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US Face Worldwide Condemnation for Embassy Relocation



US Face Worldwide Condemnation for Embassy Relocation

US Administration headed by President Donald Trump was once again faced with worldwide criticism, both friends and foes coming together after relocation of its embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem saying the move would ignite tension across the Middle East.

US opened its embassy in Jerusalem on Monday amidst presence of Trump’s daughter Ivanka Trump and son-in-law Jared Kushner, both advisors of the President in White House, along with several senior US officials and dignitaries from several countries. However, more than fifty Palestinians were killed by Israeli forces who were protesting on the occasion of Nakaba day.

In the hours leading up to the inauguration, Israeli troops engaged in clashes with Palestinians taking part in mass protests on the Gaza border. The Israeli fire killed 59 Palestinian protesters and wounded dozens others. Monday was also the 70th anniversary of the Nakaba, or “catastrophe” day when Israel was created.

British government, in a statement on Monday, reiterated that PM Theresa May had no plans to move its mission to Jerusalem and still disagreed with the US decision.US Face Worldwide Condemnation for Embassy Relocation

“We disagree with the US decision to move its embassy to Jerusalem and recognize Jerusalem as the Israeli capital before a final status agreement. The British embassy to Israel is based in Tel Aviv and we have no plans to move it,” a spokesman for May said in the statement.

Another US ally France also spoke out against the US move, saying it violated “unambiguous” international law and UN Security Council resolutions.  French Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian called on Israeli government to act with caution in the use of force against Palestinian protesters.

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“France calls again for Israeli authorities to act with caution and restraint in the use of force, which must be strictly proportional,” Le Drian said.

He called on Israel “to protect civilians, in particular minors, and Palestinians’ right to protest peacefully,” and said, “It is urgent to reinstate the conditions necessary for the pursuit of a peaceful solution in a regional context already marked by high tensions.”

Meanwhile, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov reiterated his country’s objection to the controversial US move, saying his country “has several times offered a platform” for talks on the status of Jerusalem.

The Russian top diplomat said, “We firmly believe that it is inappropriate to unilaterally revise the decisions of the international community in this way.”

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who is travelling to London , said that the US had lost its mediator’s role by moving its embassy to the occupied territories.US Face Worldwide Condemnation for Embassy Relocation

While responding to a question during his interaction at London’s prestigious think-tank Chatham House, Erdogan said, “With its latest step America has chosen to be a part of the problem, not a solution, and lost its mediator role in the Middle East peace process. This decision… will increase tensions and ignite an even greater fire between communities.”

Moreover, Turkish Prime Minister Binali Yildirim has also accused the US of sharing responsibility with Israel for a “vile massacre” along the Gaza border, during which dozens of Palestinians were killed by Israeli fire on Monday. “This is … vile massacre and we condemn it strongly,” he added.

Moreover, Bakir Bozdag, spokesman for the Turkish government has called for an emergency meeting of the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) this week. He also added that Ankara has recalled its ambassadors to Israel and US for “consultations”. Turkish government has also announced three day of national mourning in solidarity with Palestinians.

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Ali Shamkhani, Secretary of Iran’s Supreme National Security Council, has lashed out at the US for taking an “illegal” action in moving its embassy to Jerusalem saying US President Donald Trump has become the epitome of anarchism and violence in the international scene.

Moroccan King Mohammed VI has also denounced Washington’s “unilateral decision.” He wrote to Palestinian President Mehmoud Abbas that he was “monitoring with concern” the US recognition of Jerusalem al-Quds as the Israeli capital.

The Egyptian Foreign Ministry has voiced “strong denunciation” of Israel’s use of force against Palestinian civilians and said Cairo “totally supports the legitimate rights of the Palestinian people, and first and foremost its right to an independent state with East Jerusalem as its capital.”

Jordan, the only other country besides Egypt to have peace treaty and diplomatic ties with Israel, has also denounced the US move as “clear violation” of the UN charter.

