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Karunya KR-534 Kerala lottery result released: Check the list of winners here, first winner grabs Rs 80 lakh

Kerala State Lottery Department has announced the lucky draw winners of the Karunya KR-534 lottery ticket today at 3 pm. Check the winners list here.



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Kerala State Lottery Department has announced the lucky draw winners of the Karunya KR-534 lottery ticket today at 3 pm. The draw took place at Gorky Bhavan, near Bakery Junction, in the state capital Thiruvananthapuram. The winner of the first prize will fetch Rs 80 lakh while the second and third prize winner will get Rs 5 lakh and Rs 1 lakh respectively.

The lottery holders can check the winning list on the official website of Kerala Lotteries.

The winner of the first prize (Rs 80 lakh) is KE 623118

The winner of the second prize (Rs 5 lakh) is KE 218901

The winners of the third prize (Rs 1 lakh) are KA 240045 KB 256137 KC 934708 KD 406695 KE 712826 KF 266545 KG 687128 KH 898879 KJ 185632 KK 107587 KL 122743 KM 873873

The winners of the consolation prize (Rs 8,000) are KA 623118 KB 623118 KC 623118 KD 623118 KF 623118 KG 623118 KH 623118 KJ 623118 KK 623118 KL 623118 KM 623118

For the tickets ending with the following numbers.

The winners of fourth prize (Rs 5,000) are 0558 0576 0877 2013 2520 2606 2833 3910 5228 5269 6253 7159 7301 7411 7925 8674 8956 9273

The winners of fifth prize (Rs 2,000) are 1322  1886  2244  3538  3645  4443  6435  7152  8196  8303

The winners of sixth prize (Rs 1,000) are 0325  2261  3395  3779  3798  6142  6624  7549  8072  8091  9438  9532  9835  9943

The winners of seventh prize (Rs 500) are 0097  0503  0634  0689  0812  0915  1149  1170  1321  1337  1621  1698  1717  1794  1905  2041  2141  2203  2419  2709  2823  2902  2956  3076  3459  3592  3618  4103  4112  4183  4297  4469  4733  4979  5083  5128  5137  5190  5304  5331  5336  5462  5480  5500  5566  5693  6215  6371  6426  6521  6544  6688  6763  6993  7030  7255  7370  7486  7511  7634  7685  7929  8008  8135  8166  8201  8397  8522  8691  8786  8953  9123  9137  9312  9383  9486  9538  9675  9806  9906

The winners of eighth prize (Rs 100) are 0049  0055  0149  0198  0341  0373  0391  0495  0523  0526  0604  0609  0647  0972  0995  1033  1066  1083  1219  1227  1307  1381  1433  1739  1890  1988  2012  2050  2138  2160  2192  2231  2426  2603  2628  2821  2866  3073  3095  3096  3116  3180  3225  3474  3478  3753  4141  4149  4247  4315  4330  4440  4532  4564  4690  4757  4836  4898  4899  4994  5096  5415  5776  5853  5896  5910  5941  5972  6119  6125  6197  6349  6369  6440  6537  6716  6753  6759  6764  6784  6798  6860  6929  7004  7115  7182  7231  7280  7313  7361  7403  7495  7599  7743  7777  7806  7844  7902  8019  8104  8184  8265  8579  8627  8654  8720  8806  8823  8871  8938  9011  9017  9038  9094  9356  9361  9365  9472  9490  9673  9684  9792  9986  9996

The prize winners are advised to verify the winning numbers with the results published in the Kerala Government Gazette and surrender the winning tickets within 30 days.

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Karunya State Lotteries Result

There are nine prizes in the Karunya lottery ticket, including a consolation reward. The first prize winner receives Rs 80 lakh, while the second and third prizes get Rs 5 lakh and 1 lakh respectively. The lottery agency will deduct 10% from the first to third prizes and allocate the remaining cash to the agents (who sell the winning tickets). In the case of the 4th to 8th places, as well as the consolation awards, 10% of the prize money (agent’s commission) will be paid from a government-allocated fund.

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Female cheetah Shasha, who was brought to Kuno National Park from Namibia, dies

Shasha was recovered from a farm near Gobabis, a town in east-central Namibia.



Shasha cheetah

Female cheetah Shasha, who was brought from Namibia to Kuno National Park in Madhya Pradesh, died due to kidney related issue on Monday. The death of the cheetah was confirmed by the forest officials.

Reports said the Madhya Pradesh forest department had sent an emergency response team to Kuno National Park in Sheopur district when Shasha was diagnosed with a severe medical condition in January. It had symptoms of dehydration and renal disease, as per reports.

Shasha was being treated by a team of veterinarians led by Dr Atul Gupta who is the lead vet at Van Vihar National Park. He was sent to Kuno who then administered fluids to Shasha which improved the big cat’s condition.

