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Viral video shows giant snakes tumbling through torn ceiling in Malaysia; nightmare, say users | WATCH



A nightmarish video of giant snakes dropping down through a roof in Malaysia has gone viral on social media, scaring the living daylights out of some users.

As per reports, a family in Malaysia had called emergency services after hearing strange noises at their house during the night. In the video, a snake catcher uses a pole to remove a massive snake coiled around a beam of the roof while his crew mate uses another rod to force the reptile out. However, to the family’s absolute horror, the colossal snake comes tumbling down, revealing two more giant serpents dangling from the torn ceiling and coiled around each other.

The family members are heard screaming and running in fear as the giant serpents cling to the ceiling in what appears to be a scene from a horror movie.

The snake catcher crew finally manage to grab one of the snakes by its tail as the reptiles try to crawl back into the torn ceiling. They manage to take down the snake and drag it out of the room.

The horrifying video aptly captioned “At that point you gotta burn the house”, which has been widely shared and viewed on social media platforms, has terrified users who expressed shock and fear of seeing three giant snakes.

A user wrote: “Thanks for this…Now I know what tonight’s nightmare will consist of!”

Another wrote: “I’m leaving the entire continent after that”, while a third added ”I’d move THAT NIGHT!! And never come back!”

”This is going to live in my head rent-free for the rest of my life. And I wish I had the words to describe what my face did when the beat dropped because of… son… I wasn’t ready. But I don’t think it was possible for anyone to be ready…” said another.


OMG 2 poster reveal: Akshay Kumar, Yami Gautam starrer to hit theaters on August 11

After 11 years of the first part, Akshay Kumar is back with the social comedy sequel OMG.



akshay new film poster

Bollywood superstar Akshay Kumar is back with an update on his upcoming movie Oh My God 2 (OMG). The actor today took to his Instagram and revealed a new poster of himself from the movie and the release date.

The film is scheduled to release on August 11, 2023. After 11 years of the first part, Akshay Kumar is back with the social comedy sequel OMG. Fans have been eagerly waiting for the sequel of the film to get released as the first part of the film was a huge hit.

Sharing the photo on Instagram Kumar wrote, we are coming, you are also invited. In the latest poster shared by Akshay, he is depicted in a never-before-seen pose which is inspired by Lord Shiva. In the poster, Kumar is seen having long hair and carrying Lord Shiva’s damru (power drum), making his look remarkable. Ever since Akshay dropped the poster, fans are mesmerised by his new look and the poster of the film has gone viral on the internet.

In the first part of the film starring Paresh Rawal which was released in 2012, Akshay played the character of Lord Krishna.

Oh My God 2 is based on India’s sex education system. The film also stars Yami Gautam, Pankaj Tiwari, Arun Govil, and Amir Naik in pivotal roles. The film is directed by Amit Rai, with producers Ashwin Varde, Viacom 18, and Jio Studios. Akshay Kumar began filming the movie in October 2021 in Madhya Pradesh but due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the shooting of the film was postponed.

However, at the box office, Akshay’s movie will compete with Sunny Deol’s Gadar 2 and Ranbir Kapoor’s Animal. Both films are also scheduled to release on the same date, August 11.

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Caught on cam: 22-year-old man hits, stabs man on Delhi street, suspect arrested

The 22-year-old boys are identified as Kasim, the victim, and Sohaib, the attacker. However, police have taken Sohaib into custody.



man stabbing

A man has been seen hitting and stabbing another man on a road in yet another terrifying incident that has been reported from Delhi’s Nand Nagri PS area late on Thursday night.

The video of the incident has gone viral on the internet. A CCTV camera was present at the place of occurrence and recorded the entire incident.

The 22-year-old boys are identified as Kasim, the victim, and Sohaib, the attacker. However, police have taken Sohaib into custody.

Kasim first got hit by Sohaib before he noticed stabbing him with a knife as he lay on the road. Then, using the knife, the attacker stabbed the victim’s left elbow severely, causing a strange bend. Surprisingly, the witnesses did not try to help the victim or stop the attacker as he walked away.

Kasim’s mother was horrified after seeing her son in near to death situation. She rushed over to Kasim and took him in her arms. In the video, she can be heard screaming that her son has been stabbed repeatedly. The incident happened at about 10:30 p.m.

After that Kasim was taken to Guru Teg Bahadur Hospital (GTB) in Shahdara, Delhi. Later, he was sent to the Safdarjung Enclave Trauma Centre at the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), Delhi. He is receiving treatment and has not given the police a statement due to the serious injuries.

The accused and victim both lived in the same area and were known to each other. However, it is still unclear what has led to the conflict. Police has begun the investigation after the FIR was filed.

The case is similar to the 16-year-old Sakshi murder case in Delhi a week ago, a 20-year-old man Sahil made a gruesome attack on a girl called Sakshi, whom he stabbed more than 20 times and bludgeoned to death with a cement slab.

The next day, Sahil who had escaped the incident was arrested in Uttar Pradesh’s Bulandshahar.

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Watch: Elephant and rhino engage in a scuffle, internet goes crazy

The clip shows two of most strongest species of the jungle engaging in a clash, flexing their strength to each other.



Elephant rhino viral video

A video has caught up viral across internet, which shows an elephant and a rhinoceros engaged in a fight.

The viral video in social media shows a rhino provoking the elephant, to which the jumbo grapples down the horned animal to the ground.

The location in the video has not been identified yet.

The clip shows two of most strongest species of the jungle engaging in a clash, flexing their strength to each other.

In the clip it can be seen the elephant giving a tough fight to the rhino.

But rhino, the pachyderm looked strong enough to challenge the elephant.

Later in the video, the rhino tries to attack the elephant but stops, it again attempts a charge but fails.

Suddenly, the tusked jumbo makes an attack and grapples the rhino onto ground with the help of his tusk.

The rhino then stands back and chooses to run away.

The encounter between the beasts has now made the internet go crazy. Users are now putting their views on the WWE fight between the rhino and the elephant.

The user who shared the video on Twitter called it a clash of titans.

A user wrote, rhino’s are of bullies nature, while Elephants are calm until are being disturbed and provoked and that they should not be messed with.

Some users went completely hilarious, they asked whether the rhino had boozed which made him to think he was invincible.

One wrote, ultimately the elephant wins the fight as it is the rule of the nature.

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