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Man performs belly dance, here’s how social media users reacted | WATCH



A video is doing rounds on the social media platform, where a man was seen giving tough competition to the women in belly dancing. It is not confirmed from where the video has been generated, but social media users shower their love on the clip.

The clip has been shared by an internet user named Kaveri on Twitter. She also captioned her post that reads the man is so bloody good at it!

Take a look at the viral video of a man performing belly dance

In the video, it can be seen that a man wearing a headscarf, pairing it with slip long skirt, flaunting his eye-catching belly dance moves. As the clip moves further, the man follows all the beat and impresses internet users by his talent.

Ever since the clip was shared on the internet, it has garnered a massive viewership on Twitter, a lot likes and reshares in no time. Many social media users also drop their opinion about the clip in the comment section.

Since belly dance mostly performs by women, seeing him breaking the stereotypes, most internet users criticized him for making a video of his dance performance and putting it out on social media.

One of the user wrote that the guy in the video took my life my rules quote very seriously. Another user commented that the act can not be appreciated as the clip shows him in the feminine avatar. The third user said that if you are born as a man then why behave like a girl and vice versa? While the fourth user slammed the people who did not appreciate his talent and behaved so rudely in the comment section.

This is not the first time such a clip went viral on the internet. Earlier, a similar footage grabbed all the eye ball on social media where a boy was seen winning hearts of many by performing belly dance.


Kolkata Metro introduces Tom and Jerry cartoons for kids entertainment

This initiative is going to help the Metro commuters, especially kids, get rid of the monotony of travelling and enjoy the journey. The video shared by memebharat has gone viral on social media with 99,496 likes which are only increasing



The Kolkata Metro has launched a new initiative to keep kids entertained while they are travelling in the train. The authorities have started playing the famous cartoon show Tom and Jerry on the digital display screens inside the trains which are running on the North-South stretch. The display usually shows the names of the station and the route map.

This initiative is going to help the Metro commuters, especially kids, get rid of the monotony of travelling and enjoy the journey. The video shared by memebharat has gone viral on social media with 99,496 likes which are only increasing. Many parents were of the opinion that such an innovative initiative is the first of its kind in Kolkata Metro and is sure to make the journey of kids more entertaining and interesting as they would get an opportunity in their packed schedule to spend some time with Tom and Jerry.

Large number of social media users reacted on the Instagram post. One Instagram user said he had seen this initiative and recollected it is in the purple line metro. One Instagram user Varun Gupta joked he had to get off 2 stations earlier but missed his destination as he was absorbed in watching the cartoon. Many Instagram users agreed with him that they also had the same experience.

One user Ayush Meena said this initiative should be introduced in Delhi metro as soon as possible. Another Instagram user joked this initiative is pure genius as people of all all ages will watch this cartoon and will miss their stations. This will lead to increase in fines.

One user Harkishan Chawla pointed out metro is closed on every public holiday. He said the government needs to run the Kolkata metro on a regular basis. Another user joked that he was ready to miss his station to watch the complete episode of Tom and Jerry.

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Hardik Pandya’s stepbrother Vaibhav Pandya breaks silence on alleged Rs 4.3 crore cheating case, says it is a family matter

Hardik and Krunal Pandya’s step brother, Vaibhav Pandya, was arrested for allegedly cheating them of Rs 4 crore in a business venture.



Vaibhav Pandya, the stepbrother of cricketer siblings Hardik and Krunal Pandya, who was cheating on Friday for allegedly defrauding them of Rs 4 crore in a business venture, informed a Mumbai court that the whole situation was a family issue and was simply misunderstood.

During his remand hearing, Vaibhav Pandya (37), through his lawyer, made the submission. His arresrt by the police was extended until April 16. On Monday, the Economic Offenses Wing (EOW) of the Mumbai police detained him on allegations of criminal conspiracy, criminal breach of trust, criminal intimidation, criminal forgery, and other pertinent sections.

After his first police remand ended on Friday, he was produced before additional chief metropolitan magistrate (Esplanade court) L S Padhen.

During the hearing, Niranjan Mundargi, Vaibhav’s laywer, said to the court that it was a family matter and the case has been filed due to misunderstanding  and that the attempts are being made to find a solution.

Additionally, Mundargi said that his client was assisting with the investigation and had no issues with the police-requested remand extension. The EOW requested a seven-day extension of remand, arguing that the investigation was incomplete and that significant material had not yet been retrieved from the accused.

After hearing all sides of the argument, the magistrate said that although the investigative agency had made headway in the inquiry, more time was needed to question the accused because of the case’s numerous financial aspect.

Vaibhav, Hardik, and Krunal allegedly formed a polymer firm together in Mumbai in 2021. Hardik and Krunal contributed 40% each while Vaibhav contributed 20% of the money. The profit-loss ratio remained constant at 2:2:1.

According to the police, Vaibhav was designated to oversee the day-to-day operations of the company. However, he is accused of breaching the partnership agreement by founding a second company engaged in the same industry without disclosing this information to Hardik and Krunal.

This incident caused the original firm’s profits to decline, costing Hardik and Krunal a loss of Rs. 3 crore, while Vaibhav’s personal profit climbed by 20–33 percent.

The accused also reportedly transferred about Rs 1 crore from the company to his personal account, costing the cricketer siblings a total of Rs 4 crore, as per police.

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Swiggy Instamart delivery boy steals shoes from outside Gurugram flat, video goes viral

The video was shared by X user Rohit Arora, which was captioned, Swiggy’s drop and PICK up service. A delivery boy just took my friend’s shoes (@Nike) and they won’t even share his contact.



A viral video circulating on social media shows a Swiggy Instamart delivery agent purportedly stealing shoes from outside a flat in Gurugram. In the video, the delivery person can be seen making a delivery, stepping away and then returning to pick up the shoes and leaving after hiding them in a towel.

The video was shared by X user Rohit Arora, which was captioned, Swiggy’s drop and PICK up service. A delivery boy just took my friend’s shoes (@Nike) and they won’t even share his contact. The footage shows the delivery person arriving at the apartment with a bag full of items. A few moments later after making the delivery he notices the shoes, and later picks them up while checking for onlookers. The video has got 881300 views , 858 retweets and 3800 likes till now which are only increasing.

Swiggy responded with a statement which said the company expected better from their delivery partners. Swiggy said they will discuss the issue and meet on DM. Rohit Arora further added that Swiggy support called and they were unable to track their rider. Arora said he needed to contact Swiggy’s legal team or file a police complaint against Swiggy. He said more than the shoes he was more concerned about safety.

Arora added the rider was let into the house for delivering goods. He said now all of them needed to think before letting them into their homes. He further added that he had not received any resolution from swiggy till now. He said the customer support service of swiggy is very poor.

X user Sambhav Gupta found the incident hilarious and said that he thought that the Swiggy instamart agent was going to take the white shoes. One user Suman Chakraborty said the swiggy delivery man needed help and Swiggy Care must take action in this regard.

One user Ishwar Singh said the cost of the camera had been recovered in 1 video.

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