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Need To Invest In Building a Supportive Ecosystem for Women



Ms Namita Thapar, CEO of Emcure Pharmaceuticals

Namita Thapar’s message on women empowerment and prioritizing women’s healthcare

March 23: Young women and girls (15-24 years) are an important demographic group constituting 20% of the Indian population, yet they face tremendous challenges in meeting their sexual and reproductive health needs. They especially women and girls living in rural communities lack credible sources of information on sensitive SRH topics. This leads to huge gaps in fundamental knowledge of puberty, menstruation, pregnancy-related care, and contraception.

As a result, they face several health problems inadequate menstrual hygiene, reproductive tract and sexually transmitted infections, early and unintended pregnancies negatively impacting all aspects of their lives, including education and employment.

These gaps were aggravated by the COVID-19 pandemic that disrupted in-person contact of traditional community awareness programs, and interrupted reliable information channels for young women.

Recognizing the challenge that rural young women and girls face in accessing reliable information on SRH in a confidential manner, Ipas Development Foundation (IDF) developed an artificially intelligent, WhatsApp-based chatbot Disha Didi -that offers information on a wide range of SRH topics and on COVID-19 and creates linkages to government health facilities. It also includes an option to connect to a human counsellor. Since November 2021, with CSR support from Emcure Pharmaceuticals, IDF has been working to introduce the chatbot to rural, young women in Jharkhand and Madhya Pradesh an endeavor that has led to empowering over 12,000rural young women with correct information and guidance on fulfilling their health needs. This has been made possible with the visionary support of Ms Namita Thapar, CEO of Emcure Pharmaceuticals who believes in the individual strength of each woman and is committed to their upliftment and empowerment. Excerpt from an interview:

  • What in your opinion are the issues facing women of India today?

Emcure conducted a survey of 1000 working women across 7 different Indian cities to understand the stigmas and taboos faced by working women. Some of the shocking results are: a) 90% of women reported facing issues in balancing their work life; b) 84% women have faced stereotypes/ judgements around periods; c) 80% women felt that their male colleagues lacked sensitivity when it came to women health-related concerns

  • Where are we in reaching gender equality? What more needs to be done?

Although Indian economy is growing every year, female workforce participation rate has come down to a mere 20% which shows we are far from reaching gender equality in the corporate sector. As per June 2021 IVCA-Bain & Co. report, women make up only 16% of PE & VC teams in India. Similarly, as per Crunchbase 2020 report, only 2.3% of worldwide funding went to women led start-ups.

Despite the progress we have made in the corporate sector for involving women in the workforce, issues related to women’s health are still associated with irrational taboos & stereotypes.

The goal should be to understand and analyze the issues faced by women, followed by driving change for spreading awareness which should be a step towards building a supportive ecosystem for women in the workforce.

  • Do you think women’s agenda is adequately represented in the CSR agenda?

With 72% of BSE 100 companies reporting CSR programs for promoting women’s economic empowerment, there is an obvious interest in and commitment to this issue. However, the quantum of spending is relatively low: BSE 100 companies reported around 8% of overall CSR expenditure on average for women empowerment. Companies must take a more comprehensive approach to addressing the gaps in a woman’s journey toward economic empowerment.

  • What are some of your initiatives for women empowerment?

We are undertaking a range of initiatives: a) Emcure conducted a survey with 1000 working women of various Indian cities to understand the various social stigmas and taboos faced by working women; b) Uncondition Yourself YouTube Channel A public awareness initiative on Women’s Health where we break myths and taboos and highlight facts to change the dismal statistics on women’s health; c) Emcure has been conducting free health camps across India specifically for women for detection of various health conditions and spreading awareness about various health conditions like Anemia, Blood sugar, Bone Density etc. and their treatment; d) We have initiated UY public awareness webinar for female employees in corporate sector for sensitizing the women work force. Have successfully conducted 10 webinars with 1000+ participation across various MNCs; e) Our initiative for Emcure women workforce Prerna is spreading awareness towards various women’s health condition by organizing various webinars and corporate events.

I hope that Corporate India will pay closer attention to empowering their women workforce and prioritize sensitizing their counterparts across the country.

