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61 children, mostly newborns and infants, dead in last 72 hours at Gorakhpur Hospital, State silent



61 children, mostly newborns and infants, dead in last 72 hours at Gorakhpur Hospital, State silent

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]File photo of children admitted at encephalitis ward of BRD hospital, Gorakhpur

Baba Raghav Das (BRD) hospital, situated in chief minister Yogi Adityanath’s constituency, was recently in news when over 30 children admitted at the facility died within 48 hours due to disruption in oxygen supply

As many as 61 children – mostly newborns and infants – have been reported dead at Gorakhpur’s Baba Raghav Das (BRD) Hospital in just the last 72 hours. This is the same medical facility – the biggest in Uttar Pradesh chief minister Yogi Adityanath’s pocket borough which receives patients from 36 eastern UP districts, Bihar and Nepal – where over 30 children had died on August 10 and 11 due to disruption in the hospital’s oxygen supply.

The latest spate of deaths was reported on August 27, 28 and 29. Although the hospital is yet to officially declare the number of deaths and what caused them, local media reports claim that 11 children had died at the hospital’s encephalitis ward while 25 each had been reported dead from the neo-natal intensive care unit (NNICU) and the general pediatric ward.

61 children, mostly newborns and infants, dead in last 72 hours at Gorakhpur Hospital, State silent

The Adityanath government, which is already facing criticism for a total of 70 deaths of children at the hospital three weeks ago due to disruption of oxygen supply – a charge that it has steadfastly denied – has chosen to stay mum on the deaths reported over the past three days. Chief minister Adityanath and his health minister Sidharth Nath Singh, who are usually very vocal on social media platforms like Twitter, have not uttered a word on the latest tragedy, let alone offer any remedial measures. This, even as local doctors claimed that the death toll could rise further over the next few days.

Unofficially, hospital authorities have been telling media persons that the current spate of deaths has been caused due to encephalitis, health complexities in newborns, pneumonia, sepsis etc. According to a Hindustan Times report, the hospital has seen a substantial increase in patients suffering from encephalitis, water-borne  and vector-borne diseases over the past few weeks which has led to overcrowding.

A doctor at the encephalitis ward of the BRD hospital told local television news channels that the situation is set to get worse in coming days as eastern Uttar Pradesh, Bihar and Nepal – the key areas from which patients pour in at the facility – “are still receiving heavy rainfall and are reeling under the effects of floods which has a direct correlation with the spread of encephalitis.” Due to the overcrowding, the doctor said: “we have been forced to accommodate as many as four patients on a single bed in the paediatric ward and the condition at other wards is similar”.

According to hospital records, this year till Monday at least 1,250 patients have died in the encephalitis and neonatal wards.

A ground report of the appalling situation at the BRD hospital that was published in a leading national daily on Wednesday quoted Dr RN Singh, a paediatrician, who has worked extensively in UP on encephalitis cases, saying: “Insufficient homework was done to control the outspread of Acute Encephalitis Syndrome… measures like fogging to kill mosquitoes, de-silting of water bodies, vaccination and chlorination of water were not done in time.”

A recent central panel probe into the mortality situation at the BRD hospital had found a severe shortage of medical staff in the neonatal and paediatric wards along with major lapses in maintaining basic hygiene standards. The inquiry had also revealed that only three of the over 30 nurses in the facility were trained to handle newborns.

When the earlier deaths of children were reported from the hospital on August 10 and 11 due to disruption in oxygen supply that was caused after the hospital management failed to settle a bill of Rs 60 lakh made out by the oxygen supply agency, the Adityanath government had claimed that the children had died due to encephalitis and other medical reasons. While it rejected the widely accepted theory that lack of oxygen had led to the deaths, the government did increase the number of doctors and paramedical staff at the hospital. The Centre and state government had both ordered multiple probes while an FIR was registered against nine persons, including Dr Rajiv Mishra (then BRD hospital principal) and his wife Dr Purnima Shukla, Dr Kafeel Khan and Uday Pratap Sharma of Pushpa Sales, the agency that supplied oxygen to the hospital.

On Tuesday, Dr Mishra and his wife Dr Purnima Shukla were arrested by the UP Special Task force from Kanpur over the child deaths earlier this month. Earlier, on the intervening night of Monday and Tuesday, the UP STF and police had raided the house of Dr Kafeel Khan but claimed that he was not present at home.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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Ambulance Dada Karimul Haque, who’s saved more than 7000 lives, signs contract with producer for a Hindi film about him

In Jalpaiguri, West Bengal, Karimul Haque is working hard in his own unique way. He provides emergency medical care for people.



Karimul Haque

In Jalpaiguri, West Bengal, Karimul Haque is working hard in his own unique way. He provides emergency medical care for people. Karimul Haque is a former tea garden worker. His mother and father were agricultural labourers. Karimul Haque did not complete his schooling and dropped out early to work.

