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Murder over BGMI: UP boy kills 6-year-old to frame grandfather who had objected to his playing battle royale game

The game isn’t as vicious as a few toxic players have made it.



BGMI banned, here's how to download BGMI APK file?
The game isn't as vicious as a few toxic players have made it.

Battle royale mobile games like PUBG Mobile (known locally as BGMI) have been making headlines for quite some time now, obviously for negative reasons. The game isn’t as vicious as a few toxic players have made it. In India, the crimes related to PUBG are manifold. One such incident is emerging from Uttar Pradesh’s Deoria, where a 20-year-old boy killed a six-year-old boy to frame his grandfather, who used to stop him from playing BGMI.

The six-year-old, identified as Sanskar Yadav, used to take tuition from Arun’s grandfather, Narsingh Sharma. So, on Wednesday evening, after tuition, the boy did not come home, and when his parents went to Sharma’s residence to figure it out, they were informed that Sanskar had not shown up for tuition. Soon after, the family lodged an FIR and started looking for the boy.

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The police later found his books and notebooks scattered in a field near Sharma’s house. One of the copies also had a letter demanding a ransom of Rs 5 lakhs for his release. Later, the police took the writing samples of family members and neighbours and Arun Sharma’s handwriting matched that of the ransom note writer, who was later taken into police custody and interrogated.

On interrogation, Arun revealed that his father used to scold him every time he used to play PUBG/BGMI and often refused to give him money. Miffed by him, he kidnapped Sanskar with the intention of implicating his grandfather.

According to the reports, Arun kidnapped him, sealed his lips with adhesive to prevent him from screaming and asking for help, and then strangled him to death. Later, he dumped the boy’s body in the toilet outside their home.

The police seized the accused’s mobile phone and sent it for forensic examination. The police have also detained Arun under the charges of murder, kidnapping for ransom, and causing of the disappearance of evidence.

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi slams Rahul Gandhi, Lalu Yadav for eating mutton during holy month of Sawan, compares them to Mughals

PM Modi even compared them with the Mughals and accused them of trying to tease the people of the country.



Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday made a scathing attack on senior Congress MP Rahul Gandhi and RJD leader Lalu Yadav for allegedly eating mutton during the holy month of Sawan last year. He claimed that they do not care about the sentiments of the majority of people of the country. PM Modi even compared them with the Mughals and accused them of trying to tease the people of the country.

PM Modi was referring to a viral video which was released in September last year in which senior Congress MP Rahul Gandhi and RJD leader Lalu Yadav were seen cooking mutton together. PM Modi was speaking at an election rally in Jammu and Kashmir’s Udhampur.

He said the opposition and INDI alliance do not care about the sentiments of the majority of the people of the India. He added Congress party enjoys playing with the sentiments of the people.

Talking about RJD leader Lalu Prasad Yadav, PM Modi said a person who has been sentenced by the court and who is on bail – Rahul Gandhi visited the house of such a criminal and enjoys cooking mutton in the month of Sawan and a video was also made to tease the people of the country.  The Prime Minister claimed the intention of INDI alliance is to tease the people of the country and he even compared them with the Mughals.

PM Modi said the law does not stop anyone from eating anything but the intentions of these people are something else. He cited the example of the Mughals and said that when they attacked here, they were not satisfied until they demolished the temples. So just like Mughals, the Congress wants to tease the people of the country by showing the video in the month of Sawan.

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Jammu and Kashmir: PM Narendra Modi addresses rally in Udhampur, says he will solve problems of 60 years

When the government is strong, it completes the works by challenging the challenges, he added.



Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday said that he will solve the problems of sixty years in Jammu and Kashmir. He reminded people of his guarantee that the poor would not have to worry about two meals a day. The Prime Minister asserted that lakh of families of the Union Territory have the guarantee of a free ration for the next five years.

