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Nepal plane crash: They changed their plan in last moments; tragic story of 4 friends from UP’s Ghazipur who died

These 4 friends had video-called their friend in UP, telling that they had planned to travel by bus but bought plane tickets later



Nepal plane crash

As many as 72 people have lost their lives in the plane crash in Pokhara, Nepal. Among those who died were 4 youth from Ghazipur in Uttar Pradesh. They had gone to visit Nepal. Sonu Jaiswal, began his Facebook live a few moments before the plane crashed and continued the live even after the crash. The entire plane crash was captured in Jaiswal’s Facebook Live.

After the Pokhara plane crash, there is an atmosphere of mourning in Ghazipur. Everyone is shocked by the painful death of four friends. Along with Sonu Jaiswal, Vishal Sharma, Anil Rajbhar and Abhishek Kushwaha were in the plane. The age of all four was between 23 and 28 years. The bodies of all four will reach Ghazipur today, where preparations for the last rites have begun.

Plan to travel by bus changed in last moments

Many people are shocked by this accident, one of them is Dilip Verma. He too was a friend of them and said that after visiting the Pashupatinath temple, all four had video called him and were telling that they were planning to go Pokhara by bus, but suddenly the programme changed and they bought plane tickets, which proved to be the last journey.

Sonu Jaiswal, owned a beer shop, is survived by 2 daughters and a son

28-year-old Sonu Jaiswal, who went live on Facebook a few seconds before the Nepal plane accident, recorded the entire accident in this live video. Sonu Jaiswal owned a beer shop. He was the youngest of four brothers and lived away from home in Varanasi. He is survived by 2 daughters and a son.

After this accident, there was no one at Jaiswal’s house in Alawalpur. The house is locked. It is being told that his brother has left for Nepal to bring back the dead body. Vishal Sharma, a friend of Sonu Jaiswal, and a resident of Alawalpur Afghan had also accompanied him. Vishal Sharma was the youngest among the four who lost their lives.

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Sick mother of Vishal Sharma, youngest among deceased, unaware of son’s death

Vishal Sharma, 23, used to handle finance at a local TVS bike agency. His father is in Georgia (abroad), younger brother is still in school and mother is very ill. The administration has not informed the mother about the death of her son. Relatives of Vishal Sharma were informed about the accident, after which only relatives have gone to Nepal to bring the dead body.

Anil and Abhishek’s family in shock

The name of the third person who lost his life in the accident is Anil Rajbhar. 28-year-old Anil’s village is Chakdaria Chakzainab. He belongs to a farmer family. He owned a grocery shop in Alawalpur market. Apart from this, Abhishek Kushwaha (23) resident of Dharwan village has also died. Abhishek’s father Chandrama is in shock.

Sonu, Anil, Vishal and Abhishek were all friends. On January 12, Anil Rajbhar, Vishal Sharma and Abhishek Kushwaha together reached Sarnath in Varanasi, from where Sonu along with Jaiswal left for Kathmandu, Nepal. All the friends took a flight from Kathmandu on Sunday morning and left for Pokhara. All the boys were hardworking from middle to lower-middle class families and wanted to live life on their own.

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ISIS conspiracy case: NIA raids multiple locations in Maharashtra, Karnataka; 13 arrested

The case concerns a criminal conspiracy that the accused and their allies, who established a terror gang and vowed allegiance to the violent ideology of ISIS, planned.



In connection with the ISIS conspiracy investigation, the National Investigation Agency raided 44 places in Karnataka and Maharashtra and detained 13 people from Pune.

Of these 44 sites, two were in Pune, 31 in Thane Rural, 9 in Thane City, 1 in Mira Bhayander, and 1 in Karnataka.

The case concerns a criminal conspiracy that the accused and their allies, who established a terror gang and vowed allegiance to the violent ideology of ISIS, planned.

Just one month ago, the national agency in the Pune Module submitted a chargesheet against seven people who were part of an ISIS-related conspiracy. The accused participated in the terror outfit’s fund-raising and collection efforts with the goal of advancing its violent and terror-related activities.

It was discovered that the defendants had set up terrorist training camps, harboured known and wanted terrorists, and had committed crimes before IEDs were invented. They were also discovered to be in possession of ammo, guns, and IEDs.

The Indian Penal Code, the Explosives Substances Act, the Arms Act, and the UAPA Act all have different sections that address the allegations.