Shasha was brought to India among 7 other Namibian cheetahs and was released by Prime Minister Narendra Modi at the Kuno National Park in Madhya Pradesh.

In February, 12 more cheetahs were brought to Madhya Pradesh from South Africa. The relocation of 12 cheetahs from South Africa took place three years after the Centre put forth the idea of the world’s first intercontinental translocation project which aims at reintroducing cheetahs in the country.

Reports said Shasha was recovered from a farm near Gobabis, a town in east-central Namibia. She was malnourished and skinny, however, she was nursed well.

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Wayanad seat gone, Rahul Gandhi has a month to move out of Tughlaq Lane house

Gandhi was disqualified from membership of the Lok Sabha two days ago, a day after a Gujarat court held him guilty in a defamation case.



Rahul Gandhi

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi has been issued a notice by the Lok Sabha housing panel to vacate the official accommodation allotted to him in Tughlaq Lane which he held as the MP from Wayanad. Gandhi was disqualified from membership of the Lok Sabha two days ago, a day after a Gujarat court held him guilty in a defamation case.

On March 24, 2023, a Surat court had sentenced him to two years jail term for his 2019 campaign speech in which he took Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s name along with IPL founder Lalit Modi and fugitive diamantaire Nirav Modi and asked if all Modis are thieves. The court had granted Rahul 30 days to move to a higher court for appeal.

The defamation case against Rahul Gandhi was filed by former Gujarat minister Purnesh Ishvarbhai Modi who alleged that the community had been defamed by the comment.

The Representation of the People Act, 1951’s Section 8 (3) a person convicted of any offence and sentenced to imprisonment for not less than two years shall be disqualified from the date of such conviction and shall continue to be disqualified for a further period of six years since his release.

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The Congress is on the warpath with protests being held on Sunday against the move, calling it a satyagraha to pitch it on the Gandhian scale. Today, Congress leaders wore black as part of their protest.

The Opposition had sided with Rahul Gandhi, who now finds himself in another spotlight albeit not of his own making. Gandhi has just wrapped up his Bharat Jodo Yatra from Kanya Kumari to Srinagar, getting strong support across several Lok Sabha constituencies winning which will be key for the Congress to come up as a prime challenger to the BJP.

The Opposition support did not however come unanimously. Trinamool Congress chief Mamata Banerjee took her time after the conviction but was prompt in supporting after the Gandhi scion’s disqualification from the Lok Sabha.

International media outlets have reported this series of incidents as the chickens coming home to roost following Rahul Gandhi’s speeches in Cambridge and London on the threats to the country’s democratic institutions.

Gandhi, however, had to listen to strong responses from his Maharashtra ally Uddhav Thackeray for saying he won’t apologise since he was not Savarkar.

On video, bombs hurled at BJP worker in Puducherry, hacked to death after he collapsed | WATCH

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Bachelors can’t use balconies for phone calls after 10 pm, no guest overnight: Bengaluru flat complex’s new diktat

The society is said to be in the Kundanhalli Gate area.



Bengaluru New Flat rule for Bachelors

In a bizarre incident, an apartment complex in Bengaluru has issued guidelines for the Bachelors living in the society in order to provide maximum comfort to the flat owners or tenants while ensuring discipline on the premises.

As per the new guidelines, guests at the bachelors and spinsters’ house are not allowed to stay overnight in their flats after 10 pm. And if the guest needs to stay overnight then they have to take prior approval from the owner via email. The society is said to be in the Kundanhalli Gate area.

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The guidelines have been shared online by a Reddit user.

Here are the rules and regulations for Bachelors living in Banglore’s apartment complex

  • No guests are allowed to Bachelors and Spinster’s flats post 10 pm. Guests are not allowed to stay overnight. If required, prior approval from Owner on email, Manager or Association office to be requested by submitting the guests ID proof and furnishing the stay duration and Guest entry on Mygate.
  • Bachelors and Spinsters are to follow the association rule strictly. No relaxation in case of violation. The penalty of Rs 1,000 or eviction.
  • No loud music after 10 pm.
  • No late-night parties are allowed.
  • Not to use the corridors and balconies for phone calls post 10 pm.

According to one of the users in the comment section, this society is in Marathalli. Since being shared, the rules are being slammed online with many users expressing their displeasure.

One of the users commented, It’s worse than hostels. You’re paying money to rent out a flat. It’s your flat for the duration that you’re renting as per the rantal agreements. Who’ll come to your flat and what you’ll do in the balcony is purely dependent on you. Society rules are becoming rediculous these days it seems.

Another wrote, Nonsense, you live by your rules not owner since you actually own the place for the time you are there. Yes loud parties can be avoided, but rest is none of anyone else’s business.

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