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SSC CGL exam: Shashi Tharoor demands CBI probe on paper leak



SSC CGL Exam: Shashi Tharoor Demands CBI Probe on paper leak

In a major distress for the candidates the SSC had to cancel the second shift of the paper at one venue during this year’s annual selection process.

Coming out in support of the candidates protesting against an alleged paper leak in ongoing SSC CGL 2017 recruitment process, senior Congress leader Dr Shahsi Tharoor on Thursday wrote to Dr Jitendra Singh, Union Minister of State, Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances and Pensions, Government of India, with reference to the recently concluded Combined Graduate Level (CGL) Tier II Examination, conducted by the Staff Selection Commission of India (SSC).

Sharing a post on Twitter, Tharoor wrote, “With lakhs of protesters clamouring for justice it is clear that SSC CLG Mains 2018 must be scrapped & rescheduled. A CBI inquiry into the leak is imperative. Our nation cannot afford to shake the faith of our students in the competitive examination system.”

Reportedly, in a major distress for the candidates who had prepared to appear for the examination on February 17 – the first day of the CGL Tier II exam – the SSC had to cancel the second shift of the paper at one venue during this year’s edition of the annual selection process.

“The examination was subsequently conducted as per schedule for the remainder of the five days, despite further allegations surfacing of questions from those papers being leaked prior to the allotted date and time. This would have, in effect, put a majority of prospective candidates at a serious disadvantage and was naturally a cause of considerable distress to all those who were scheduled to give the examination,” wrote Tharoor in the letter to Dr Jitendra Singh.

“While it appears that the Chairman of the SSC has met a 3-member delegation, representing the hundreds of candidates who are currently protesting, and has issued a directive to conduct a re-examination, the candidates have pointed out that this new examination will only cover 1 shift, namely the one that took place on the 21 of February, whereas the reality is that the circumstances surrounding the other shifts are equally contestable and deserves to be included under the scope of this re-examination directive as well,” he added.

Further stating that the fact of the matter remains that the number one request of the candidates is a detailed probe into the matter, Shashi Tharoor wrote, “However, it appears that the SSC is only willing to form an SIT probe, a cause of further anguish for these students, since it is likely that the members of this probe will be current employees of the SSC themselves, thereby opening the door for a potentially biased investigation.”

“Given the unfortunate circumstances surrounding their plight and the urgency of the situation at hand, I would be grateful if you could look into this matter at the earliest and give this request your most earnest and sympathetic consideration,” he added.

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DGCA fines Go First Rs 10 lakh for leaving behind 55 passengers at Bengaluru airport

The incident took place on January 9 at 5:45 am when the passengers were about to board Go First flight G8-116 from Bengaluru to New Delhi.



GoFirst flight

The Directorate General of Civil Aviation on Friday fined Go First Rs 10 lakh for leaving behind 55 passengers at the Bengaluru airport earlier this month and violating the rules.

The incident took place on January 9 at 5:45 am when the passengers were about to board Go First flight G8-116 from Bengaluru to New Delhi. Reports said a total of airbuses were sent to pick up the passengers for the aircraft. While the first two buses went ahead, the other two were left behind.

Following the incident, the DGCA issued a show cause notice to the responsible manager of the airlines and directed them to take enforcement actions against Go First for the dereliction of their regulatory obligations.

Replying to the DGCA, the airline released a statement saying the airline had launched an inquiry into the matter assuring it is being investigated. The airlines also offered a free ticket for travel on any domestic route to all the affected passengers.

A senior DCGA official reacted to the reply and said the airline failed to provide adequate ground arrangement handling, flight dispatch and passenger and cargo handling, and preparation of load and trim sheet.

DGCA further enforced action and penalised Rs 10 lakh for violation of CAR Sections 3, Series C, Part II of the Air Transport Circular 02 of 2019, reports said.

Sharing her inconvenience through a tweet, an affected passenger called it her most horrifying experience with Go First airlines. She shared her ordeals on Twitter and called the incident the heights of negligence.

Watch the video of the incident here:

Earlier a similar incident took place wherein Singapore-bound Scoot Airlines left behind more than 30 passengers at the Amritsar Airport. The DGCA sought a report of the incident and also slammed the airlines.

In a reply to DGCA, the airlines informed that the passengers were updated about the rescheduling of the flight, however, their travel agents failed to convey them. The airlines also offered free tickets to all the affected passengers.

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Who is Suhani Shah? Everything you need to know about the internet sensation

Shah entered the Guinness Book of World Records as the world’s youngest magician at the age of seven.



Suhani Shah

If you are an avid social media user, you might have come across the name, Suhani Shah. The 32-year-old is hogging headlines for her ability to read people’s minds. Prime Time news channels couldn’t stop covering her and tagging her as a Jadu Pari or a magician.

Shah came into the limelight amid the Bageshwar Dham row. The mentalist ripped off the 26-year-old Dham Trust chief Dhirendra Shastri’s false claims about magic and divine power.

Who is Suhani Shah?

Shah is not just a mentalist but also a social media sensation. She has a verified Instagram account with 1.2 million followers and her bio reads ‘Mentalist.’

Apart from being the cover story of magazines like Be Attractive, L’utopia, Fashion Herald, and others, she has collaborated with several Bollywood stars like Kareen Kapoor Khan, Rajkummar Rao, Boman Irani, and others.

Shah entered the Guinness Book of World Records as the world’s youngest magician at the age of seven. An illusionist, a clinical hypnotherapist, an author, a corporate trainer, and a mentalist, she has been honoured with several awards and the title Jadoo Pari by the All India Magic Association.

Shah also owns a YouTube channel where she keeps uploading videos on mentalism, magic, vlogs, and others. Other than her social media appearance, she also runs a web shoe That’s My Job wherein she invites guests. Public figures like Zakir Khan, Triggered Insaan, Munawar Faruqui, Tanmay Bhat, Samay Raina, Nischay Malhan, Vijay Shekhar Sharma, and several others have been a part of her web show.

Born in Rajasthan’s Udaipur, Shah discontinued school in Class 2 to pursue her passion for magic. As she started her career at the age of seven and toured across the world, she was home-schooled.

In 1997, she performed on the stage for the first time at Thakorbhai Desai Hall in Ahmedabad and up until now has done over 5,000 shows in and across India.

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Madhya Pradesh: Four men creep into coal mine to rob scrap iron, die of asphyxiation



Four men, who crept into a coal mine to allegedly steal scrap iron from the place, died of asphyxiation inside in Shahdol district of Madhya Pradesh, reports said.

According to reports, the now-deceased men broke into a closed coal mine in Kalri under Dhanpuri police station to rob scrap iron by stripping junked machines, while one of their partners stood outside to stand guard.

However, the man standing guard became anxious when his gang members didn’t return for a long time and there was silence from inside. The man fled the spot and fearing the worst, returned back and informed his friends and family of the incident.

Reports said police got wind of the incident, and sent a rescue team inside the mine who managed to pull out the bodies of the four thieves.

Police said that four men were already when the rescue team found them inside the mine.

The deceased have been identified as Raj Mahto, Hazari Koul, Rahul Koul and Kapil Vishwakarma, police said, adding that they suspect the men died due leakage of methane gas inside the coal mine.

The mine had been shut since 2018 and the four men had reportedly dug a tunnel to get inside the coal mine.

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