Instagram are high and hence are very important. Also, since Instagram has a lot of aid for creating video content, promoting YouTube videos here is not at all a big task. However, since everyone needs a guide on how to achieve great results, here is the one for you. However, one good way to go about it is to buy Instagram followers. Since it aids your Instagram and also helps you secure more eyes on your YouTube channel, it’s a great way to promote your YouTube videos on your Instagram profile. But more on that later.

A lot of Instagram pages have started YouTube channels and promoted that on their Instagram itself. Since they had the community to start with, their YouTube took a boost and grew rapidly. However, you can achieve the same thing without much effort as well. To know-how let’s jump right into the 5 ways to promote your YouTube channel on Instagram:-

Post content on Instagram stories and IGTV

Since your YouTube videos are a type of long-form content, posting it on your stories and IGTV is the best way to go about it. The best way to do so is to use geotags, stickers, and hashtags even on your stories because the Instagram algorithm pushes it to other people who share the same interest. This is why stories with such tags and stickers get more views than the ones which dont. 

Also, another thing is posting content on IGTV can help you add that swipe-up feature to your stories. For people who dont know, Instagram lets you add a swipe up on your stories if you create IGTV videos that look professional. Since people like to watch Behind scenes content, you can post it via IGTV and add a CTA saying, full video on YouTube. This is a great way to promote your YouTube channel and is used by a lot of people as well.

Find a DM group

A DM group is a list of people that are in the same niche. In these groups, you have to actively participate in other people’s content to get views and comments on yours. These DM groups contain all types of influencers in that niche and hence are a great place to socialize and make connections. Since Instagram influencers do have YouTube channels, it’s also a good way to get tips on how to grow your channel, and hence being a part of DM groups is a great strategy. Also, the larger the group, the more subscribers you get on your channel. 

It’s a give and takes but, since you’re benefitting from it, there’s no harm in doing so. Also, since you actively participate with other people’s content, you get better ideas and hence can evolve your content as well.

Tag accounts that repost content in your niche

Tagging accounts that repost content is a great way to get more followers and more YouTube, subscribers. Since hundreds of pages have crossed over a million followers just by reposting content of a particular niche, you can take advantage of this. You just have to find good reposting pages in your niche and then tag them in every post you make. Since their audience is interested in the content of that niche, you have a high chance of getting YouTube famous by using such Instagram tactics. 

Since they repost content daily, it’s highly likely for you to get featured on their page. A lot of big influencers have used this tactic to get more subscribers on their YouTube channel and it’s proven to work.

Buy Instagram followers

Since Instagram is a place where people tend to follow what other people do, having a fan base helps. Let us explain how. When people see that you have a set number of followers on Instagram, they instantly tend to think that as a page, your content is top-notch and hence they should follow your page too. This is normal psychological behavior and hence as an influencer, you should capitalize on that. 

Also, buying Instagram followers, lets the algorithm know that people are engaging with your content and hence the algorithm promotes your Instagram followers to people who like to see the content of that niche. Once you have a big enough community on Instagram, you can be sure to get a ton of subscribers on your YouTube channel, just by that. However, if you’ve not bought engagement before, then we recommend using viral and getViral.

Add a CTA on your posts

Whenever you post, make sure to add a call to action in the caption. This makes people think a certain way and hence gets you more views on your YouTube videos. You can use simple yet effective CTA’s like sign up or click on this link can go a long way in getting people to your YouTube channel. That is why even big-time influencers in the industry use CTA’s on their posts to improve their traffic on YouTube.

Since YouTube is the biggest user-generated content platform, knowing how it operates and how to grow on it is a very crucial skill. And if you’re starting on YouTube, using cross-platform promotion becomes important. This is the reason why you should put these tips into practice and enjoy the engagement on your YouTube channel. Till then, best of luck!


IIMM Delhi claims 100% placement for PG Diploma in ADPR for 3 consecutive years



The International Institute of Mass Communication (IIMM) Delhi continues to solidify its reputation as a premier institution for media and communication studies by achieving 100% placement for its Post Graduate Diploma in Advertising and Public Relations (PGD ADPR) course for the third consecutive year. This remarkable achievement underscores the institution’s commitment to academic excellence and its pivotal role in shaping future leaders of the media industry.

A Legacy of Excellence

Ms. Simrat Gulati, an IIMC Alumna and Advertising veteran, who heads this program at IIMM Delhi said, “ADPR is one of IIMM Delhi’s oldest and most prestigious programs. Established with the vision of providing comprehensive education and training in the fields of advertising and public relations, this course has evolved to meet the dynamic demands of the industry. The curriculum is meticulously designed to combine theoretical knowledge with practical skills, ensuring that students are well-prepared for the challenges of the professional world.”