His journey begins with a tragic experience in 1995 that forever changed his life when he could not find an ambulance to transport his ailing mother to the hospital. As a result, his mother died of cardiac arrest. He then made a decision to help others in the event of a medical emergency.

In 1998, when a coworker suddenly fainted, Haque carried him to his motorcycle and took him to a neighbouring hospital. This was when he got the idea of a motorcycle ambulance and decided to start his own motorcycle ambulance business. He borrowed money to purchase his own motorcycle, and since 1998, he has helped more than 7,000 people in need of medical assistance in more than 20 adjacent areas.

The first motor ambulance was merely a motorcycle carrying a sick patient. Now the motorcycle features a more modern sidecar equipped with an oxygen tank. The service transports three to four patients each day using two motorbikes and an equal number of four-wheeler vans. A cell phone number is also displayed on the bikes and ambulances. Haque has been driving his “motorcycle ambulance” for 16 years, ever since he took his first patient to the Jalpaiguri district hospital. 

A former journalist, Biswajit Jha, authored a biography of Haque named ‘Bike Ambulance Dada: The Inspiring Story of Karimul Haque.”

In 2017, the Government of India awarded Karimul Haq the Padma Shri. In 2018, at Rashtrapati Bhavan on the eve of Republic Day, he learned to take selfies from Prime Minister Narendra Modi. In 2021, he was invited to “Kaun Banega Crorepati 12”. Haque recently signed a contract with a Mumbai-based producer for a Hindi film about him.

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Married woman found dead, throat slit, in Barabanki, police believe extramarital affair involved

According to the police, one alleged accused has been arrested.



crime scene

In Barabanki, Uttar Pradesh, a shocking incident came to light, a woman had been murdered and had her throat slit. The woman was sleeping on the terrace of her home when the incident was reported. According to the police, one alleged accused has been arrested.

At the time of investigation, it was found that the deceased woman’s husband, Rampal, and her three children were out to attend the wedding when the incident happened.

During the investigation, Rampal revealed, they returned home from the wedding by one o’clock. He knocked on the front door of the house but didn’t receive any response. Soon after, his kids Vikas (17) and Akash (15) also arrived. All three of them collectively called their mother and tried to enter the house.

After a while, when there was no response again, they lay down on the cot that was kept in front of the home. Everyone once more attempted to open the door at around five in the morning, but it remained closed. Rampal then began shouting as he climbed the wall from the house’s backyard to the terrace. After reaching the terrace he found his wife’s body lying on the terrace and her throat was slitted with a sharp weapon.

According to SP of Barabanki, the youngest son of the deceased woman told about some persons who used to visit his mother when his father wasn’t there at home. The SP added, one individual has been detained in connection with the incident, after the statement given by the child.

As soon as local authorities and police were notified of the incident, they rushed to the scene, after which the woman’s body was sent for a postmortem.

The woman was killed, according to the authorities, because of her extramarital affairs. They claimed that robbery was not a factor in the case. The police stated that additional inquiries concerning the case were being conducted.

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18-year-old college girl found dead in hostel room: Mumbai police probe rape, suspect dies by suicide

Police entered the room and found her dead with a stole around her neck. Police has registered an FIR against the accused under Indian Penal Code Sections 302 (murder) and 376 (rape), and an investigation is underway.



18 year old girl murder in mumbai

The dolorous case of an 18 year old girl, found dead at a girl’s hostel in the Churchgate area in South Mumbai. The incident has shocked many. As per the official, it is suspected that the woman was sexually assaulted, but it can be ascertained only after the autopsy report is available. She was locked from the outside; Police entered the room and found her dead with a stole around her neck. Police has registered an FIR against the accused under Indian Penal Code Sections 302 (murder) and 376 (rape), and an investigation is underway.

The suspected guard in this case found dead on railway track near Charni road station on Tuesday. The 30 year old suspect, identified as Om Prakash Kanaujia. His body was later sent to GT Hospital for postmortem. The suspect was working for 15 years at Savitri Phule Women’s Hostel near the Police Gyankhana in South Mumbai.

Police also found that a female staff member working at the hostel missing, attempts made to trace her but later it was found that the staff member too has committed suicide by jumping in front of Suburn Local at Marine drive station located near the hostel. The other suicide body of female staff member was identified by her father. The Police sent the body too for the post mortem and they are investigating other hostel members to get to the root of this case. The case is becoming more complicated after the suicide of the one more suspect in the case.

The 18 year old girl hailed from Vidarbha in Maharashtra, she was studying in government polytechnic college in suburban Bandra.  She was untraceable since Tuesday afternoon with her hostel room on the fourth floor, locked from the outside.

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