Addressing a public rally in Udhampur, PM Modi asserted that this election is not just to elect Members of Parliament but this is an election to form a strong government in the country. When the government is strong, it completes the works by challenging the challenges, he added.

Hitting out at Congress, PM Modi said for the sake of power, they (Congress) had built a wall of 370 in Jammu and Kashmir. Due to the blessings of the people of J&K, Modi demolished the wall of Article 370, he added. He said he had also buried the debris of that wall in the ground. Asserted that he challenged all political parties in India, especially Congress, to announce that they will bring back Article 370, adding that this country won’t even look at them.

Attacking the Opposition parties, he said Congress, National Conference, PDP and all other parties want to take Jammu and Kashmir back to those old days. No one has caused as much damage to Jammu and Kashmir as these family-run parties have done, he charged. Here political party means of the family, by the family and for the family, he asserted.

Speaking on Shahpurkandi Dam, he reminded people of J&K how the weak governments of Congress kept the Dam stalled for decades. The fields of the farmers of Jammu were dry and the villages were in darkness, but the water of Ravi was going to Pakistan, he said. Modi had given a guarantee to the farmers and has fulfilled it also, he added.

The Prime Minister emphasised that he thinks far ahead. He said whatever has happened so far is just the trailer. He has to get busy in creating a new and wonderful picture of the new Jammu and Kashmir, PM said. The time is not far when Assembly Elections will be held in Jammu and Kashmir. The UT will get the status of statehood. You will be able to share your dreams with your MLA and your ministers, PM Modi asserted during a rally in Udhampur.

Meanwhile, former Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister and National Conference leader Omar Abdullah said that it is the verdict of the Supreme Court, adding that it would have been a favour for us if PM Modi had conducted elections before the verdict of the SC. It is now a compulsion for him, he added. It is the Supreme Court’s verdict to conduct elections in J&K before September 30. As far as statehood is concerned, he could not explain to us till now why was Article 370 removed, Abdullah said.

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Rameshwaram cafe blast: NIA detains 2 suspects from Bengal

The blast at the cafe occurred at March 1 at around 1 pm, during lunch hour. which left around 10 people injured.



The National Investigation Agency (NIA) has taken the main accussed involved in Rameshwaram Cafe blast, Bengaluru, into custody. The two accused were captured from their hideout in Kolkata, West Bengal, when they were escaping.

According to the NIA, Abdul Matheen Taha was the mastermind behind the planning and execution of the explosion, and Mussavir Hussain Shazib had put the IED at the cafe. In a 2020 terrorism case, they are already sought after.

Abdul Matheen Taha was connected to the Al Hind ISIS Bengaluru Module, according to the NIA.

The accused were traveling by fake identities, according to the NIA. The NIA stated in a statement that police officers from West Bengal, Telengana, Karnataka, and Kerala, along with Central intelligence agencies, worked together to apprehend the accused.

The anti-terror agency unveiled the two accused’s photos and personal details on March 29 and offered a reward of Rs 10 lakh for information on either of them.

According to the agency, Shazib was hiding his identity under the name Mohammed Juned Sayed. According to the authorities, Taha was utilizing fake Vignesh Aadhar cards and Hindu identity documents.

The renowned cafe in Bengaluru’s Brookefield area was the site of an IED explosion that left at least ten people injured.  After an NIA team visited the bomb site on March 3, the case was given to the NIA. The blast at the cafe occurred at March 1 at around 1 pm, during lunch hour.

In relation to the explosion at the cafe, the Bengaluru Police had already filed a complaint under the strict Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act and the Explosives Substances Act.

On March 1, CCTV evidence showed the main accused donning a face mask, glasses, a cap, and a full-sleeve shirt. He was seen approaching the café while holding what seemed to be an explosive in a backpack.

The accused was seen on a CCTV camera mounted above a counter in the cafe when he made an order for rava idli. However, he left the cafe without eating and within minutes, the explosive exploded.

He was spotted switching his appearance and clothes several times after the explosion in later CCTV footage.

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