In a statement, Jordan also “condemned” a unilateral decision by the US president Donald Trump to recognise Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, despite Palestinian claims to part of the disputed city.US Face Worldwide Condemnation for Embassy Relocation

The Palestinian president Mehmoud Abbas, who had allegedly been working hand in glove with US and Israeli government till Trump’s Jerusalem move and facing opposition by Hamas for compromising the legitimate Palestinians rights, on Monday declared three days of mourning.

He condemned Israeli “massacres” along the Gaza border after the regime’s forces killed dozens of Palestinians during Monday’s clashes and protests coinciding with the opening of the new US embassy.

Abbas reiterated that “the US is no longer a mediator in the Middle East,” and the new embassy was tantamount to “a new American settler outpost” in Jerusalem.

Moreover, Nabil Abu Rdeineh, spokesman of Mehmoud Abbas further clarified, “With this step, the US administration has cancelled its role in the peace process and has insulted the world, the Palestinian people and the Arab and the Islamic nation and it has created incitement and instability.”

The Palestinian Hamas resistance movement, which was elected to govern democratically in 2006, has also vowed protests would continue.

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Khalil al-Hayya, a senior Hamas official said, “We say clearly today to all the world that the peaceful march of our people lured the enemy into shedding more blood.” He added that Hamas’s military wing “will not prolong their silence over the crimes of the occupation.”

Saudi Arabia based Al-Arabiya has reported that the Cairo based Arab League, dominated by US allies, has also announced to hold an emergency meeting on Wednesday and discuss Washington’s “illegal” decision to move the US embassy in Israel to Jerusalem.

Saeed Abu Ali, the organisation’s deputy secretary general for Palestinian affairs, said that the meeting will focus on “ways of countering the illegal decision by the United States to move the embassy to Jerusalem”.

He told the journalists that the permanent representatives of the member countries would meet “at the request of the state of Palestine”.

Saudi Arabia’s official Al-Arabiya newspaper reports that Israel considers the entire city as its capital, while the Palestinians see east Jerusalem as the capital of their future state.

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Bizarre: Man travels across 203 countries in 3,512 days without taking a single flight

Thor travelled via a total of 351 buses, 158 trains, 43 tuk-tuks, 37 container ships, 33 boats, 9 trucks, 3 sailboats, 2 cruise ships, 1 police car, 1 yacht, and a horse-drawn carriage.  He made particular to spend a minimum of 24 hours in each nation during his incredible journey.



Thor Pedersen

Danish citizen Thor Pedersen has travelled to every country in the world. He got there by all means of travel possible — by foot, by car, by bus, by train, by boat, and a container ship. It took the 44-year-old man 10 years to finish this challenging task. Pedersen began his trip in October 2013, reports said.

He claimed to have travelled through every nation in the world without using a plane in 3,512 days, according to reports. Even though there are 195 countries on the United Nation’s official list, Pedersen claims to have visited 203 countries since he included disputed territories.

Pedersen travelled on a total 351 buses, 158 trains, 43 tuk-tuks (autos), 37 container ships, 33 boats, 9 trucks, 3 sailboats, 2 cruise ships, a police car, a yacht, and a horse-drawn carriage.  He made it particular to spend a minimum 24 hours in each country during his journey.

He also travelled to India in the latter half of 2018 and the beginning of 2019. After a remarkable 3,512-day journey, he arrived in the Maldives, his 203rd and last nation, via container ship. Pedersen is now among the 150 people in the world with the most travels thanks to this incredible accomplishment.

On his incredible journey, he said, it was challenging for him to plan for everything that would come his way because this had never been done before. He said he was proud that he never gave up throughout all of this. He was pleased that he was able to bring out the strength which was required.

Pedersen faced enormous challenges as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, which left him stranded in Hong Kong for two years. He thought of giving up the project because of the virus’s unknown characteristics and the growing danger. However, he received support from Le, his long-time girlfriend, during the break in his preparations. Interestingly, the pair chose to get married, and Le visited him 26 times during that period.

Thor Pedersen financed his trip with personal savings, business sponsorships, and crowdfunding with a daily expenditure of just $20 (around Rs 1500). Many people followed his incredible journey on social media along the way, joining him there.

