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Christmas 2021: 5 simple, chic ideas to decorate your home this holiday season

Christmas also means gifts, and ours to you is solution to your confusion. Here is a list of ideas for decoration.



Christmas 2021

The holiday season brings in the celebrations and merry hopes for a wonderful view, good food, and a pleasant attitude. Christmas is about to arrive and with great festivals come great makeovers.

From attires to home decor, everything must be planned to the detail. From innovative home decor to decking-up pine trees to preparing scrumptious dishes, the Christmas celebration is such a task and prepping for it might get overwhelming.

Can any festival be complete without decorating our homes? With so many options out there, we often struggle to find the best way to make our place look exquisite and aesthetic. Well, we are not here to throw you into a panic but rather to help you out. We have collated 5 simple and chic ways to decorate your homes this holiday season.

The traditional Christmas decor

This year, if you’re not interested in any of the newest, trendiest, or most frantic decorations, traditional red, white, and green decorations, beautifully decorated Christmas trees, socks, and delectable delicacies are always a choice.

Create your own theme

Do you want to do something more personal this Christmas? Choose your own theme and build a one-of-a-kind blend of the pleasure and happiness festival and everything that goes with it. You may always mix a theme from your favourite movies and TV shows and enjoy the festival as if you are a character yourself.

Minimalistic decorations

Are you a minimalist in your daily life and want your Christmas decorations to reflect your personality? Then garlands, DIY, and candles might come in handy this holiday season.

Heavy decorations

Bring out your festive spirit because there’s no reason for you to not share it with the world. Combine hefty decors with lights and ornaments to create a unique look for your doorway.

Light it up!

Festivals add extra joy and light to our lives. So, why not use lights to create a festive atmosphere? Use LEDs and bulbs to light up your space. With the colours you keep closest to your hearts, create an air of pure mindfulness. Take in the energy and turn it into your own!

Make this Christmas artsy!

If you’re an artist who is always looking for inspiration to produce something beautiful, now is the time. The joy and beauty that this festival brings have resulted in some incredible artwork. Make this Christmas one-of-a-kind and extra special by including a piece of yourself in the holiday decorations this year!


5 healthy soups to get you through this winter

They will help with digestion, keep you full, and encourage weight loss.



Healthy soups

Soups aren’t just nourishing and warming they also offer a number of positive health effects. Adding soup to the daily diet is a terrific method to improve your general health. They will help with digestion, keep you full, and encourage weight loss.

What else? Additionally, they are quick and simple to prepare. To improve your health, try these five nutritious soups.

Tangy tomato soup

One of the all-time favourites among soup enthusiasts is tomato soup. This creamy, tangy soup that includes a home-style recipe is not only delicious but also very nutritious.


Take a pan and add one tablespoon of butter to get ready. Onions, ginger, and garlic paste, as well as tomato puree, should then be added. Set the pan’s fame to low. Stir for a while until the boil is seen. Serve the tangy delight heated with bread croutons and coriander leaves as garnish.

Mix veg soup

An easy yet smart way to consume more vegetables is this mixed vegetable soup. You will get a lot of nourishment from this vibrant and healthy soup with heaps of vegetables.


Take a pan and add 1 tablespoon of butter to get ready. Including all the vegetables, bell pepper, and chopped onions and thoroughly saute. After that, add a half-cup of water and let the vegetables cook. For ten minutes, let it simmer. After seasoning with salt and pepper to taste, serve hot.

Pumpkin soup

A time-saving, classic pumpkin soup recipe is thick, creamy, and dreamy, with a fantastic savoury undertone and a sweet pumpkin flavour. This soup will solve all of your health issues.


Take a nonstick pan and heat it while adding butter and finely chopped onions. Pumpkin puree is then added and sauteed over a low flame. Place a lid on top and then add water, salt, and pepper. For ten minutes, let it simmer. the milk.

Green soup

The complex flavour of green soup comes from slowly cooked onions and lemon juice. The easiest way to get greens included is delicious with broccoli and bean soup.


This comforting, creamy soup will keep you full and healthy. Start with a non-stick pan to prepare. Add chopped onions next. After a few minutes of stirring, add the broccoli stalks. Add the beans and broccoli, and stir occasionally. Add milk and cornmeal. Stir continuously to achieve a creamy flavour. After seasoning with salt and pepper to taste, serve hot.

Mushroom soup

The one-pot recipe with the goodness of mushrooms has a delicious aroma, attractive colour, and excellent nutritional content. Mushroom soup offers wonderful nutritional qualities in addition to a delicious aroma and attractive colour.


Heat a pan and add butter to it to get ready. Onions should be added and sauteed over a low flame. Add some water and mushrooms after that. Allow it to steam for a while. Cook for a few minutes while gradually adding milk and cream. The yummy soup is ready to serve.

