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Nirmal NR 264 Kerala lottery result announced: First prize winner to get Rs 70 lakh, check full list of winning numbers here

You can check the result of Nirmal NR 264 by clicking on the official website of the Kerala State Lottery Department. The next Nirmal Draw will be held on February 25 at Gorky Bhavan, Near Bakery Junction, Thiruvananthapuram.



Kerala engineer swallows bribe money after being caught red-handed by vigilance department, admitted to hospital

Kerala State Lottery Department has announced the result of the Nirmal NR 264 lucky draw at Thiruvananthapuram’s Gorky Bhavan today at 3 pm. The winner of the first prize will get Rs 70 lakh. The second and third prize winner will get Rs 10 lakh and Rs 1 lakh respectively.

You can check the result by clicking on the official website of the Kerala State Lottery Department- www.keralalotteryresult.net Apart from these, the results are also published in the Kerala Government Gazette.

Check the Nirmal NR 264 lottery results

The winner of the first prize (Rs 70 lakh) is NL 574257

The winner of the second prize (Rs 10 lakh) is NG 603018

The winners of the third prize (Rs 1 lakh) are NA 379764 NB 727527 NC 983784 ND 257016 NE 345751 NF 378889 NG 150743 NH 300881 NJ 211216 NK 244682 NL 753270 NM 349208

The winners of the consolation prize (Rs 8,000) are NA 574257 NB 574257 NC 574257 ND 574257 NE 574257 NF 574257 NG 574257 NH 574257 NJ 574257 NK 574257 NM 574257


The winners of the fourth prize (Rs 5,000) are 0040 1390 1606 2243 3522 3705 3715 4625 6257 6678 6743 6792 7193 8019 8059 8130 8264 8889

The winners of the fifth prize (Rs 1,000) are 0042 0467 0648 1034 1335 1473 1525 1623 2004 2317 2323 2329 2366 2393 2698 4268 4505 4926 5119 5145 5166 5274 5623 6052 6473 6521 6667 6866 6953 7558 8325 8772 8841 9095 9114 9236

The winners of the sixth prize (Rs 500) are 0179 0251 0258 0302 0440 0704 0759 0817 1251 1336 1527 1545 1760 2328 2357 2493 2508 2548 2613 2709 2739 2750 2777 2822 3048 3151 3168 3191 3247 3326 3372 3383 3672 3804 3912 3913 4295 4453 4732 4871 5031 5063 5097 5224 5341 5610 5795 5837 6321 6333 6368 6440 6480 6529 6760 6822 6856 6932 6946 7045 7075 7185 7242 7310 7449 7709 7736 7759 7922 8183 8247 8284 8315 8383 8535 8812 8894 9002 9849

The winners of the seventh prize (Rs 100) are 0268 0375 0627 0678 0781 0851 0887 1074 1147 1267 1334 1360 1382 1494 1521 1666 1699 1721 1804 1827 1915 2074 2521 2547 2570 2647 2914 3063 3067 3124 3173 3190 3284 3379 3535 3597 3740 3752 3843 4015 4086 4276 4413 4518 4580 4590 4624 4715 4716 4771 4813 4861 4914 4931 5058 5071 5123 5131 5418 5648 5658 5853 5902 6015 6114 6151 6347 6433 6441 6455 6472 6476 6927 7063 7133 7149 7267 7308 7321 7396 7444 7573 7604 7749 7762 7888 7903 7908 7969 8003 8150 8269 8287 8302 8306 8337 8605 8738 8754 8788 8817 8831 8908 9010 9062 9080 9200 9220 9224 9241 9274 9289 9316 9364 9421 9471 9482 9500 9562 9727 9815 9880

The prize winners are advised to verify the winning numbers with the results published in the Kerala Government Gazette and surrender the winning tickets within 30 days.

Next Nirmal Lottery

The next Nirmal Draw will be held on February 25 at Gorky Bhavan, Near Bakery Junction, Thiruvananthapuram.

Interested candidates can participate in the lottery by purchasing the tickets, which are priced at Rs 40 from any Taluk lottery office in the state. Notably, Kerala has three lottery offices in Punalur (Kollam district), Kattappana (Idukki district), and Thamarassery (Kozhikode district).

India News

INDIA bloc rally: Sunita Kejriwal claims Arvind Kejriwal’s meals monitored, conspiracy to kill him in jail

Addressing the INDIA bloc’s rally in Ranchi, Sunita Kejriwal lashed out at the Centre and claimed conspiracy to kill her husband



Sunita Kejriwal, the wife of Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal, who is now arrested, said that her husband is not receiving insulin in Tihar jail because they want to kill him, on Sunday.

Speaking at the INDIA bloc rally in Ranchi, Sunita Kejriwal said that cameras were watching every bite Arvind Kejriwal took.

Arvind Kejriwal’s detention without evidence of crime, was a dictatorship, according to Sunita Kejriwal. She claimed that although Kejriwal, who is an IITian, had the option to go abroad, chose to remain in India out of love for it.

