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Yearender 2022: Viral videos, a recap

As individuals spread joy by sharing these cute little movies with their friends, partners, and loved ones, they have evolved into a kind of universal love language.



yearender 2022

By- Divyansh Thakur

Sharing is caring, or so the old adage goes. Continuing with the craze for any content in the cellphone age now tiptoeing towards the 5G era, viral videos have had a good year in 2022 some are outright zany, some thought-provoking and instilling pride even if for 20 seconds or less.

We can argue about the negative effects of the social media boom of recent years and bemoan how smartphones have become a human appendage rather than a plain, old device. Even though TikTok is prohibited, scrolling through Instagram reels, YouTube shorts, and Facebook videos has us returning for more dopamine every few seconds, and before we realise it, we’ve been on the feed for hours. What’s harm or damage it is just thumb work.

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But is it really that horrible to enjoy a humorous skit of an influencer or a video of a dog that makes you smile and put your bad day behind you? As individuals spread joy by sharing these cute little movies with their friends, partners, and loved ones, they have evolved into a kind of universal love language.

Here’s a list of some popular videos that went viral in 2022:

Pakistani girl’s Tik Tok dance on Mera Dil Yeh Pukare Aaja

All you see these days whenever you open Instagram is the video of Ayesha, a girl from Pakistan, dancing at a wedding reception to a remixed version of Mera Dil Ye Pukare Aaja sung by Lata Mangeshkar.


She charmed millions of Indians with her dance and loose-fitting green clothing. The popular song has been used by a lot of ladies, influencers, and even celebrities like Katrina Kaif to post reels.

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Kachha Badam

It is quite unlikely that you missed the Kacha Badam viral craze. Bhuban Badyakar, a West Bengal peanut vendor, is the creator of the song.


Early in 2022, the video of the peanut vendor who used to stand by the side of the road became viral. His song caused an Instagram Reels wave as he became famous over night. People were grooving to Kacha Badam all over the world. West Bengal Police commended him for his song. Badyakar released a second new set in June called “Hobe Naki Bou,” which received 1.4 lakh views in just two days.

The Kala Chashma craze

Norwegian Bollywood dancing group Quick Style went viral on social media for their incredible performance at a crew member’s wedding. The dancing moves from Quick Style’s viral performance are now being adopted by an increasing number of Instagram users. The dancing troupe initially shared snippets of the performance on Instagram, where they quickly went viral.

They became a viral hit thanks to the first reel, Kala Chashma, which also garnered media attention. The subsequent videos they made for songs like Chura Ke Dil Mera, Sadi Gali, and Tumse Milke Dil Ka also earned millions of views. Shilpa Shetty, Akshay Kumar, and Katrina Kaif were among the celebrities who praised their dancing.

Their choreography was fresh, hip, lively, and just plain fun. Due to Quick Style’s fantastic choreography for songs like Kala Chashma, Sadi Gali, Chura Ke Dil Mera, and others, a lot of people, influencers, and celebrities started mimicking their moves. One person pretends to fall as the song starts, then gets down on all fours and twerks to the beat. This is the defining move in the dance craze.

The Oscar slap feat. Will Smith, Chris Rock

In March 2022, US actor Will Smith slapped comedian Chris Rock after getting enraged at the latter’s joke about his estranged wife Jada Pinkett Smith during the 94th Academy Awards .

Smith slapped Rock and then turned around cursing. People questioned Smith’s behaviour after seeing the incident’s footage online, and a sizeable portion of internet users also questioned Chris’s “sense of humour.”

Tanzanian brother-sister lip-sync Bollywood songs

Kili Paul, a Tanzanian influencer, became viral after posting a video of himself and his sister Neema lip-syncing to Shershah song Raatan Lambiyan. Even Siddharth Malhotra and Kiara Advani, the stars who featured in the film song, had something to say about it.

Paul was honoured by the Indian High Commission in Tanzania, and Prime Minister Narendra Modi thanked him in his Mann Ki Baat. As desi netizens continued to watch all of Kili Paul’s most recent lip-sync and dance clips set to Bollywood songs in 2022, his Instagram account ballooned with followers close to 5 million.

Yeh Mera Bhai Hai reel: Brother-sister duo go viral

A few months ago, a video of two young children making a video together went insanely viral on Instagram. Zarah and Zohan, two siblings, were seen introducing themselves in the amusing video. The young girl says, Yeh mera bhai hai, as she waits for her brother to introduce her. She whispers, Bolo na meri behen hai, to him when he doesn’t, to assist him.


