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Pankaj Rajput winning hearts with her heartwarming performances and charming persona



Pankaj Rajput

Who is known as Pankaj Rajput is the face of one of the biggest Instagram Comedy profiles – @pankaj_rajput_707. If you enjoy Hindi Comedy & Funny that are relatable, then chances are you have already saved a couple of videos from Pankaj.

Pankaj started at the year of 2018. She was posting content only because she liked doing so. She has liked listening and writing comedy since her Teenage. Thanks to Instagram and TikTok that gave voice and life to these words. Today, the 17 years old is an Instagram actor. With over 1million+ followers on Instagram, she is definitely the most watched Comedy profile across India.

Pankaj is from the small town of Agra, where digital creation is a myth for many. Most of the digital creators or influencers are from major cities in India. But Pankaj has inspired many budding creators, especially males, to start showcasing their talent on camera. Over the past few years, especially after the major lockdown, we saw a lot more digital creators and influencers on Instagram. It is because of influencers like Pankaj that even small-town creators have joined the party.

One thing that we often see in the comments and reviews of Pankaj is the fact that she has a great judgment for creating new content. Her own voice funny video are extremely relatable for the audience. This increases the love and interest of her audience towards her. he is inspired by real-life situations and relations because they beautify her content even more.

Pankaj wishes to cater to a much larger audience in the coming future. She aspires to entertain millions of people through her content as it is a source of happiness to her. Apart from this, she takes a great interest in travelling and fashion. Pankaj has taken multiple trips to different cities in India. The celebrity is humble for meet and greets and has met many followers and appreciated the love showered on her. All her traveling, fashion, and vlogging videos can be found on Pankaj’s youtube channel.

Pankaj has already been a major part of Head & Shoulders, Upstox Gold, TVS, and other renowned company’s social media marketing campaigns. Her successful Instagram journey will soon help her become one of the biggest social media influencers in the nation. When asked if there is anything she would want to convey to everyone who watches her on social media, Pankaj said, “Be grateful and consistent, everything else will follow”. Her love for Comedy and entertainment will continue to grow.

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Mercedes Blanche: Journey From the Bottom to The Top




Mercedes Blanche

Most of you might know her, but for those who don’t Mercedes, Blanche is an all-in-one personality. Whether it is being good at Modeling, Acting, POV, Dancing, or being a social media star Mercedes has excelled in everything she did so far. From working in the health care sector to influencing the masses with her glamorous fashion sense and captivating physique she has been the ultimate source of motivation for her fans and inspires them to become a better version of themselves. The following article contains everything you need to know about the rising superstar.

Mercedes Blanche is a well know model and actress from Toronto, Canada, She was born on February 2, 1997, in Budapest, Hungary. She is popularly known for starring as X-Ray Supe in ‘The Boys’(Season 3, 2019), her role in ‘Titans’ (2018), and her leading role in the upcoming TV series ‘Robyn Hood’ (2023).

Before attaining fame Mercedes Blanche was known as Mercedesz Meszaros. After completing her schooling she decided to move to Canada where her father originally belonged to. She completed her master’s in Project Management and she has a plan to become a nurse earlier. She was having a good job in the healthcare sector instead of that she decided to move to Toronto in order to make her career in the modeling and acting industry. In a very short span of time, she reached that position where she started to make money several times more than she used to make in the healthcare sector.

Talking about her job in the healthcare sector, the money she used to get as a salary was not enough to full fill her needs. She felt the crisis of money and also understand the value of money. During her academics, she applied for the BKF media majors but could not finance her studies which made her drop it. To full fill her goal she decides to make money as much as she can. She used to cash in on the OnlyFans boom with something hot and heavy. She started to maintain her body as a fitness freak model and depicted the glam character initially by posting her modeling shots.

To make her career bright she chooses Instagram to grow her fan base. She started posting her hot and captivating images on Instagram which earned her a huge number of followers. As of August 2022, she has over 550k followers on her Instagram handle and the number of followers is increasing rapidly. Apart from images she also posts reels with inspiring captions. She has been invited to several podcasts to talk about her popularity on social media. The charming model is a Twitch streamer too.

In an interview, Mercedes once said, “I used to live with 6 people in a basement to save money. I was a nail technician in a salon and used to attend school next to work to finish her studies.” When she is not acting, she used to travel and her dog use to accompany her.