Industry Recognition

Industry experts and media professionals also hold IIMM Delhi’s ADPR program in high regard. Vivek Satya Mitram, a renowned Brand Strategist and co-founder at Bharat Dialogues said, “I have interacted with IIMM Students in workshops & events, the rigorous training included in their ADPR course and exposure to real-world scenarios are indeed a benchmark in media education. We at Bharat Dialogues regularly hire interns from IIMM Delhi for their creativity, strategic thinking, and ability to adapt to the rapidly changing media landscape.”

Several key factors contribute to the consistent placement success of the ADPR program at IIMM Delhi added their Academic Director Pooja Priyamvada. “We at IIMM Delhi have fostered strong relationships with leading companies in the advertising and PR sectors. These partnerships provide students with ample internship opportunities, live projects, and exposure to industry practices. We are privileged to have a highly qualified and experienced line up of faculty members & Guest lecturers who bring a wealth of industry knowledge and academic expertise.”

The industry-readiness of any curriculum requires that it is regularly updated to reflect the latest trends and technologies in the media industry. This ensures that students are equipped with relevant skills and knowledge that make them highly employable. As per many ex-students that is what set them apart from the crowd in the highly competitive media industry. Through mock interviews, resume building workshops, and career counseling sessions, the placement cell ensures that students are well-prepared to enter the job market.

The 100% placement record over the past three years is a testament to IIMM Delhi’s unwavering commitment to excellence. As the media industry continues to evolve, the institute remains dedicated to providing exemplary education and training that empowers students to become leaders in their field.

Established in 1999, the International Institute of Mass Media (IIMM) Delhi is a premier institution dedicated to providing high-quality education in mass media and communication. With a focus on practical training, industry exposure, and academic excellence, IIMM Delhi offers a range of undergraduate, postgraduate, and diploma programs designed to prepare students for successful careers in media and communication.

For more information about IIMM Delhi and its programs, please visit www.iimmdelhi.com

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Nima Sulaiman joins HiLITE Group Board, her father gifts her a Porsche

Nima expressed her gratitude for the opportunity and her eagerness to contribute to the group’s success.




In a move signalling a generational shift in leadership and a commitment to empowering women in the business world, Nima Sulaiman, the daughter of HiLITE Group Chairman P. Sulaiman, has been welcomed onto the board of directors with a stunning gesture—a Porsche worth Rs 3 crore.

At just 18, Nima began her journey with HiLITE Group as a customer service trainee at Hug a Mug Cafe. From there, she transitioned to management roles, showcasing her talent and dedication. With a B.Sc in Economics from the University of London in Singapore, Nima brings a unique blend of academic prowess and practical experience to her new position.

As the Director of HiLITE Urban, a subsidiary of HiLITE Group, Nima is poised to continue the company’s legacy of excellence in construction and development. With a focus on providing quality living spaces and international standards in India, HiLITE Group has been instrumental in transforming Kozhikode city with its innovative projects that include premium residential buildings, ultra modern business parks, state-of-the-art malls and world-class entertainment theaters.

Group Chairman P. Sulaiman expressed his sentiments regarding his daughter’s recent appointment within the Group. He said, “I am immensely proud of Nima’s accomplishments and firmly believe that she is capable to take on greater responsiblities. HiLITE Group has always shed light on the significance of acknowledging and empowering women in leadership positions.” He further emphasised, “The emotional intelligence that women bring to the table is pivotal for fostering effective leadership and establishing trust.”

Nima, in turn, expressed her gratitude for the opportunity and her eagerness to contribute to the group’s success. “Inspired by my experiences visiting renowned malls worldwide, I strive to enrich the atmosphere of HiLITE malls and other projects, infusing them with vibrancy and youthfulness,” she said.

The appointment of Nima Sulaiman to the board of directors represents a significant milestone for HiLITE Group and a testament to the company’s commitment to innovation and inclusivity in the business world. As Nima takes on her new role, she stands as a beacon of inspiration for young women entrepreneurs in South India and beyond.

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Steps to effective retirement planning

The importance of retirement planning depends on ensuring you have adequate funds to live comfortably after you stop earning a stable income.




Retirement planning is a critical aspect of financial stability that often goes overlooked until it’s too late. In India, where the culture of savings is ingrained yet formal retirement planning is still evolving, understanding, and initiating a retirement plan is more crucial than ever.

The importance of retirement planning depends on ensuring you have adequate funds to live comfortably after you stop earning a stable income. It is not only about saving a part of your earnings but also about investing in yourself. Here are some crucial reasons to begin retirement planning – combating inflation, securing financial freedom, managing medical expenditures, maintaining your living standard, supporting family requirements, meeting post-retirement goals, preparing for unanticipated circumstances, and leaving a legacy for dependents.

