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Google Doodle celebrates Iraq’s contemporary artist Naziha Salim, but why today?

Today, Google Doodle is celebrating Iraq’s contemporary artist Naziha Salim. Her paintings are mostly of women and families, including her own family, rural Iraqi women, peasant women, working women, and Mesopotamian and Arab goddesses.



Google Doodle celebrates Iraq's artist Naziha Salim

Today, Google Doodle is celebrating Iraq’s contemporary artist Naziha Salim. Her paintings are mostly of women and families, including her own family, rural Iraqi women, peasant women, working women, and Mesopotamian and Arab goddesses. According to Google, she was involved in a number of innovative movements, and her work frequently depicted changes in women’s life.

Salim along with her contemporaries contributed to the creation of new cultural, social, and political spaces. Dancers, One Night’s Dream and The Martyr’s Wife are among the best creation of Naziha Salim.

Naziha Salim – an author

Salim has also authored a book in 1977 entitled Iraq: Contemporary Art which talks about the history of modern Iraqi art. This book is still considered a core aspect of the early growth of Iraq’s modern art movement.

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Why is Google Doodle celebrating today?

On this day in 2020, Jalal Talabani, the former country’s president described an Iraqi artist, educator, and author as the first Iraqi woman who anchored the pillars of Iraqi contemporary art. The Barjeel Art Foundation also featured Naziha Salim in their collection of female artists on April 23, 2020.

Early life of Naziha Salim

Salim was born into an Iraqi artist family in Turkey, where her father was a painter and her mother was a talented embroiderer. All three of her brothers worked in the arts, according to Google, including Jawad, who is widely regarded as one of Iraq’s most significant sculptors. She has always enjoyed creating her own paintings.

She was one of the first women to receive a scholarship to study art abroad.  She received a scholarship to continue her art education in Paris after graduating from the Baghdad Fine Arts Institution in the 1940s.  Salim returned to the Fine Arts Institute as a teacher in the 1960s and stayed there until she retired in the 1980s.

She was a founding member of Al-Ruwwad (also known as the “Avante Garde or Primitive group”), the first group of Iraqi artists to study abroad and seek to blend current European art techniques into a distinctly Iraqi style. Later generations of Iraqi artists were greatly influenced by this group.

When did Naziha Salim die?

Naziha Salim was paralyzed after suffering a stroke in 2003. She lived for another five years, dying at the age of 81 in Baghdad. Her death was described by President Jalal Talabani as a major loss to Iraqi art and culture.

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Video of elderly man trying to feed monkey sitting atop roof goes viral, here’s how internet reacted | WATCH



Internet nowadays is filled with videos, some will make you upset and at the same, some will make will fill your heart with joy. In a such a video that is doing rounds on the social media platform for the past few days, where an elderly man who was trying to feed a monkey wins the hearts of users. However, it is not confirmed from where the clip has been generated, but it is going viral on all the social media platforms.

The footage has been shared by an Internet user named Shivam Bapat on Instagram. He also captioned the post where he wrote that kindness keeps the world afloat.

Take a look at the viral video of an elderly man feeding monkey

The heart-melting clip begins with a man standing in front of a building, under which a monkey also perched on its roof. In an effort to get the animal to eat, the man tries tossing food upward, thinking the animal might grab it. But he fails in his first attempt. Despite being failed, he again tries it, but this time the man took the help from someone else’s, asks him to through it at it so that the animal can catch it. This time, the efforts from duo worked.

Ever since the footage was shared on the internet, it has gained a lot of views, likes and share in n time. Many users also bombarded in the comment section to share their views about the same.

One of the users commented that the humanity is not dead yet, there are some people who are holding it tight. Another user wrote that the world need more people like him. While the third user requested everyone to be kind to animals.

This is not the first time such video grabbed eye balls on the internet. Earlier, a similar video hit the headlines, where a boy was seen feeding a injured stray dog by holding it in his arms.

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Korean blogger travels to India to enjoy ganne ka ras, video viral | WATCH



Korean blogger travels to India to enjoy Ganne Ka Ras, video viral | WATCH

People often travel to enjoy native delicacies but a Korean blogger travelled all the way across the globe to India only to get a taste of a fresh ganne ka ras (sugarcane juice).