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Chakradhar, an unsung hero helping distressed tenant farmers in Telangana





Tea-vendor-turned-entrepreneur Gadhagoni Chakradhar Goud doesn’t find happiness in stashing cash bundles in the safe or seeing his bank accounts swelling. For him, pleasure comes from his hard earned money wiping the tears of a bereaved tenant farmer’s family. Or, in preventing a farmer from abruptly ending life, and making him a fellow entrepreneur.

Chakradhar, whose life is a perfect live example for the ‘Rags to Riches’ idiom, spends half of his income on helping poor tenant farmers. Having been supporting the farmers in different ways since his young age, he founded Farmers First Foundation in 2020, to extend the help in an organized manner.

He succeeded in preventing many farmers from committing suicide by extending support to shape their future. For instance, when he knew from his volunteer about a farmer in Tirupati attempting suicide, Chakradhar arrived there and extended Rs 2 lakh help to enable him to buy an autorickshaw. Now, the farmer-turned-auto-owner is leading a happy life with his family, taking care of 8 women of three generations dependent on him.

Another distressed farmer rescued from suicide by Chakradhar in Hyderabad has married his daughter to a police sub-inspector. 

Who is Chakradhar Goud? 

Now 35, Chakradhar Goud was born in a poor family in Siddipet district of Telangana. His father was a van driver. With it becoming difficult for the five-member family to survive on his meager income, the family ran a small tea stall in Siddipet. Like his elder brother and younger sister, Chakradhar used to go to school and work at the tea stall during free time.

In 2005, he moved to Hyderabad in search of a job, even before completing his graduation. He worked as a clothes vendor in the streets and asba helper in a disposable cups company, before joining as a loans executive at a leading private bank.

During this period he did his graduation and LLB through correspondence course and learned computer. It was because of the helping hand extended by his friends settled abroad; he became an entrepreneur by establishing a small company to execute software projects. “There was no looking back. I entered real estate also simultaneously and this CLIX SENSE group took birth. Now, there are 50-55 staff in my enterprises”, he reveals.

Though he didn’t have any agriculture background, his passion to work for the betterment of farm community kept increasing by the day. Friends convinced him to go in an organized way to help farmers. He registered Farmers First Foundation in 2020. He and his wife are directors and they don’t accept contributions. “When people approach us seeking to join our mission, we guide them to help the farmers directly”, he said.

Three pronged approach to help tenant farmers

In the last three years, Chakradhar helped 300 agriculture families that were distressed by the unnatural exit of their breadwinners from the world. Through his volunteers in the villages across Telangana, he would get the actual reasons for the farmer’s suicide ascertained and take a decision on the kind of help to be extended to the family. From his experience, Goud realized that moral support and advices are secondary for families that are under pressure from the financiers.

“They can think of tomorrow, only when they are out of the stress today”, he believes.

“A vast majority of the nearly 8000 farmers suicides reported since formation of Telangana state in June 2014 are tenant farmers. They borrow for cultivation and, if the crop fails, they are under tremendous stress of loss on one side and the pressure to clear the debts on the other. This gives birth to suicidal tendencies”, he analyses. 

Apart from 300 bereaved tenant farmers families, the Foundation so far extended help to about 100 tenant farmers to diversify and weddings of their daughters. “Mere mangalsutra and toe rings will not help perform a wedding. There are many things, many requirements. That’s why I extend financial support, rather than forcing the family to perform the wedding with the material we give” Goud explains.

During the peak of COVID-19 pandemic, he supplied 2.5 lakh meals, at the rate of 2,000 a day, to the people in need.

On a Mission to rationalize Rytu Bandhu scheme

Chakradhar Goud is now on a mission to convince the Telangana government to put a ceiling on the landholding for eligibility for benefit under Rytu Bandhu scheme. Having conducted surveys and collecting data, he stresses that farmers holding more than 5 acres of land should be excluded from the scheme. “A farmer who owns more than five acres of cultivable land should ideally have the capacity to cultivate on his own. Most such farmers prefer to lease out their lands to tenant farmers, than dedicating their time for cultivation. Thus, extending the Rytu Bandhu scheme benefits to such landholders is injurious to the exchequer “, he says.

According to the estimates prepared by Chakradhar, about Rs 6000-7000 crore would be saved every year, if the big landholding farmers are excluded from the scheme.