Shahnawaz Alam, an Islamic State (IS) terrorist sought by the NIA in relation to the Pune ISIS module case, was apprehended by the Delhi Police in October.

Alam was taken into custody a few days after the NIA offered him a Rs 3 lakh reward. In the follow-up action, Arshad Warsi and Mohammad Rizwan, two other accused terrorists, were also taken into custody. Alam, an engineer by trade, was discovered to be in possession of a chemical substance, which was taken, according to an official.

Regarding the case, the NIA claimed to have taken evidence against Shamil Saquib Nachan from his Thane district home in August, when he was apprehended.

The NIA had earlier filed its first supplementary chargesheet against nine Karnataka residents in connection with an alleged ISIS plot to conduct terror acts throughout India.

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Mamata Banerjee slams BJP over Mahua Moitra expulsion from Lok Sabha says betrayal of  parliamentary democracy

The West Bengal CM and Trinamool Congress boss said she felt sad to see the attitude of the BJP. She said the BJP did not allow Mahua Moitra to explain her stand.



West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee on Friday slammed the BJP over Trinamool Congress MP Mahua Moitra’s expulsion from the Lok Sabha after a debate on the cash-for-query allegations. She said the move was unacceptable and betrayed India’s parliamentary democracy.

Talking to the media, Banerjee said she felt sad to see the attitude of the BJP. She questioned how the BJP can betray parliamentary democracy. She said the BJP did not even allow Mahua to explain her stand in the House. She added full injustice had been done to the expelled MP.

Banerjee said the Trinamool Congress stands in full support of Moitra. She said the BJP could not defeat the Trinamool in elections, so they have resorted to vendetta politics. She said Moitra will return to Parliament with a bigger mandate. Banerjee said the BJP thought it can do whatever it wants as they have a brute majority. She added that a day will come when the BJP will not be in power.

After her expulsion from the Lok Sabha, Moitra told reporters outside Parliament that said will fight it out over the next 30 years inside and outside Parliament, inside the gutter and on the streets. She accused the BJP of hating Muslims and women. She claimed Adani was buying all of India’s ports and airports. She said Adani shareholders are foreign investors and the Home Ministry was giving them clearance to buy India’s infrastructure.

Reacting to her expulsion, Moitra said there was no evidence of any cash, any gifts anywhere. She said she had been expelled for sharing her Lok Sabha portal login. She said there are no rules governing the sharing of logins. She said tomorrow the CBI will be sent to her house and she is going to be harassed for the next six months.

Many Opposition parties have supported Moitra over the way she was expelled without getting a chance to put forth her stand.

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Nine newborns, toddler die within 24 hours at Murshidabad Medical College Hospital

Dan said another problem was that renovation work was going on at the Jangipur Hospital and all the patients there are being sent to Mursidabad Medical College. He said only 129 beds were available for 300 patients. He said they were trying their best but were unable to the children who were malnourished and under weight.



Nine newborn babies and a two-year-old child died within 24 hours at Murshidabad Medical College Hospital in West Bengal. The shocking incident has caused public outrage. According to reports, the babies were shifted from the Special New Born Care Unit at Jangipur Sub-Divisional Hospital to Murshidabad Medical College due to lack of proper facilities.

The sudden influx of patients put pressure on the already overloaded medical college. This led to unfortunate deaths of the new-born babies, the hospital management informed the inquiry committee. On the basis of a preliminary inquiry, it was found most of the children were found to be malnourished and their weight was 300-500 gm only. One child had a severe heart problem since birth.

Professor Amit Dan, Principal of Murshidabad Medical College, said the hospital did not have the facilities to carry out the treatment of the newborn. He said they did not have the time to shift the newborn to any other facility to carry out the treatment.

Dan said another problem was that renovation work was going on at the Jangipur Hospital and all the patients there are being sent to Mursidabad Medical College. He said only 129 beds were available for 300 patients. He said they were trying their best but were unable to attend to the children who were malnourished and underweight.

Dan paid his condolences to the bereaved families and acknowledged a need for thorough investigation in the matter. A medical board of renowned doctors is investigating the matter. The state health department has also issued a statement assuring that necessary measures will be taken for the prevention of such tragedies from occurring again. Reports said some 380 newborns had been sent to the hospital in the last 30 days.    

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