Here are ways to effectively plan your retirement –

Ø  Utilise an online retirement calculator

An important instrument for planning, an online retirement calculator can assist you estimate how much you require to save to live a post-retirement life. It factors in your existing age, savings, retirement age, investments, and anticipated inflation rates.

Anjali is looking to retire at the age of 60 with a lifestyle that needs Rs 50,000 per month. Utilising an online retirement calculator, she considers her existing age of 30, anticipated inflation of 6 per cent and prevailing savings. The calculator estimates she needs a corpus of approximately Rs 2.5 crores to sustain her retirement life, helping her strategise her savings and investments accordingly.

Ø  Start early

The sooner you start, the more you benefit from compound interest. Even starting small can lead to substantial growth over decades.

Imagine Rohit, who starts saving Rs 5,000 a month at age 25 in a mutual fund that averages an 8% annual return. By the time he turns 60, his investment would have grown to over Rs 1.50 crore, thanks to compound interest. In contrast, if Priya starts saving the same amount at 35 under the same conditions, she would accumulate about Rs 67 lakhs by age 60. The decade-long head start allows Rohit’s investments more time to compound, significantly impacting his retirement corpus.

Ø  Create a retirement budget

Estimate your post-retirement expenses, considering inflation and changing lifestyle needs. Including fixed expenses, healthcare, leisure, and unexpected costs.

Vijay, nearing retirement, lists down his monthly expenses including groceries, utilities, healthcare, and leisure activities like travel and hobbies. Considering inflation, he predicts his current monthly expense of Rs 30,000 will rise to Rs 80,000 by the time he retires. This projection helps him understand how much he needs to save to maintain his lifestyle post-retirement.

Ø  Opt for a pension plan

Investing in pension plans offered by insurance companies can guarantee a steady income post-retirement. They also provide tax benefits under Section 80C.

Raj invests in a pension plan that promises a monthly income of Rs 20,000 after retirement. This plan not only secures his future financially but also offers tax benefits today, making it a win-win investment for his retirement years.

Ø  Diversify your investment portfolio

Do not put all your eggs in one basket. Invest in a mix of asset classes including equity, debt, mutual funds, and real estate. Consider your risk appetite and investment horizon.

Meena, an investor, allocates her savings across different asset classes—40 per cent in equity for growth, 30 per cent in bonds for stability, 20 per cent in mutual funds for diversified exposure, and 10 per cent in real estate for passive income. This diversification helps balance her risk and provides multiple growth avenues, ensuring her portfolio is well-equipped to handle market volatility.

Ø  Maximise your EPF and PPF contributions

The EPF or employee provident fund and PPF or public provident fund are excellent tax-saving instruments that offer secure, high-interest earnings for retirement.

Sunita contributes the maximum allowable limit to her EPF and PPF accounts every year. These contributions not only reduce her taxable income but also accumulate tax-free earnings, creating a significant retirement fund that’s secure and government-backed.

Ø  Maintain an emergency fund

Ensure you have an emergency fund worth at least 6-12 months of living expenses. This fund should be easily accessible and kept separate from your retirement savings.

Deepika saves six months’ worth of expenses in a liquid fund, separate from her investments and retirement savings. This fund acts as a financial cushion during unexpected events, such as medical emergencies or sudden unemployment, ensuring her long-term plans remain undisturbed.

Ø  Invest in NPS or national pension scheme

The NPS is a government-backed retirement planning instrument that is market-linked and offers various fund options based on your risk tolerance.

Karan opts for the NPS, choosing a mix of equity, corporate bonds, and government securities, aligning with his moderate risk appetite. This allows his retirement savings to grow with the market while offering the flexibility to adjust the asset allocation as he gets closer to retirement.

Ø  Educate yourself financially

Stay informed about financial planning, investment options, tax laws, and market trends. Knowledge is power, especially when it comes to managing your money.

Neha spends her time reading blogs linked with finance, attending workshops, and consulting with financial professionals. This constant learning equips her with considerable knowledge to make better decisions about her tax planning, investments, and retirement plan, ensuring she enhances her financial potential.

Ø  Assess as well as adjust your plan periodically

Your retirement plan should adapt to your changing life circumstances. Annually, review your assets, savings, and goals and make any necessary modifications.

Every year, Amit updates his retirement plan to reflect changes in his income, spending, and life goals. This regular review keeps him on pace with his retirement objectives, allowing him to make necessary modifications to his savings rate and investment selections.

Final thoughts

Retirement planning is more than a financial responsibility; it is a commitment to your future self. Beginning today not just secures your financial future, but even endows you with mental peace and the opportunity to spend your retirement years as you see fit. Attaining a comfortable retirement involves vision, a proactive attitude, and discipline. Note that it is never too early or very late, to begin with retirement planning. The steps you take now can result in a better and more secure tomorrow.

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