He has been working nonstop to record his adventures, and he intends to make a feature-length documentary that highlights his journey. Pedersen will soon release a book, to enable his admirers to find out more about his adventures.

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White House hails India’s democracy, calls it vibrant ahead of Prime Minister Modi’s US tour later this month

A National Security Council official at the White House, John Kirby, while addressing a press conference said the strength and health of democratic institutions will be part of the discussion with PM Modi during his visit to the state.



White House hails India's democracy, calls it vibrant ahead of Prime Minister Modi's US tour later this month

The White House on Monday said India is a vibrant democracy and anybody can witness that on visiting New Delhi dismissing concerns about the health of democracy in India as Prime Minister Narendra Modi is scheduled to visit the US later this month.

A National Security Council official at the White House, John Kirby, while addressing a press conference said the strength and health of democratic institutions will be part of the discussion with PM Modi during his visit to the state.

Kirby said the US hopes to have a deeper partnership with India which would strengthen their relations. He further added that India is a strong partner with the US on many levels.

Kirby said there would be additional Defence cooperation between the two nations. He also stated that the economic activities between the two countries were at an all-time high and India, as a Pacific Quad member, is a key partner to the Indo-Pacific security.

He further added America’s relationship with India is multi-dimensional that took place at many levels. Kirby said US President Joe Biden is awaiting Prime Minister Modi’s visit to discuss all the issues and deepen the bond of friendship and partnership between US-India.

Kirby’s comments help in establishing the commitment of the Biden administration to work with the Modi–led government, which has reportedly come under criticism from some political quarters in the US and its media for the alleged depletion of India’s democratic institutions.

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi, in his recent visit to the US, made remarks on press freedom, institutions, and democracy in India.

While the official visit is on June 22, PM Modi will lead the International Yoga Day celebrations on July 21 at the United Nations in New York. He is likely to meet political and business leaders during his visit. The leaders are expected to discuss China’s actions in Asia and beyond, which are feared to be against their shared interests.        

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Indiana Ophthalmics: Gujarat based company supplies poor quality eye drops in Sri Lanka

On Thursday, Pharmaceutical Export Promotion Council (Phermexcil), India’s Centre agency looking after the promotion of pharmaceutical exports from India has sent a notice to the Gujarat company asking an explanation and an internal investigation report on the quality of the Methylprednisolone eye drops.



Indianna Opthalmics - Gujarat based company supplies poor quality eye drops in Sri Lanka

A Gujarat based top pharmaceutical manufacturing firm Indiana Ophthalmics has been accused of supplying poor quality eye drops to Sri Lanka. The Sri Lankan government has complained to the Indian government stating that the eye drops supplied by the company has has caused eye infection to 30 people.

On Thursday, Pharmaceutical Export Promotion Council (Phermexcil), India’s Centre agency looking after the promotion of pharmaceutical exports from India has sent a notice to the Gujarat company asking an explanation and an internal investigation report on the quality of the Methylprednisolone eye drops.

Phermexcil Director General Udaya Bhaskar in a letter to Indiana Ophthalmics has stated that the alleged supply of the contaminated eye-drops by the company has dented the reputation of the Indian pharma industry and will have to face trust issues by the international agencies on the export of pharmaceuticals from the country.

A probe has also been started by the Central Drugs Standard Control Organisation on Thursday, to investigate into the questions of quality concerns being raised on the eye drops being manufactured by Indiana Ophthalmics. The drops were recalled by Sri Lanka’s Ministry of Health in April this year saying the patients had reported complications after using them.

The Sri Lankan government claimed to have found bacteria Burkholderia cepacia in the eye drop. The Lankan government has asked the Indian government to compensate the affected patients and has demanded to investigate into the matter. Reports claimed, the firm has been told to stop production of eye drops immediately.

As per reports, the state drug officials had tested the drops and are waiting for results. Reports also said, these drugs require sterility testing hence, the test results will take another 15 days. Once the test results are out, they will be sent to the Sri Lankan government immediately.

A similar case was reported in February 2023, when questions were raised against Tamil Nadu based Global Pharma Healthcare, a firm whose product was allegedly linked with contamination causing blindness and one death in the US.

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