The bespectacled boy finally replies, Yeh meri behen hai.  Knowing they botched their intro, the two then smile endearingly. The young girl says, Yeh mera bhai hai, main iski behen hun. They are having a noodle eating competition, the boy continues.

Bahut Jagah Hai, fighting for space on a bus seat

In our top viral video list, the Bahut Jagah Hai debate of two elderly men, too finds space. The two elderly men can be seen squabbling over shared space in the bus and someone behind them recorded a video of the same.

The two men are sitting beside each other in a public transport bus and as one of them asks the other to shift a little further towards the window side by saying ‘Bahut Jagah Hai’, the other asserts without giving it another thought and says, ‘Nahi Jagah Hai.’ The video went viral and incited many memes.

MC Stan’s Nike Air Jordans, “80 Hazar Ke Shoes”

Indian Rapper MC Stan, who is currently inside the Bigg Boss’ s House, had once uploaded a random video of him flexing his Nike Air Jordans by saying, “80 Hazar Ke Shoes Hain L***e, Tera Ghar Chala Jayenga Isme.”

What happens next was even unimaginable to Stan, as the video went viral and gained a lot of popularity on the social media website. Many people used it as a meme template and uploaded their own videos on Stan’s audio track of 80 Hazar Ke Shoes.

Football World Cup 2022 forecast in 2015

Following Argentina’s World Cup victory and Messi’s victorious performance, social media erupted with congratulations.

One of these tweets from 2015 stated that on December 18, 2022, Messi would win the Football World Cup. Leo Messi, 34, will win the World Cup and go down in history as the greatest player ever. 7 years from now, check in with me, the poster challenged seven years ago.

Chhoti Bachchi Ho Kya

If you haven’t been living under a rock, you’ve probably seen Chhoti Bachchi Ho Kya memes online. #ChotiBachiHoKya was popular on Twitter a couple of months ago, and internet users inundated the hashtag with jokes and memes.

The dialogue “Chhoti Bachi Ho Kya?” is a line from Tiger Shroff’s film from 2014, Heropanti. A mimicry artist went viral after he used Tiger Shroff’s dialogue from the film. Every other person on Instagram, Twitter and even in real life started using the dialogue and the video was among the most viral moments of 2022.

Which was your favourite?

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India News

PM Modi says change in government certain in Chhattisgarh

According to PM Modi, the second Parivartan Yatra was launched from Jashpur in north Chhattisgarh on September 15 while the first one left Dantewada in south Chhattisgarh on September 12.



PM Modi

On Saturday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi attended the closing ceremony of the Bharatiya Janata Party’s (BJP) two Parivartan Yatras in Bilaspur. This is PM Modi’s third trip to the state, which is governed by the Congress and will host assembly elections later this year.

The Prime Minister attacked the Bhupesh Baghel-led governance during a public rally by claiming that Chhattisgarh is steeped in corruption and misrule. Every plan of the Congress government contains a fraud.

According to PM Modi, the second Parivartan Yatra was launched from Jashpur in north Chhattisgarh on September 15 while the first one left Dantewada in south Chhattisgarh on September 12.

Before reaching their conclusion in Bilaspur, both yatras covered a distance of more than 3,000 km over 87 assembly segments (out of the total 90), he said, and included 83 Swagat Sabhas (welcome gatherings), four roadshows, and several public meetings.

The Maoist-affected districts of Bijapur, Sukma, and Antagarh are not on the schedule, although residents from these districts participated in the yatra when it went through their neighbouring districts.

The party officials and employees spirits were unaffected by the rain, he said, and they joyfully took part in the two yatras, which attracted a large number of people.

According to Sao, who expressed confidence that the Congress will be defeated in the 2019 elections, the two yatras, in which almost 50 lakh people participated, have converted the tide of change into a storm.

The program’s location has been heavily fortified with security, according to the police. There will be a total of 1,500 security personnel deployed, including police officers, members of the Special Protection Group (SPG), members of the Chhattisgarh Armed Force, and members of the National Security Guard (NSG).

According to a police, a three-kilometer radius around the city has been designated a no-fly zone, and anti-drone weaponry have also been deployed in anticipation of the PM’s visit.

The Congress gave the BJP, which had been in power for 15 years under Raman Singh, a crushing loss in the 2018 assembly elections. The BJP had only won 15 seats, while the Congress had won 68. There are 71 seats in the current Congress.