  • What are some things we can do to advance women’s health, especially sexual and reproductive health?

The main reason for women’s health conditions is ignorance and lack of awareness. Spreading awareness related to various women’s health should be the first step for advancement of women. Women should prioritize their health over work life and family it is very important that they are encouraged to talk and discuss their problems openly so that issues can be diagnosed early and resolved.

  • You are an extraordinary leader and change maker yourself what is your message for women?

Women should be more vocal and speak up more often on issues and stigmas that surround them be it related to work, healthcare or even relationships. They are great at time management but fall short on guilt management, often ending up holding themselves responsible and accepting what’s not right. Also, women tend to not prioritize their personal well-being over other factors. It’s about time that this changed. My big message to all women would be “Be you, the world will adjust!”

Press Release

Himanshu Patel, a company named Epic Stories, is doing wedding photography of celebrities and others



Himanshu Patel

It is said that where there is a will, there is a way. This proverb was translated into reality by Himanshu Patel, a young man coming from Chhatarpur, a small place in Madhya Pradesh, who studied engineering, but wanted to do something else. That’s why he took the camera and became a wedding photographer today. Himanshu Patel is doing wedding photography today by living in Mumbai and for this he has also formed his company ‘Epic Stories ‘. Now Himanshu is very famous for wedding photography among other people as well. This is the reason that now he is seen doing photography not only in the country but also in the weddings held abroad also.

Every parent expects their children to do something good. This hope was also from Himanshu Patel to his parents. So Himanshu did his engineering from GSITS Indore, but by the end of the year he felt that his world was in photography. So even after placement, he listened to his heart. Photography was his hobby then, but it later became his profession. Himanshu says that my father supported me a lot. I convinced my father for my profession. I think you have to be skilled for what you do. Nothing happens just by thinking, you have to work for it.

Himanshu Patel further said that there is a huge difference between professional photography and casual photography. I am photographer. I shoot famous celebrities. But till date I have not taken photography class from anywhere. Just went on learning with his perseverance. Today people have tools like YouTube, from where they can learn photography. Today there is no need to go to any school or college. Himanshu said that it is important to follow the impression for good photography. Follow such an impression that you relate to yourself. Regarding phone photography, he said that there should be an understanding of manual photography mode. With basic under standing, you can do better photography than the phone. Good photography does not require an expensive camera.

Let us tell you that Himanshu Patel has done wedding photography of many celebrities like Yuvika Chaudhary, Shweta Tripathi, Prince Narula, Karishma Tanna and many more international projects are with him, which he is going to shoot abroad. Himanshu says that privacy is most important for a celebrity. Act professionally in big weddings. Wedding photography does not mean that you have been shooting everything. You should know when to shoot what.

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Press Release

TaxClue- India’s Fastest Growing Website Skyrocketing Growth of New-Gen Entrepreneurship Startups




April 28: The rising Indian business services startup, TaxClue empowers entrepreneurs across the country with simplified business registrations and compliances through a hundred percent online and digital mode with an objective to make business compliances easier, simpler, and affordable.

Starting a business and growing it tenfold will require an entrepreneur to fulfill a good number of legal and regulatory requirements. To ensure that the business remains compliant and grows at a continuous pace, they will need the guidance of a knowledgeable better half throughout the business cycle. This is where online business service companies like TaxClue can aid businesses with a range of services when they are clueless about what to do and where to begin.

TaxClue is an online business services platform, a website, that is dedicated to helping entrepreneurs and businesses to start and grow themselves in the right direction without having to spend huge costs. They are completely online business service providers that use minimum human intervention to fulfill their clients’ expectations.

The main objective of this online portal is to aid rising entrepreneurs, startups, and businesses in varied fields with optimum business services at every stage. They do so, in order to ensure that their clients’ businesses always remain compliant with the legal and regulatory framework, so they can grow without hesitation.

From Business registrations to fundraising, TaxClue offers various services such as GST registration, incorporation of a private limited company, shop act registration, labour law registrations, filing of tax returns, book-keeping, compliance management of companies, LLPs, and more. They also offer intellectual property business services such as patent search, permanent patent, trademark assignment, provisional patent, and trademark objection reply amongst others.