The money saved thus should be spent on further support to the genuine cultivators. He bats for rationalization of the farm budget (allocation to farm sector in the budget).

Chakradhar also insists that like the budget for defense, there should be a separate budget for kisaan community. “Jai Jawan – Jai Kisaan’ is our slogan hence we should have equal respect for the two organs in our budget”, he argues.

Chakradhar is now gearing up for a legal battle against the indiscriminate implementation of the Rytu Bandhu scheme in Telangana. He is gathering public support, before raising a public interest litigation. “The fight will go on till the goal to exclude rich farmers from the scheme is achieved”, he stated.

Will quit business, if I join politics: Chakradhar

Chakradhar is not averse to politics. “I will enter politics only if I am convinced that my presence would help the farmers and the farm sector. When politics become my career, I will cease to be a businessman”, he declares. Chakradhar strongly believes that politicians should not have businesses and businessmen should not enter politics because the objectives are obviously contradictory. Facebook Link – https://www.facebook.com/politicallaboratory/

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Former FICCI President, Dr Jyotsna Suri stresses upon the importance of developing domestic tourism.




FICCI President, Dr Jyotsna Suri

India is witnessing a surge in domestic travel. We find that people are opting for domestic travel instead of spending money on international trips. Dr Jyotsna Suri believes that this is a golden opportunity to develop our domestic tourism and make it a highly lucrative industry. 

Gone are the days, when all good vacation options required you to travel outside our country. In recent years, India has seen a boom in domestic tourism. One of the factors that has led to this is the Covid 19 pandemic. Post the pandemic, many people became apprehensive about travelling outside the country. They have started exploring the wide variety of tourism options that are available within our country. India is a beautiful country that has immense potential and each state provides unique sightseeing opportunities. Whether it is the beautiful valleys of Kashmir in the north or the breath-taking expanse of the oceans in the south, every place has the potential to leave you mesmerized. India as a country presents an eclectic mix of tourist destinations for all mountain ranges, while sandy beaches, scintillating deserts, cultural destinations, ayurveda, backwaters and many more. 

While this is good news for the tourism industry, it has also put a tremendous strain on many popular tourist destinations. In response to this issue, Dr Jyotsna Suri, Chairperson for the Tourism Committee of FICCI, has called for promotion of new domestic tourism destinations.  

Tourism has been seeing a rapid growth in our country. The demand is in fact so high that more and more people are looking for alternatives to the popular vacation options. This way, people can avoid the traffic and the commotion and instead enjoy their solitude and privacy. In order to give the customers what they want, the tourism industry must create suitable alternatives. This would also reduce the strain on the already popular tourist destinations.

Dr Jyotsna Suri is of the opinion that it is high time that our country starts to look at other less prominent destinations as viable tourist spots. Her remarks came at a time when the tourism industry is under pressure to meet the rising expectations of domestic tourists. She believes that it is crucial that such unexplored places are developed so that the strain on other destinations are reduced. She also believes that if other tourist destinations are developed the same would also help in creating more jobs and lead to better economic prospects for the local citizens.

Dr Jyotsna Suri also stressed upon the importance of developing infrastructure in new tourist destinations. She believes that developing infrastructure is crucial for any destination to be successful. If there is an absence of good infrastructure would make it very difficult to attract tourists. Further if the infrastructure is poor, it is less likely that tourists would recommend the place to other potential visitors. She also said that infrastructure is important because it ensures the comfort of the travellers. Dr Jyotsna Suri also called for a partnership between the government and private sector when it comes to developing world-class infrastructure.

Dr Jyotsna Suri also heads The Lalit Suri Hospitality Group. The group has gained amazing reviews for their infrastructure and comfort. One of the reasons for the Lalit’s success is that they rely on traditional methods of hospitality. By combining international standards of luxury with the Indian methods of hospitality, Dr Jyotsna Suri has made The Lalit into a commendable name in the hotel industry. Her approach is also a lesson to all those who are thinking about developing tourism within our country. We must not forget our Indian values and should not blindly run behind western concepts.


The issue of over burdening of popular tourist places in India is a crucial one. As more and more people look for alternative tourist destinations, India must concentrate on developing its tourism infrastructure. By improving local tourism, we will not only improve the economy but can also provide suitable travel destinations to the tourists.

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