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Winter snack: From Buranshke ke pakode to Kand ka bhajia, quick pakodas recipes for chilly evenings

A spiced fritter called pakoda is produced using veggies, lentils, and other ingredients.



Winter Snacks

Winter is the right time to enjoy the weekend by gorging on some delicious goodies. One of the most traditional pairings for a lazy winter evening is pakodas and a warm cup of tea. A spiced fritter called pakoda is produced using veggies, lentils, and other ingredients.

Here are 4 unique delectable pakoda dishes from Kashmir to Gujarat so try something different and enjoy this winter.

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Uttarakhand: Buranshe ke pakode

This Uttrakhand’s famous Gudhal ke Pakode recipe involves rhododendron flowers. This species of flower is native to Uttarakhand, while a few can be found in Himachal Pradesh as well.

It is indeed odd to hear a pakoda made from flowers, the bright red flowers are not fried entirely the petal is only dipped in besan or gram flour. The deep-fried easy-to-make crispy pakodas are definitely delicious.

Manipur: Maroi nakuppi bora

The graceful herbs, Garlic chives the so-called Maori nakuppi is grown in large quantities in Northeast India.

These Manipuri Fritters are fried with the most common base used for pakodas which is gram flour. Maori nakuppi bora is just awesome to warm the wintertime chills.

Kashmir: Nadru Moinj

Nadru Moinj the so-called Kashmiri lotus stem fries is a unique pakoda from the alluring valley of Kashmir. Rice flour is used in nadru moinj and it tastes crispy when it is deeply fried.

This Kashmiri homemade delight is a fried snack made from lotus stem. The dip for frying can either be gram flour or rice flour. This is a highlighted snack enjoyed across South Asia.

Gujarat: Kand na Bhajia

Kand na Bhajia is a famous pakoda recipe from Gujarat. The purple yam pakoda is best known for its delicious taste and pretty unique colour.

These yummy and eye-catching fritters are easy to make. This traditional bhaji is crunchy and it is all time favourite snack of Gujaratis.

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Make your office desk aesthetic with THESE simple steps

The ideal way to keep your workspace in a way that will motivate and inspire you is by embracing the flexibility of the office desk.



Organized office desk

Nothing is saddening than showing up at a boring and dull office desk every day. The ideal way to keep your workspace in a way that will motivate and inspire you is by embracing the flexibility of the office desk.

Here are some bright, inventive ways to adorn the workspace from the really simplest to the grandest, without missing out on anything in between. Make your office desk aesthetic by following simple steps.


Get rid of any unwanted paperwork, and instead of letting it accumulate on your desk, place items like books on a shelf or a rack. Remove excess items from the desk, such as files, office supplies, and extra papers, to keep it clear of visual clutter. Use cloud storage and migrate everything online if possible.

The home office has a messy appearance due to the visible cables from the printer, laptop, mouse, and phone chargers. By using cable organisers, paintable cord covers, or binder clips to knot large lengths of wire, you can save clutter by hiding the wires below the desk.

Only keep essential items on your tabletop, such as your laptop, a pen, a diary, and sometimes a coffee mug. For storing all the additional objects that are necessary arrange a desk drawer.

Fresh or dry flowers

Decorate your dull workspace with easy miniature floral arrangements. Set up a permanent centrepiece that ultimately looks like a pro.

In a transparent glass cylinder or vase, the combo of a variety of pink and green flowers will give you a positive vibe. Either you can use the blooms or buds, and sometimes the dried version looks the best.

Beautiful orange roses, yellow Asiatic lilies, hot pink carnations, purple alstroemeria, and green button spray chrysanthemums are arranged in a rainbow arrangement that will keep you energetic and fresh throughout the day.

Live plants

Live plants are your best friends in the workspace. They add liveliness to the desk and give a refreshing vibe. Here is a list of cute and mood-boosting plants for the office desk.

Spider Plants

A spider plant is the best indoor plant because it usually stays in a dry state rather than staying damp. Additionally, the plant lives best without indirect sunlight, so even if you don’t work or live near a window, it will still thrive.

Snake Plants

These vertical plants can live in low-light conditions with little water. This plant has cute and tiny leaves that add a green background to the entire desk.

Succulent Plants

A succulent plant has thick leaves that are capable of water storage. The plant is hence easy to maintain and doesn’t need to be watered often. If you simply want something lovely to look at at your workplace, it is a fantastic choice.

Light lamps

Although the office is already well-lit, the light lamp adds an energetic vibe to the desk and helps to maintain focus.

Finding a lamp with gentle illumination that provides a glow to your space without being overly bright is the secret to a successful light lamp for the office desk.

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