The video of this Korean blogger is making rounds on the internet and has garnered over 1.1 million views and 130k likes.

Watch the viral video here:

Foodies from all over the world like Indian cuisine. Numerous Indian specialties are reaching a wider audience and finally receiving the praise and attention they deserve. India has a wide selection of drinks as well. There are numerous drinks to be found all around the nation, from frothy chaas to cool kokum sherbet. And now a Korean blogger has admitted how much he adores a particular desi drink. South Korean-born blogger Kim Jaehyeon recently travelled to India, where he landed and drank a traditional cool beverage. Who knows what that was? None other than “ganne ka ras,” or sugarcane juice.

The blogger captioned the video, “The first thing I did when I arrived in India.” Kim Jaehyeon could be seen in the video documenting his journey around the nation. After arriving in the nation, he travelled by bus and bike for a while before arriving in Maharashtra at a juice stand selling sugarcane. He received a full glass of the delicious beverage from the vendor, which he downed in one gulp. He also attempted to chew on a sugarcane stick in the traditional desi manner.

In response to the video showing the Korean blogger sipping sugarcane juice, hundreds of positive comments poured in. A user commented, “It is the best drink to try. Indians are flocking to Korea, while Koreans are moving to India. However, we are overjoyed to meet you!”

A few others advised the blogger to try some of the varied Indian dishes. “Try the golgappa, Jaehyeon. You’ll never forget that it’s the best and most well-known in Mumbai and other parts of India as well. Another user advised you to explore Northeast India. You’ll undoubtedly adore it!”

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Cricket news

INDW vs ENGW: Team India’s chance to script history at Women’s U19 World Cup finals, check venue, time, squad, live streaming details here

Team India won the toss and elected to bowl first the the first ever U19 Women’s World Cup.



INDW vs ENGW: Team India's chance to script history at Women’s U19 World Cup finals, check venue, time, squad, live streaming details here

The Under-19 Indian women’s team is now just one step away from becoming the world champion. Sunday is going to be a historic day for this team led by Shefali Verma. India’s women’s team is all set to play the final of the Under-19 T20 World Cup. England defeated Australia and entered the finals.

The ICC has organized the Women’s Under-19 T20 World Cup for the first time. In this way, the Indian team has a chance to become the Women’s Under-19 T20 World Champion for the first time. Career’s first World Cup and a chance to play the final, is rarely seen. But, this has happened with the Indian cricket team that went to participate in the Women’s Under-19 T20 World Cup being played in South Africa.

Before this great match, Team India got the Guru Mantra of victory from veteran athlete Neeraj Chopra, who raised the country’s glory in the Olympics. Neeraj himself came to meet the Indian team in SA. BCCI also shared some pictures related to this meeting from its Twitter account. The caption was given with these pictures – ‘Gold Standard Meeting! Neeraj Chopra met the Indian women’s cricket team before the Under-19 T20 World Cup.

INDW vs ENGW U19 Women’s World Cup Final Live Streaming

The India vs England final in U-19 Women’s T20 World Cup will be streamed live on the FanCode app and website. 

INDW vs ENGW U19 Women’s World Cup Final Venue and schedule

The India vs England U-19 Women’s T20 World Cup final will take place at Senwes Park, Potchefstroom. The India vs England U-19 Women’s T20 World Cup final will start at 5:15 PM IST on Sunday, January 29. The toss will take place 30 minutes before the game. 

INDW vs ENGW U19 Women’s World Cup Final Live Streaming Squads

India Women U19 Squad: Shafali Verma(c), Shweta Sehrawat, Soumya Tiwari, Gongadi Trisha, Richa Ghosh(w), Hrishita Basu, Titas Sadhu, Mannat Kashyap, Archana Devi, Parshavi Chopra, Sonam Yadav, Soppadhandi Yashasri, Falak Naz, Shabnam MD, Sonia Mendhiya and Hurley Gala.

England Women U19 Squad: Grace Scrivens(c), Liberty Heap, Niamh Fiona Holland, Seren Smale(w), Ryana Macdonald Gay, Charis Pavely, Alexa Stonehouse, Sophia Smale, Josie Groves, Ellie Anderson, Hannah Baker, Emma Marlow, Davina Sarah T Perrin, Maddie Grace Ward and Lizzie Scott.

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