New-generation online business service portals such as TaxClue value the innovation and hard work of startups and entrepreneurs. That’s why they ensure delivery of genuine business services at affordable costs to them in order to guide them in the accurate direction.

In the present times, almost all business service agencies claim to offer a hassle-free experience. While offline business service companies involve a lot of human intervention and delay due to one-to-one interaction with their clients. Some new-gen online business service websites like TaxClue offer a truly hassle-free experience, unlike their offline counterparts, with instantaneous services because of minimum or zero human intervention.

Startups or entrepreneurs can simply hire their services, upload necessary information, make payment, and wait for the official documents to arrive. They can then download the official documents whenever and wherever per their convenience directly from their account.

TaxClue has received a great response since its inception back in December 2016. The company has helped thousands of startups and entrepreneurs skyrocket their growth so far. All thanks to their transparent and comprehensive business consultancy services offered by a team of professional CA, CS, CMA, lawyers, and finance professionals!

The founder of the TaxClue, Mr. Vikas Sharma has over 8 years of experience and expertise in the Taxation field. He is a sharp minded person who is committed to grow his company through use of innovative technologies, investment in incredible ideas, strong business relationships, and by placing emphasis on utmost customer satisfaction. From being a blog journalist to starting his own company, he has certainly come a long way.

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Press Release

Meet Monty Patel- The Owner & Producer of Rising YouTube Channel Fame “Prizam Production”




April 28: Ahmedabad, Gujarat-based producer and owner of the YouTube Channel, Prizam Production has been grabbing a lot of attention for his unique ventures lately. With plans to launch on online entertainment platforms such as MX Player in the future, this persona is definitely worth knowing.

Born and brought up in one of the largest cities in the country, Mayur Patel, better known as Monty Patel in the social media and entertainment industry of India, has always had an incredible interest in the entertainment industry. The rise of social media platforms such as TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube, entertainment platforms such as MX Player, and other OTT platforms only made his desire to pursue a career in the web series and music production, not as an artist but in the production line, grew strong fold.

Mayur Patel a.k.a. Monty Patel is a passionate and enthusiastic producer and owner of the YouTube Channel, Prizam Productions. From the launch of successful Gujarati short films like “A True Love Story”, “Adhuri Prem Kahani”, “Vidhvani Vahare Dabang Dikari”, “Parki Ben”, and “Majbur Maa Dikari”. To launch hit music single production videos such as “Udti Chunnari”, and their latest single all set to hit a lakh views in upcoming months, “Wada Raha” has won the hearts of local, regional, and Gujarati audiences across the globe.

The owner of Prizam Productions, Monty Patel, has done over 10+ web series so far. Some of his most loved and popular web series include “Saher Ni Mayajaal”, “Injection Ni Kala Bajari”, “Mavtar Na Prem Ki Kimmat”, “Dosti Ke Prem”, and more. With plans to launch new web series on popular OTT platforms in the coming days.

Monty Patel has over 3 years of experience in the web series and music production line. He partnered with the commonly seen female lead in all his YouTube channels, Prizam Productions, music videos, and web series, Pari Savaj. He has been an active member on Instagram and Facebook since years & regularly posts content, comments & reels.

Pari Savaj is the main female lead you will see in all the music production videos and web series of Prizam Productions. Monty came in contact with her YouTube channel partner, Pari Savaj, a few years back through the famous social media platform, TikTok. She has worked with some acclaimed web series and music production firms as the female lead so far. But her passion and love for art persuaded her to get in touch with Monty and launch their YouTube Channel, Prizam Production.

Prizam Production has become the go-to platform for most Gujarati local, regional, and national audiences widespread across the globe. They head to the YouTube Channel to relish watching emotionally rich web series and music videos all the time. Over the years, the popularity of this YouTube Channel has certainly grown tenfold.

Currently, Prizam Production YouTube channel has over 9.48K subscribers and their count is growing minute by minute. We are sure they have some great stuff coming up to lure the audiences under the guidance of their main mastermind, Monty Patel, in the near future.

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