During her address she said, Arvind Kejriwal and Hemant Soren have been arrested. They have been arrested without having been found guilty. It’s a dictatorship here, she added. Mrs Kejriwal also questioned that what is her husband’s fault? Is it providing good education, health facilities? Patriotism is in his blood, she said.

Being an IITan, he had the option to go to abraod, but he chooses to prioritize his country. He took leave from the IRS to perform public duty. He has risked his life to save others, she remarked.

Sunita Kejriwal claimed Arvind Kejriwal merely wants to serve the country and has no thirst for power. She also referred to her husband as a lion and expressed concern over the nation’s jail population.

In an attempt to establish grounds for medical bail, the Enforcement Directorate has asserted that Arvind Kejriwal has been consuming sugar in tea, aloo-poori, and mangoes to raise his blood sugar levels.

In a Delhi court, Kejriwal’s lawyer denied the ED’s accusation, claiming he wouldn’t risk paralysis in exchange for release. He asserted that Kejriwal was not provided with insulin while incarcerated. Furthermore, he added that out of the 48 meals Kejriwal had received from home, he had only had mangoes three times. He claimed that he only ever had aloo poori for Navratri prasad.

At the Ulgulan Nyay Rally  in Ranchi, AAP leader Sanjay Singh said that when Prime Minister Narendra Modi talks about corruption, it seems as Osama Bin Laden and Gabbar Singh are advocating for nonviolence.

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2024 Lok Sabha Elections

Amit Shah to conduct roadshow in Assam’s Silchar today

Union home minister Amit Shah will be campaign is expected to start at 4:30 pm today



As part of the Bharatiya Janata Party’s (BJP) campaign for the Lok Sabha Election, Union Home Minister Amit Shah will be holding a mega roadshow in Silchar, Assam today, April 21.

According to Silchar Member of Parliament (MP) Rajdeep Roy, Shah would arrive at Silchar Airport in a special aircraft at 4:10 p.m. and arrive in Silchar town via helicopter. He said, they are expecting the roadshow to start around 4.30pm.

Shah will be doing campaign work for Parimal Suklabaidya, the BJP’s nominee for the Silchar Lok Sabha seat. Following the delimitation procedure in Assam last year by the Election Commission, Silchar was designated as a reserve seat for candidates from scheduled castes. Suklabaidya, a five-term member of parliament from the Cachar district, has held several portfolios under the Assam government.

In addition to accompanying Amit Shah on the roadshow on Sunday, Assam Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma predicted that Parimal will win by a margin of two to three lakh votes over the rival contenders.

Shah’s rally, will begin from the playground owned by the District Sports Association (DSA) in Silchar and culminate at the Chittaranjan Statue Point, according to Roy. Over a lakh of supporters will participate in the roughly 1.5-kilometer walk. During the roadshow, Shah is scheduled to deliver a speech, he continued.

Central security agencies and senior Assam police officers staged a mock drill in Silchar’s streets ahead of Shah’s rally. According to them, sufficient security has been set up before the home minister’s arrival.

According to party officials, bad weather has forced Congress president Mallikarjun Kharge to cancel his Sunday visit to an event in the Karimganj district of Assam.

The Congress party’s Rajat Chakraborty announced that Kharge’s visit has been canceled owing to Friday night’s thunderstorms and intense rain. The agencies suggested that we cancel the visit because of the high security measures required for his visit, he stated.

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Cricket news

Rohit Sharma criticises impact player rule, BCCI reacts



India captian and Mumbai Indians star cricketer Rohit sharma criticised the impact player rule and sad that he is not a big fan of it. Now, BCCI has responded to Sharma’s comment and said that they will reevaluate the rule.

Indian Premier League (IPL) chairman Arun Dhumal also acknowledged this and said  that every decision has advantages and disadvantages, he also mentioned  BCCI is prepared to review the regulation when the current IPL season concludes.

Ahead to being established in the IPL, the impact player rule was initially put into effect in the Syed Mushtaq Ali T20 tournament in 2022–2023. There have been many expert comments regarding the rule that has been in place for almost two editions of the prestigious T20 tournament, with the many of players being against it.

Since this remark has been made, they will certainly analyze it and talk to everyone concerned and then the board will take calls, Dhumal said.

Every rule that is in place has a number of advantages and disadvantages. Nothing about its execution is set in stone, so after the season ends, they are open to any discussion, he continued.

Earlier, Rohit Sharma also discussed how the impact player rule is reducing the role of all-rounders in the sport.

Sharma said, he is not a big fan of Impact sub rule. All rounders will eventually be held back because cricket is ultimately played by 11 players, not 12. To make the game exciting for everyone around you, you are taking a great deal from it. During an interew the hitman said, if the audience look just at the cricketing side of things, he feels guys like Shivam Dube and Washington Sundar aren’t getting to bowl, which is not a good thing for them as a team.

He continued saying that there are 12 players, it’s interesting, and after the team or the captain sees how the game and the pitch are playing, they might turn on the impact player. You can add another bowler, giving you a total of six or seven bowlers, if the team bats effectively and don’t lose wickets. Many teams are hitting well up front, and he hardly ever sees a No 7 or No 8 coming to bat, so the team doesn’t need that additional batter, Rohit Sharma said.

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