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Fight over having rasgulla first at wedding reception in Agra leaves one dead, five injured



A shocking incident has been reported from Uttar Pradesh Agra, where a massive fight broke out at a wedding reception that left one person dead and five injured. According to the reports, it has suggested guest who was waiting for the after-meal dessert rassgulla did not arrive on time which leads to massive violence.

Reports revealed that the wedding of Javed and Rashid, both brothers was all set to take place in Agra’s Vinayak Bhawan with the daughters of Usman. When the dinner for guests was served, the desert rasgullah was in short supply which caused heated arguments between the bride and groom’s sides guests.

Locals who attended the wedding said that the guests from both sides took out knives and started stabbing each other without realizing where they were or what they were doing.

After being badly stabbed by one of the guests, many attendees were rushed to the hospital to get first aid. Among the injured, a 22-year-old man named sunny sustained a serious injury. He was immediately taken to the Community Health Centre. After assessing his situation, they referred him Sarojini Naidu Medical College where he died.

This is not the first time such an incident come into the limelight. Earlier, a similar incident has been reported from Agra’s Vikrampur area, where guests at a wedding had a heated argument over the shortage of plates. Later, the scene escalated and turns into a massive fight that let one dead and several injured.

In another incident, which was reported from Gujarat, a man who was trying to fire in the air end up shooting at the groom. Police arrested him under murder charges.

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi reveals plan for ambitious 2047 Viksit Bharat project, says work for the project has been ongoing for last 2 years

The Prime Minister said that he does not mean to scare or suppress anyone, but rather has plans to make India a developed nation by 2047.



A day after the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) released its election manifesto, which aims at building a Viksit Bharat, Prime Minister Narendra Modi, in an interview with the media, outlined his vision for India’s development by 2047. He also addressed concerns raised by the opposition parties, who suggest that the BJP might seek to amend the Constitution if re-elected in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi gave his assurance to the people that they do not need to fear when he said that he has big plans for the country in his election speeches. Explaining statement, the Prime Minister said that he does not mean to scare or suppress anyone, but rather has plans to make India a developed nation by 2047.

Speaking to the media, PM Modi said, when he says that he has big plans, no one should be scared. He said he does not take decisions to scare or run-over anyone, he takes decisions for the wholesome development of the country. He added the government always says they have done everything.  He said he did not believe that he had done everything. He added he had tried to do everything in the right direction, yet there is so much he needed to do, because he saw that his country has so many needs.

The Prime minister asked how did he fulfill the dreams of every family? He said this is the reason why he said this has been a trailer. PM Modi said he had been working on the ambitious 2047 Viksit Bharat project for the past two years. And for that, he asked for opinions and suggestions from people across India.  He said he had taken suggestions from more than 15 lakh people on how they want to see India in the coming 25 years.

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Election Commission records highest inducement seizure of Rs 4,650 crore ahead of Lok Sabha election

The Election Commission of India records highest inducement seizure of Rs 4,650 in 75-years of history.



The Election Commission of India (ECI) announced on Monday that the upcoming Lok Sabha elections are expected to witness the highest ever seizures of inducements.

According to a notification from the poll board, enforcement agencies had already seized a record Rs 4,650 crore before the first round of polling, which is yet to start. This was a significant increase over the Rs 3,475 crores seized during the entire Lok Sabha election in 2019.

As part of a level playing field, the Election Commission said that the enhanced seizures reflect ECI’s unwavering commitment to monitor inducements and curb electoral malpractices, particularly in favour of smaller and less resourceful parties.

Significantly, narcotics and drugs, which are the Commission’s main focus, account for 45% of the seizures. The poll body continued, the seizures have been made possible by thorough planning, increased cooperation and coordinated deterrent action by agencies, proactive public participation, and optimal use of technology.

The commission also made statistics on the distribution of inducements that were seized available for public consumption by state. With a seizure of over Rs 778 crore, Rajasthan topped the list. Gujarat came in second with Rs 605 crore, and Maharashtra came in third with roughly Rs 431 crore.

When announcing the polls last month, Chief Election Commissioner (CEC) Rajiv Kumar highlighted money power as one of the 4M challenges, along with money, muscle, misinformation, and Model Code of Conduct violations.

Use of black money, over and above political financing and accurate disclosure thereof, may disturb the level playing field in favor of a more resourceful party or candidate in specific geographies, the panel stated in its statement released on Monday.

The poll authority claims that the seizures are an essential part of the ECI’s resolve to hold fair elections for the Lok Sabha that are free from electoral malpractices and inducements.

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi says Kerala’s LDF and Congress-led UDF are deteriorating condition of the state

PM Modi was addressing a public rally in Palakkad, where he took a dig at the Congress MP from Wayanad Rahul Gandhi and said the party’s yuvraj (crown prince) would ask for votes from the people of Kerala, but won’t utter even a single word on their issues and interests.



Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday said Kerala’s ruling Left Democratic Front (LDF) and the Congress-led UDF are deteriorating the condition of the state. He said that all Left governments, whether in Kerala or West Bengal, possess a common character: nothing left and nothing right.

PM Modi was addressing a public rally in Palakkad, where he took a dig at the Congress MP from Wayanad Rahul Gandhi and said the party’s yuvraj (crown prince) would ask for votes from the people of Kerala, but won’t utter even a single word on their issues and interests. The Prime Minister said the opposition parties also hinder the efforts of the BJP-led National Democratic Alliance towards the development of Kerala, as well as the entire region.

He accused the opposition parties of trying to obstruct National Highway projects and of misusing funds allocated by the Central government for Kerala. PM Modi said the people of Kerala need to be wary of both the LDF and UDF. He further added in Kerala, Congress calls the Left people terrorists. But in Delhi, Congress and these terrorists sit together, eat together and make strategies for elections.

PM Modi did not mention Rahul Gandhi’s name and said the Congress yuvraj (prince) was unable to protect his family’s bastion in Uttar Pradesh, in reference to the Amethi Lok Sabha constituency, and made his new base in Kerala. The Prime Minister added the Congress leader will seek votes from the people of Kerala but will not raise his voice in their interests.

PM Modi also criticised the Congress of having a back-door agreement with the Social Democratic Party of India (SDPI), the political wing of an organisation banned in India for anti-national activities, for the Lok Sabha elections.PM Modi said, BJP will ensure that Kerala gets great connectivity, strengthen infrastructure by building highways and and expressways also establish a great network of high-speed Vande Bharat trains.

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