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Punjab: Farmer’s rail roko protest enters 3rd day, disrupts train services

Many trains have been cancelled, short-terminated, or diverted as a result of the unrest, according to railway officials.



Punjab Farmer

The rail roko protest of Punjabi farmers demanding MSP legal protection, a broad debt relief, and compensation for crops damaged in the recent floods began its third day today.

Many trains have been cancelled, short-terminated, or diverted as a result of the unrest, according to railway officials.

As part of their three-day agitation, the farmers have been blocking railway tracks at various locations in Faridkot, Samrala, Moga, Hoshiarpur, Gurdaspur, Jalandhar, Tarn Taran, Sangrur, Patiala, Ferozepur, Bathinda, and Amritsar since Thursday.

In Punjab and Haryana, the protest has halted hundreds of rail passengers.

A train passenger at the Ludhiana station claimed that he had travelled by road from Jalandhar City in order to board a train to Gorakhpur, but the arrival time of the train was unknown.

Another passenger at the station claimed that the Amritsar-bound train that was scheduled to carry 12 members of his family to Bihar had to be cancelled due to the unrest.

Later, they discovered that the family had journeyed by road from Amritsar and that the train would leave from Ludhiana. He continued, however, there has still been no update on the train.

According to officials, the Ambala and Ferozepur railway divisions have suffered specifically as a result of the farmers’ unrest.

The Kisan Mazdoor Sangharsh Committee, Bharti Kisan Union (Krantikari), Bharti Kisan Union (Ekta Azaad), Azaad Kisan Committee, Doaba, Bharti Kisan Union (Behramke), Bharti Kisan Union (Shaheed Bhagat Singh), and Bharti Kisan Union (Chottu Ram) are among the farmer organisations taking part in the three-day demonstration.

The angry farmers have stated that the three-day protest will end on Saturday.

Their requests include a financial aid package for those in north India hit by floods, a statutory guarantee of the minimum support price (MSP) for all crops, and a farmer debt forgiveness programme.

The Swaminathan Commission report’s proposals for MSP and a 50,000 crore flood relief package for the states of northern India are what the farmers are asking for.

In addition, they want the debt of all farmers and labourers to be forgiven, as well as compensation of Rs 10 lakh and a government job for the families of each farmer killed during the protests against the three farm laws that have since been repealed.

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Sankalp Saptaah: PM Modi today launches week-long initiative for aspirational blocks at Bharat Mandapam

The country’s Sankalp Saptah programme, which is being implemented in 500 aspirational blocks throughout 329 districts, seeks to increase block-level government while also improving civilian quality of life.



Sankalp Saptaah

At Bharat Mandapam in New Delhi on Saturday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi introduced a week-long project named Sankalp Saptaah for the country’s aspirational groups.

He also conversed with attendees, including members from the panchayat and the block level.

The week-long programme, which is described in an official news release, is closely correlated with the national Aspirational Blocks Programme (ABP), which Modi introduced in January of this year.

The country’s Sankalp Saptah programme, which is being implemented in 500 aspirational blocks throughout 329 districts, seeks to increase block-level government while also improving civilian quality of life.

Chintan Shivirs were held nationwide at the village and block levels to help with the effective execution of the ABP and to create strong block development strategies. The result of these careful considerations, which will be seen in each of the 500 aspirational blocks, is Sankalp Saptaah.

On October 9, the final day of the seven-day event, a celebration of the week’s worth of effort will take place under the banner of Sankalp Saptaah – Samavesh Samaroh.

Speaking at the inaugural function, the prime minister claimed that more than 25 crore people’s lives in 112 districts throughout the nation had been improved by the aspirational districts plan. He asserted that the quality of living had changed. Now, the aspirational blocks programme will be built on the success of the aspirational districts programme, he said.

According to the statement, about 3,000 panchayat and block level functionaries and representatives of the people are expected to attend the inaugural event at Bharat Mandapam, in addition to about two lakh farmers, block and panchayat level functionaries, and people from other walks of life who will participate virtually.

Starting on October 3 and running through October 9, each day of Sankalp Saptaah is devoted to a distinct development subject on which all aspirational blocks will focus. Sampoorna Swasthya, Suposhit Pariwaar, Swachhta, Krishi, Shiksha, and Samridhi Diwas are some of the themes for the first six days, according to the statement.

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